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25 Passion Twist Hairstyles: Spiraled Elegance with a Zeal (Updated 2024)

Passion twists are known for their low-maintenance versatility. They allow for various styling options while protecting your natural hair and promoting growth.

Created by Miami-based hairstylist Kailyn Rogers in 2018, this trendy protective style combines the ease of maintenance with a natural look, making it a popular choice for many.

Unlike other twist styles, passion twists use Freetress water wave hair for the curly texture and silky feel. This synthetic hair offers a range of possibilities in length, color, and styling options for your passion twists. Freetress extensions are also water-friendly, so you can get your twists wet without compromising your look, no matter how you style them.

Keep reading for our list of 25 gorgeous passion twist hairstyles.

Top 25 Passion Twist Hairstyles

1. Long Passion Twists

A woman with a brown, long passion twists.
By Instagram @dvonnbraidandcrochetstore

Try long passion twists to bring the drama to your next protective style.

Long twists are customizable with colorful extensions and/or hair accessories, easy to maintain, and can be styled in various ways, such as ponytails, updos, or buns.

2. Middle Part Passion Twists

A woman with a black, middle part passion twists.
By Instagram @mocchaa_

For a trendy and versatile look, try middle part passion twists.

This chic, symmetrical style frames your face beautifully and works well for both casual and formal occasions.

3. Knotless Passion Twists

Side view of a woman with black knotless passion twists.
By Instagram @braidsandmorehoustontx

Whether aiming for a trendy look or a protective hairstyle that promotes hair health, knotless passion twists combine style and functionality.

Not only are these twists gorgeous, but the reduced pulling from knotless twists makes them ideal for sensitive skin or those prone to tension-related hair issues.

4. Accessorized Passion Twists

A woman with brown passion twists with gold hair cuffs and rings.
By Instagram @onikshair.ng

Personalize your passion twists with hair accessories like beads, gems, threads, cuffs, or rings.

Accessories come in various materials, shapes, and sizes, adding a unique touch and highlighting your individual style.

5. Passion Twist High Ponytail

Side view of a woman with black passion twists high ponytail.
By Instagram @hairbydilis

Throwing your passion twists into a high ponytail is a stylish and versatile look that combines the intricate beauty of passion twists with the classic elegance of a high ponytail.

This look offers a perfect blend of sophistication and individuality, making it suitable for everything from formal occasions to everyday wear. 

6. Shoulder-Length Passion Twists

A woman with brown shoulder-length passion twists.
By Instagram @mandy_jacobz

Shoulder-length passion twists are a popular and convenient hairstyle that balances manageability and striking visual appeal.

You can enjoy the textured and artistic look of passion twists while keeping your hair at a comfortable length. 

7. Ombre Passion Twists

A woman with black, brown and blonde ombre passion twists.
By Instagram @cha_rene

Ombre passion twists bring a captivating and dynamic twist to the traditional hairstyle by incorporating a gradient of colors.

Experiment with various color combinations – from subtle tones to vibrant hues – and add an extra layer of individuality to your overall look. 

8. Crochet Passion Twists

A woman with multicolored crochet passion twists.
By Instagram @crochetqueenatl

For those short on time or who require a low-tension option, crochet passion twists are the way to go.

This method uses a crochet hook to weave pre-twisted strands into your natural hair, saving time and effort without sacrificing your sense of style.

9. Passion Twist Bob

A girl wearing black long sleeves with a black passion twists bob.
By Instagram @tee_beaute

The passion twist bob is a contemporary take on a classic, creating a fresh and captivating look that’s both versatile and manageable.

This style features shorter twists that fall anywhere between your cheeks and shoulders, offering a trendy appearance with sophisticated charm. 

10. Chunky Passion Twists

A woman's hair in black and pink chunky passion twists.
By Instagram @hair_by_darsy

Chunky twists introduce a new dimension to the traditional passion twist look, allowing you to play with volume, texture, and statement-making visuals.

Whether aiming for a bold everyday look or preparing for a special occasion, these twists provide a captivating way to express your style and individuality.

11. Passion Twist Bun

Side view of a woman with burgundy passion twist bun.
By Instagram @jmees_royalty

The passion twist bun is a timeless and elegant option.

