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26 Blue Hair Color Ideas: Top Trending Shades For 2023

Blue hair color has evolved from its punk rock roots to become one of the trendiest and most versatile ways to express yourself through your hair. 

If you’re looking for a dramatic change (or a subtle refresh), blue hairstyles cater to a wide range of tastes and moods, regardless of your hair type, length, or texture.

Whether you’re inspired by the deep blue shades seen on Hollywood red carpets or the enchanting look of whimsical pastel hues, embracing blue hair can be a stunning, transformative experience. Recently, we’ve seen a diverse range of hues – from pastel blues to vivid neons, from icy shades to rich navy tones – all showcasing the endless possibilities blue hair offers.

Follow along for 26 blue hair color ideas to inspire your quest for the perfect combo or hue.

26 Trending Blue Hair Color Ideas

1. Blue Black

A woman with medium length wavy blue black hair.
By Instagram @ans0403

Blue-black is a stunning color that adds depth and intrigue to hair.

With a subtle blue tint only visible in particular lighting, this dark and mysterious shade offers timeless sophistication and unique style.

2. Ice Blue

A woman with medium-length ice blue hair.
By Instagram @darth_hair

Ice blue showcases your bold fashion sense in a frosty, refreshing way.

This trendy blue hue is a bright and ethereal choice for any hair transformation.  

3. Royal Blue

A woman with long royal blue hair with beach waves.
By Instagram @ejconceptsalon

Royal blue is a deeply captivating shade that exudes elegance and sophistication.

This regal hue often symbolizes confidence and creativity, making it a popular choice for fashion-forward individuals.

4. Blue Highlights

A woman with a long bob with blue highlights.
By Instagram @turning_heads_bykell

Blue highlights are a trendy way to add a pop of color to your look, offering a playful, eye-catching contrast to your natural or base shade.

Whether you opt for subtle streaks or bold chunks of blue, this style adds an element of individuality and fun to your overall appearance.

5. Teal Blue

A woman with a teal blue bob cut.
By Instagram @rubykeeks_

Teal is a cool and refreshing shade of blue often associated with tranquility and natural beauty.

This serene and enchanting shade is a popular choice for a unique yet harmonious look.

6. Blue, Green, and Purple Mix

A woman with blue, green and purple hair with big curls.
By Instagram @inspiremehairartistry

Bespoke combinations of blue, green, and purple create a mesmerizing, iridescent hairstyle that is bold and distinct.

The blend of these vibrant shades results in a captivating and ever-changing appearance – perfect for a creative, unconventional look.

7. Blue Ombre

A woman with long dark hair to blue ombre.
By Instagram @hair.by.katieeee

A blue ombre gradually transitions from darker to lighter shades, creating a stunning gradient effect.

This blue hair color idea adds depth and dimension while embracing the unique beauty of various blue tones in one enchanting look.

8. Aqua Blue

A woman with long wavy aqua blue hair.
By Instagram @jenthehairmagician

Aqua blue offers a bright, lively shade reminiscent of tropical waters.

This vivid color brings freshness and vibrancy to your look, infusing your style with relaxed, carefree vibes.

9. Blue Micro Braids

A woman with long blue goddess micro braids.
By Instagram @19queen85

Blue micro braids bring a delicate, intricate finish to your protective style.

These tiny braids can be customized with any shade of blue to create a striking, meticulously crafted look that exudes confidence and creativity.

10. Pastel Blue

A woman with long pastel blue hair.
By Instagram @earth44ngel

Pastel blue is a delicate, dreamy shade that offers a soft, ethereal appearance.

This charming color invokes feelings of serenity and whimsy, leaving you with a trendy, enchanting look.

11. Blue Money Pieces

A woman with long black hair with blue money pieces.
By Instagram @whitstodyefor

Money pieces are face-framing highlights that make a bold statement, regardless of their color.

With blue money pieces, you’ll draw attention to your features while incorporating a pop of color that is both edgy and modern.

12. Blonde-to-Blue Ombre

A woman with silver blonde to blue hair ombre.
By Instagram @beautyby_jessical

A blonde-to-blue ombre is a striking way to incorporate unconventional colors into your look.

