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25 Colors for Braiding Hair: Expert Picks for Stunning Styles

Adding color to braided hair has long been a popular way to transform the simplest braid into a unique and eye-catching statement. 

That said, choosing the right color combination can be hard with the vast array of shades available in the market.

Whether blending vivid hues or opting for subtle tones, there is almost no limit to incorporating color into braids. From blonde and brown knotless braids to two-toned or ombre styles to brightly colored twists, there are plenty of options for your next look. Braiding hair comes in many shades, so regardless of which color(s) you choose, you’ll definitely find a combo matching your skin tone and style. 

In this article, we’ll highlight 25 colors for braided hair to help inspire your new look. 

25 Popular Colors for Braiding Hair

1. Blonde Knotless Braids

A woman with blonde knotless braids.
By Instagram @braidedby_zoe

Blonde knotless braids are a stunning option for those looking to brighten their hairstyle.

With no knots at the base, these braids offer a natural, sleek look that can be worn in various lengths and styles.

2. Black and Green Two-Toned Mini Braids

A woman with black and green two-toned braids.
By Instagram @braidz.by_nachi

Try black and green two-toned mini braids for a bold and edgy look.

These small, tight braids provide a subtle pop of color woven through each plait.

3. Purple Fulani Braids

Side view of a girl with purple Fulani braids ponytail.
By Instagram @hairbymayrees

Purple Fulani braids are a beautiful protective style.

With their intricate patterns and added purple hue, these braids showcase creativity and individuality.

4. Long Red Jumbo Braids

Side view of a woman with long, red jumbo braids.
By Instagram @shay__styles__

Long, red jumbo braids always make a statement.

The vivid color combined with the large braids creates an attention-grabbing look.

5. Pink Lemonade Braids

Side view of a woman with pink lemonade braids.
By Instagram @braidsambassador

Pink lemonade braids are the perfect option for rocking a distinctive look.

Between the side-swept cornrows and added shades of pink, these bright braids add a burst of color to any protective hairstyle.

6. Rainbow Knotless Braids

A woman with black and rainbow knotless braids.
By Instagram @quiis.parlor

Unleash your inner unicorn with rainbow knotless braids.

This dynamic and colorful style incorporates a mix of hues and shades that will certainly leave a lasting impression.

7. Black to Blue Ombre Braids

A person with black to blue ombre braids.
By Instagram @mourshadow

Black to blue ombre braids offer a beautiful blend of colors for a trendy yet standout look.

The gradual transition from black roots to blue ends adds depth and dimension to this popular style.

8. Copper Passion Twists

A woman with copper passion twists.
By Instagram @progressive.roots

Copper passion twists combine the warm, orange hues of copper with the natural texture of twists.

This sophisticated style is perfect for professionals seeking an office-friendly way to add color to their look.

9. Red Triangle Braids

Side view of a woman with red triangle braids and a bun.
By Instagram @braidedbykira

Red triangle braids are an eye-catching way to make a statement.

The red hue and the unique triangle parting create an unforgettable and dramatic look.

10. Gray Criss-Cross Braids

A man with gray crisscross braids.
By Instagram @ophelia__7

For a modern and stylish look, try gray criss-cross braids.

This style features tightly woven cornrows that crisscross over each other, combining intricacy and elegance with silver-gray hues.

11. Black and Brown Box Braids

Side view of a woman with black and brown box braids and brown thread.
By Instagram @jully_braids

Black and brown box braids contrast beautifully, creating a natural and versatile hairstyle.

This protective style can be worn in various lengths and thicknesses to suit your preference.

12. Honey Blonde Knotless Curly Braids

A woman with honey blonde knotless braids.
By Instagram @cicistylesny

Honey blonde knotless curly braids are ideal for those seeking a warm, golden hue.

These smooth, knot-free braids transition into loose curls, creating an effortlessly stunning look that lasts.

13. Red and White Two-Toned Box Braids

A man with red and white two-toned braids.
By Instagram @colorbylucas

Consider red and white two-toned box braids for a creative or festive style.

This vibrant combo can feature a mix of colors, creating a distinct and memorable look.

14. Burgundy Stitch Cornrows

Side view of a woman with burgundy stitch cornrows.
By Instagram @touchedbyj

Burgundy stitch cornrows offer yet another way to incorporate color into your braids.

These tightly woven cornrows are accented with burgundy thread, creating an edgy, impressive look.

15. Dark Purple Knotless Braids

Side view of a girl with dark purple knotless braids.
By Instagram @beautyunleashed26

Dark purple knotless braids provide a touch of color to your natural hairstyle.

The deep purple hue adds dimension and depth, while the knotless technique creates a sleek and polished finish.

16. Platinum Box Braids With Colored Threads

Elevate your natural hairstyle with platinum box braids with colored threads.

This playful combination creates a trendy and stylish look, showcasing the intricacy of the braids by adding extra pops of color throughout.

17. Red Knotless Goddess Braids

A woman with red knotless goddess braids.
By Instagram @braidsbyshyla_

Red knotless goddess braids are perfect for those seeking a bold, fiery look.

With the addition of red, these goddess braids give Boho chic at its finest.

18. Pastel Box Braids

A woman with pastel box braids.
By Instagram @amylorimerreid

For a soft, feminine look, consider pastel box braids.

These colorful braids feature a mix of pastel hues for an enchanting and whimsical hairstyle.

19. Pink and Purple Senegalese Twists

Combine pink and purple for a vibrant Senegalese twist hairstyle.

These beautifully twisted braids layer in the colors, brightening up this traditional protective style.

20. Black and Blue Peekaboo Braids

A person with black and blue peekaboo braids.
By Instagram @styledbyele_

For a subtle yet striking look, try black and blue peekaboo braids.

With blue braids hidden among the black, this style offers an unexpected and unique twist to your natural hairstyle.

21. Blonde and Brown Knotless Braids

A woman with brown and black knotless braids.
By Instagram @shebstyling

Blonde and brown knotless braids create a gorgeous blend of two natural colors.

This versatile and chic hairstyle offers a polished, seamless look that complements almost any skin tone.

22. Chunky Green Box Braids

A woman with chunky green braids.
By Instagram @justbraidsinfo

Make a statement with chunky green box braids.

The green hue and large braids stand out and are a great option for something new and fresh.

23. Red, Orange, and Yellow Ombre Braids

A person with long red, orange, and yellow ombre braids.
By Instagram @justbraidsinfo

Capture the sunset with red, orange, and yellow ombre braids.

This incredible color combination adds warmth and dimension to this eye-catching protective style.

24. Black and Pink Two-Toned Braids

A person with black and pink two-toned braids.
By Instagram @butta_giftedhands7

Black and pink two-toned braids use contrasting colors to create a fun and modern look.

This hairstyle can be achieved with knotless or box braids and styled at various lengths and thicknesses.

25. Purple Box Braids With Thread and Cuffs

A person with purple box braids with thread and cuffs.
By Instagram @makostyle.me

Add creative flair to your protective style with purple box braids accented by colored thread and cuffs.

This combination highlights individuality and adds that extra touch to purple braids.

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