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25 Fishtail Braid Hairstyles: Effortlessly Stylish Looks to Try

Fishtail braids have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a versatile and stylish look for various occasions.

With 25 different fishtail braid hairstyles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one that suits your personality and style.

These intricate braids are not only visually stunning, but they also give you the opportunity to showcase your creativity with different combinations, accessories, and embellishments.

As you explore the world of fishtail braid hairstyles, you’ll discover the numerous ways to create stunning, eye-catching looks.

Whether you prefer a simple, subtle plait or an elaborate, attention-grabbing weave, there’s something for everyone.

Not only can you experiment with how tight or loose your braid is, but you can also mix and match different hair colors and textures to create a truly unique style.

Don’t be intimidated by the complexity of some fishtail braids, as with practice and patience, you can master these beautiful styles.

Step out of your comfort zone and have fun exploring the different fishtail braid options available to you.

Remember, the most important thing is to feel confident and fabulous in your chosen hairstyle, so get creative and embrace this wonderful world of fishtail braids.

25 Popular Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

1. Sweet and Soft Half Up Fishtail Braid

A woman with blonde half up fishtail braid with a yellow bow tie.
By Instagram @ja.hair.ra

This loose fishtail braid has a gentle touch to it, making it perfect for a relaxed day out.

The ends of the side braids meet below the crown of the head and continue into one gorgeous braid.

2. Milkmaid Fishtail Braid

A woman with a blonde milkmaid fishtail braid.
By Instagram @bohobraids_byivy

For a sophisticated and elegant look, try the milkmaid fishtail braid. Wrap two fishtail braids around the top of your head, creating a crown-like effect.

3. Sleek Side French Fishtail Braid

Side view of a mannequin with a sleek side French fishtail braid with flower accessories.
By Instagram @blushing.bridal.hair

Adventure into the lovely world of side braids with this sleek French fishtail braid.

Start at the top of your head and continue all the way down to one side, wrapping around the twist.

4. Messy Faux Hawk Fishtail Braid

Side view of a woman wearing white long sleeve blouse with a faux hawk fishtail braid.
By Instagram @szaszagnes_music

Embrace your edgy side with this messy faux hawk fishtail braid.

The French fishtail is styled at the center of your head, while the sides are left loose and messy.

5. Seashell French Fishtail Bun

A girl wearing white and red jacket with a French fishtail bun.
By Instagram @ymbook

For an intricate yet elegant updo, try this seashell French fishtail bun.

Wrap a fishtail braid around the base of a loose bun, making sure it has a touch of whimsy.

6. Ponytail Braided Hairstyles

Side view of a woman wearing ribbed t-shirt with a blonde ponytail braided hairstyle.
By Instagram @hannaheasterwoodhair

To add some flair to your regular ponytail, fishtail braid a section of hair and incorporate it into your ponytail, creating a stylish look.

7. Half Up Hairstyles with Fishtail Braided Elements

A woman with blonde half up hairstyle with fishtail braids elements and flower hair accessories.
By Instagram @lisi.hatzl

Combine the best of both worlds by incorporating fishtail braided elements into your half-up, half-down hairstyle.

Add one or more fishtail braids in the top section of your hair, which adds a unique touch.

8. Double Fishtail Braids Hairstyles

A red-haired woman with double fishtail braids hairstyle.
By Instagram @chloe.rene.hayes

Why settle for just one when you can double the fishtail fun?

Double fishtail braids keep your hair controlled on both sides, allowing you to showcase your long locks in style.

9. Updo Fishtail Braids

Side view of a woman with blonde updo fishtail braids.
By Instagram @iam_dsymone

For a chic and formal hairstyle, opt for an updo fishtail braid.

Create one or multiple braids and pin them up, making it an ideal choice for a special occasion.

10. Side Braid

Side view of a woman wearing black tank top with a side fishtail braid.
By Instagram @hannahh_hmu

A side fishtail braid can be worn as a Dutch or French fishtail braid along just one side of the head.