This dynamic duo offers a striking contrast and depth, highlighting your daring taste and fashion-forward personality.

13. Blue With Violet Tones

A woman with blue hair with violet tones with beach waves.
By Instagram @shearelegance_bynicole

Combining blue with violet tones creates a vivid and mesmerizing multidimensional hair color.

These complementary colors deliver an alluring and mystical appearance that works well with all hair types and skin tones.

14. Blue Balayage

A woman with blue balayage with beach waves.
By Instagram @hairstudiomimma

A balayage is a stylish, artistic choice for a seamless and captivating blue hair look.

This coloring technique provides depth and dimension that can be subtle and understated or bold and dynamic.  

15. Steel Blue

A woman with long steel blue hair with beach waves.
By Instagram @ericaschair

Steel exudes an industrial-chic charm with its muted, metallic hue.

This sophisticated color choice offers a modern and edgy twist that underscores your confidence and style. 

16. Dark Blue Roots With Light Blue Tips

A woman in a long bob with dark blue roots with light blue tips.
By Instagram @botz.makes.waves

This blue hair color idea combines dark blue roots with light blue tips, creating a stunning contrast of hues.

The transition between shades can be subtle or abrupt, depending on your preference and overall style. 

17. Purple and Blue Balayage

A woman with medium-length purple and blue balayagew with curly ends.
By Instagram @hair_by_rhi_ballarat

A purple and blue balayage is an enchanting blend of colors that captures the imagination.

This magical mixture can range from soft pastels to vivid colors and highlights your commitment to a vibrant, captivating look.

18. Electric Blue

A woman with an electric blue bob cut.
By Instagram @salonbiyoshiandboutique

Electric blue is a high-voltage hair color that radiates energy and confidence.

This intense, lively hue makes a dramatic and unforgettable statement wherever you go and whatever you do.

19. Mermaid Hair

A woman with long mermaid hair.
By Instagram @coloredbylindsay

Mermaid hair combines an array of ocean-inspired colors to create a mystical and enchanting look.

This style artfully mimics the shimmering beauty of the sea, delivering a whimsical and ethereal final aesthetic.

20. Silver Blue

A woman with long silver blue hair.
By Instagram @chris0712

Silver blue is a chic, otherworldly color that marries contemporary elegance with timeless style.

This shade of blue offers a cutting-edge and fashionable look that works well with all hair types, lengths, and textures.

21. Royal Blue and Indigo Ombre

A woman with long royal blue and indigo ombre.
By Instagram @therainbowhairartist

A royal blue and indigo ombre creates a sophisticated combination of rich, majestic colors, bringing depth and dimension to your hairstyle.

Whether attending a special event or aiming to turn heads, this ombre style adds enchantment and drama to your overall look.

22. Denim Blue

A woman with long straight denim blue hair.
By Instagram @teklabeautyblast

Denim captures the classic essence of traditional blue jeans with its cool and versatile shade.

This trendy color provides a laid-back yet stylish appearance, making it a great choice for a fashionable, easygoing look.

23. Lavender and Silver Blue

A woman with a lavender and silver blue bob cut.
By Instagram @hairtayloredforyou

Create an enchanting, whimsical look by combining the softness of lavender with the elegance of silver blue.

This blend offers a dreamy, ethereal style highlighting your daring, fashion-forward personality. 

24. Peekaboo Blue

A woman with long black hair with peekaboo blue.
By Instagram @topcuthairsalon

Peekaboo looks are a subtle way to incorporate hints of blue into your hairstyle.

These hidden layers of color add a playful edge to your look without overwhelming your overall appearance.

25. Navy Blue With Aqua Highlights

A woman with a navy blue long bob with aqua highlights.
By Instagram @foxnfringe

Navy blue hair with aqua highlights delivers a striking contrast of dark and light shades.

This daring and dynamic combination can be customized to suit your tastes and works well with all hair types and textures. 

26. Galaxy Hair

A woman with long galaxy hair with curls.
By Instagram @maydayroots

Embrace your creativity and individuality with an awe-inspiring mix of blue, purple, and green.

Galaxy hair was designed to replicate the uncanny beauty of the cosmos, delivering a daring celestial look that transforms your locks into a masterpiece.

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