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22 Short Haircuts For Black Women with Round Faces: Flattering Looks in 2024

Short haircuts can complement your features and elevate your appearance, especially if you have a rounder face shape. 

The key is to find a style that adds volume and elongates the face while highlighting your hair’s texture and versatility. 

Whether you have straightened locks, tight coils, or something in between, there’s a short haircut out there to make you look and feel great.

Short haircuts for Black women provide timeless looks that celebrate your personality and taste in new and unique ways. Popular styles like pixie cuts, bobs, and Afros offer trendy, low-maintenance options that flatter round face shapes and exude confidence and sophistication. These cuts allow for endless variations, and you can experiment with length, part placement, fades, and layering for a high-impact look that’s entirely yours.

This article covers 22 short haircuts for Black women that complement round faces and enhance your overall style.

22 Short Haircuts For Black Women With Round Faces

1. Shoulder-Length Deva Cut

A woman with shoulder-length deva cut.
By Instagram @hairbylaquitaburnett

A shoulder-length deva cut is an excellent choice for Black women looking to embrace their natural texture.

This dry-cut technique follows your natural curl pattern, ensuring each strand flatters your features and retains its shape and volume.

You can also elevate a Deva cut with creative color options or accessorize with headbands and scarves to make this look your own.

2. Pixie Undercut

A woman with a curly pixie undercut.
By Instagram @slayedbytpolk

A pixie undercut is a fabulous option for women with round faces.

This haircut combines the edginess of an undercut with the effortlessness of a pixie, creating a unique and stylish look.

Some women opt for a disconnected look, where the longer hair on top is distinct from the very short sides and back, while others prefer a more blended transition for a subtle, understated finish.

3. Long Buzz Cut

A woman with a long yellow buzz cut.
By Instagram @simbi_props

A long buzz cut is a striking yet practical haircut for Black women with round faces, offering a clean and polished appearance without the need for extensive maintenance or styling.

The hair on top is left slightly longer than a traditional buzz cut, and you can style it in various ways, such as textured, slicked back, or parted, depending on your personal preferences.

4. Middle-Parted Layered Bob

A woman with a red middle-parted layered bob with bangs.
By Instagram @mary__balogun

A middle-parted layered bob creates symmetry and balance for Black women with round faces.

The layers frame your face, providing volume and structure, while the length elongates your face and complements your features.

This adaptable style can be worn curly or straight, keeping your look fresh any day of the week.

5. Classic Afro

A woman with a classic Afro cut.
By Instagram @charlottemensah

A Classic Afro celebrates the natural texture of coiled, kinky, or curly hair.

Its iconic round shape adds height to your overall look, enhancing all hair types and face shapes.

This style varies in size and volume, depending on your hair type and styling preferences.

Some keep their Afro compact and neatly shaped, while others opt for a larger, wilder, and more dramatic look.

6. Faux Locs Bob

A woman with a black faux locs bob.
By Instagram @locsbylad

Faux locs bob is an effortlessly chic and protective hairstyle for black women with round faces.

To create this look, you can choose from various installation methods, such as the traditional wrapping method, single crochet, cornrows crochet, or butterfly/faux locs.

Consider adding colorful accents or hair accessories to make your hairstyle really stand out.

7. Pixie Cut

A woman with a blonde pixie cut.
By Instagram @thcg_studiosllc

A pixie cut frames your face beautifully, camouflaging any roundness and drawing attention to your features.

Despite its short length, a pixie can be quite versatile.

You can experiment with different styling, such as adding bangs, sweeping the top to one side, or spiking it up for a more edgy look.

8. All Around Sponge Cut

A woman with an all-around sponge cut with highlights.
By Instagram @julio_hair_glam

An all-around sponge cut adds volume and texture to your hair while maintaining a short and manageable length.

The coils and twists in this cut can be particularly flattering for women with round faces, as it adds a sense of structure and definition.

Moreover, each sponge cut is unique to your hair texture and pattern, allowing for a highly personalized and expressive style. 

9. Curly Top Fade

A woman with a red curly top fade.
By Instagram @silence_haircut

A curly top fade features a tight side fade, transitioning into a voluminous and textured curly top.

While the top may require some styling, the faded sides and back are low maintenance, providing a neat and clean look.

This versatile haircut not only emphasizes your facial features and balances out any roundness but also confidently expresses your style and personality.

10. Frohawk

A woman with a black frohawk.
By Instagram @iamshanchan

A Frohawk mimics the appearance of a mohawk without shaving the sides completely.

The hair on top is styled upward or into a row of curls, creating a bold and edgy look.

This style adds vertical height and a striking focal point, which elongates the face and creates a balanced silhouette.