It’s great for both casual and formal events.

11. Dutch Fishtail Pigtails

A woman with blonde Dutch fishtail pigtails.
By Instagram @joelle.hairstylz

Revisit your childhood days with a grown-up twist by trying out Dutch fishtail pigtails.

They’re a playful and fun hairstyle that works for any age.

12. Charming Dutch Fishtail Bun Hairstyle

A woman with a blonde Dutch fishtail bun hairstyle.
By Instagram @hairbyallih

Add some charm to your day with this beautiful Dutch fishtail bun hairstyle.

Combine a Dutch fishtail braid with a bun for a sophisticated updo.

13. Messy Double Fishtail French Braid Updo

A mannequin with double fishtail French braids updo.
By Instagram @hairbyshams

Double fishtail braids can be styled into a messy updo that is perfect for a night out.

Start by creating French fishtail braids on both sides and pin them up for a fabulous look.

14. Wavy Fishtail Braid Design

A woman wearing a black t-shirt with a blonde wavy fishtail braid design.
By Instagram @fortune_styling

Embrace your natural waves by trying out a wavy fishtail braid design.

This hairstyle looks effortlessly chic and is perfect for a casual day out.

15. Black and Blue Fishtail Braids

A woman with black and blue fishtail braids.
By Instagram @hairspells_love

For a bold and striking look, try black and blue fishtail braids.

The contrast of colors will make your hairstyle stand out from the crowd.

16. Simple Black Fishtail Braids

A woman sitting on a chair with black fishtail braids.
By Instagram @hassadity_hair

For a low-maintenance and classically beautiful hairstyle, try simple black fishtail braids.

They’re easy to achieve and suit any occasion.

17. Classic Braided Fishtail

A woman in a black two-piece swimsuit with a blonde classic braided fishtail.
By Instagram @iam_dsymone

Return to the traditional style with a classic braided fishtail.

This elegant and timeless hairstyle will never go out of fashion.

18. Mixed Color Fishtail Braids

A woman with mixed color fishtail braids.
By Instagram @solanewjersey

Make a colorful statement with mixed color fishtail braids, combining vibrant shades for a fun and eye-catching look.

19. Black and Blonde Fishtail Braids

A woman with black and blonde fishtail braids.
By Instagram @lil.cobridalbeauty

For a bold, two-toned look, try black and blonde fishtail braids.

This color combination will make your hairstyle pop.

20. Formal Fishtail Braids

Side view of a woman with formal fishtail braids.
By Instagram @nataliejeanhair

Add a touch of glamour to your formal event with a sophisticated fishtail braid updo.

Accentuate it with some stylish hair accessories for extra flair.

21. Brown Fishtail Braids

Side view of a woman with brown fishtail braids.
By Instagram @dena.does.dos

Choose a brown fishtail braid for a classic and versatile hairstyle that complements any outfit.

22. Classic Fishtail Braids with Beads

Side view of a mannequin with a classic fishtail braid with pearl beads.
By Instagram @hairupstyles_bylena

Add some sparkle to your classic fishtail braid with the addition of beads.

These small accessories can make a big impact on your look.

23. Zig Zag Fishtail Braids

A woman with red zig zag fishtail braids with a butterfly accessory.
By Instagram @stellastevenshairdesigns

Experiment with a fun zig zag pattern in a fishtail braid.

This creative design will make you stand out in any crowd.

24. Butt-Length Fishtail Braids

A woman with a black butt-length fishtail braid.
By Instagram @creationsbyllexi

For those with ultra-long hair, try a butt-length fishtail braid.

This hairstyle will keep your hair controlled while still showing it off.

25. Pink and Black Fishtail Braids

A mannequin with black and pink fishtail braids.
By Instagram @irina.abramova_hair

Embrace your playful and bold side with pink and black fishtail braids.

The bright color contrast adds an extra touch of fun to your hairstyle.

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