It’s a confident, fashion-forward choice for women who dare to stand out in a crowd.

11. Tapered TWA

A woman with a platinum tapered teeny weeny Afro.
By Instagram @baldgirlsonly

The Tapered TWA (teeny weeny Afro) is a versatile and stylish haircut featuring very short natural curls or coils with the sides and back gradually tapered or faded.

The short sides provide a face-slimming effect by emphasizing the height on top, while the curls add texture and volume, making it a flattering option for rounder faces. 

12. Side-Parted Layered Sisterlocks

A woman with side-parted layered sisterlocks.
By Instagram @rangeofbraids_

Side-parted layered Sisterlocks accentuate your facial features while adding volume and texture to your hair.

The layering and part placement add angles and dimension to the face, helping to balance out the roundness.

This versatile protective style can be done up in various ways, allowing you to customize your look and express your personality.

13. Straight Pixie With Side Bangs

A woman with a straight ginger pixie with side bangs.
By Instagram @hair_dynasty66

A straight pixie cut with side bangs is a short, sleek haircut with a longer, side-swept fringe.

The side bangs add asymmetry and create the illusion of length, which is flattering for round face shapes.

This style requires some maintenance, as it’s ideal for straightened hair; however, its clean lines offer a sophisticated and timeless appearance that is worth a bit of extra effort. 

14. Loosely Curled Inverse Lob

A woman with a black loosely curled inverse lob.
By Instagram @lizmarie.chromatique

Adds volume in all right places with a loosely curled inverse lob (long bob).

This modern cut is characterized by a textured, gradient effect where the back is shorter than the front.

The longer front pieces create a gorgeous face-framing effect that enhances your features and keeps your look fresh.

15. Feathered Bob

A woman with a blonde feathered bob cut.
By Instagram @veronica_slayzzit

Creates fullness and movement by incorporating short, feather-like layers throughout your bob haircut.

The feathered layers add a light, airy quality to the hair, which can soften the roundness of the face and provide a more balanced appearance.

Consider adding bangs for a face-framing effect or experimenting with color to customize your look.

16. Side-Parted Afro

A woman with a side-parted Afro haircut.
By Instagram @sharonmeze

Incorporating a side part brings a unique and contemporary twist to the classic Afro.

The style maintains the iconic round shape of an Afro but adds unique parting to create a more structured and defined look.

Side parts help break up the roundness of the face, creating visual interest and drawing the eye upward.

17. Wavy Tapered Pixie

A woman with a wavy tapered pixie cut.
By Instagram @blaurenbeauty

A wavy tapered pixie is a short haircut with closely cropped sides and back, while the top features natural waves or looser curls.

The tapering provides a clean, structured appearance that complements a round face without adding excess width.

It’s a textured and versatile look that showcases your originality and style.

18. Asymmetrical Bob

A woman with a pink asymmetrical bob cut.
By Instagram @getwigged.aidab

An asymmetrical bob is a chic, trendy haircut where one side is longer than the other.

The asymmetry introduces angular lines, providing a more sculpted look that draws attention to your features, like your eyes, cheekbones, and lips.

This style is extremely flexible and can be adapted to various lengths to suit your preferences.

19. Textured Pixie

A woman with a black textured pixie cut.
By Instagram @texturedroom

A textured pixie is a versatile haircut that may include subtle or choppy layers or any style of bangs for added dimension.

This style of pixie cut adds depth and movement to the hair, creating angles that make round faces appear more sculpted.

It can also be further customized to suit your hair texture and personal style. 

20. Side-Parted Bixie

A woman with a side-parted bixie.
By Instagram @kiabhair

A side-parted bixie is a trendy and flattering haircut that combines the best features of a pixie and a bob.

The side part adds an asymmetrical element, helping to balance your facial features.

This cut is trendy and easy to maintain, making it a perfect choice for a fresh new look.

21. Curly Angled Bob

A woman with a black curly angled bob cut.
By Instagram @urbanbloomcurls

A curly, angled bob is a chic, face-framing style with natural volume and movement.

It’s characterized by longer hair in front that gradually shortens toward the back.

The length and angle of the bob can be customized to suit your preferences and face shape, allowing for a personalized and flattering style. 

22. Pixie With Shaved Designs

A woman with a black pixie with shaved designs.
By Instagram @hitbyhaunna

Pixie cuts can be enhanced with shaved designs or hair tattoos to add a unique, stylish touch.

Incorporating a shaved pattern can make your hairstyle stand out and bring attention to your unique face shape.

Keep the hair on top longer to elongate your features, and balance the volume by tapering the sides and back. 

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