Simply ​​gather your twists into a high, medium, or low bun and secure it with hairpins or a hair tie – you can choose to keep the style sleek and polished or opt for a slightly messy and textured bun for a more relaxed vibe.

12. Burgundy Passion Twists

A woman wearing eyeglasses with burgundy passion twists.
By Instagram @dasglam_beauty

Burgundy is a rich and luxurious color, infusing your passion twists with a depth and dimension that suits various skin tones.

Whether opting for a full head of burgundy or incorporating the color as an ombre or highlights, this deep, warm shade brings a bold and confident energy to your look.

13. Passion Twists With Curly Ends

A woman with black passion twists with curly ends.
By Instagram @thee.hairygodmother

Add playfulness to your hairstyle by incorporating loose curls at the ends of your passion twists.

This combination adds texture and movement, giving your look a carefree, undone vibe.

14. Half-Up/Half-Down Passion Twists

A woman wearing a gray t-shirt with black and brown half-up half-down passion twists.
By Instagram @keishasfleastyles

Half-up/half-down passion twists perfectly balance sophistication and effortless charm.

This versatile look allows you to enjoy the beauty of your passion twists while keeping hair away from your face.

15. Short Passion Twists

A woman with black short passion twists.
By Instagram @nysha_hairstyle

Short passion twists offer a modern and manageable option, ideal for warmer weather or active lifestyles.

Short passion twists emphasize the style’s texture and volume, showcasing its intricate beauty.

16. Blonde Passion Twists

A woman with blonde passion twists.
By Instagram @thereal_imanid

Blonde passion twists are popular for those seeking a fresh and vibrant update to their look.

Blonde hues can range from subtle honey tones to striking platinum shades, allowing you to choose a color that complements your skin tone and personal style.

17. Undercut Passion Twists

A woman with a black and red undercut passion twists and a woman's hand holding her hair up.
By Instagram @vp.braids

Passion twists with an undercut create a visually striking effect that shows off your edgy and daring personality.

This style juxtaposes the volume of the twists with a sleek undercut, ​​pushing the boundaries of traditional styling and delivering a bold, unique appearance.

18. Passion Twist Updo

A woman with passion twists updo.
By Instagram @getstyledbylela

Opt for an elegant, polished hairstyle combining the intricate beauty of passion twists with the sophistication of an updo.

This style is perfect for special occasions, formal events, or elevating your everyday look, and you can add decorative pins, hairbands, or other accessories to enhance the style and make it yours.

19. Jumbo Passion Twists

Side view of a woman wearing a black crop top with a black jumbo passion twists.
By Instagram @extensionbyfort

Jumbo passion twists are larger and thicker, commanding attention and adding a sense of confidence and individuality to your overall appearance.

Jumbo twists are visually captivating and faster to install – making them a practical choice for a stylish look without spending hours in a salon chair. 

20. Side-Parted Passion Twists

A woman with black side-parted passion twists.
By Instagram @hairbytia_

A side part introduces an asymmetrical element to your passion twists, adding versatility and visual interest.

The twists create a soft, face-framing effect that draws attention to your facial features and adds a touch of romance to your overall appearance.

21. Two-Tone Passion Twists

Back of a woman with two-tone long passion twists.
By Instagram @jontes_houseofbeauty

Two-tone passion twists allow you to play with complementary or contrasting color combinations that create a dynamic and eye-catching look.

You can choose colors that blend seamlessly or opt for a bolder approach with distinct color sections. 

22. Mini Passion Twists

A woman with black and brown mini passion twists.
By Instagram @zarislaystation

Delicate and intricate, mini passion twists add volume and interest to your hair.

Smaller twists achieve a more textured and detailed appearance, showcasing the style’s intricate beauty and overall charm.

23. Passion Twist Bangs

Create twists that fall across your forehead for a playful and youthful appearance.

Passion twist bangs can be tailored to your preferences – whether short and edgy or long and wispy – offering a stylish way to accentuate your facial features.

24. Multicolored Passion Twists

A woman with long, multicolored passion twists.
By Instagram @zuto.hair

Multicolored passion twists offer a burst of creativity by incorporating a spectrum of colors.

Experiment with a range of hues to create a vibrant and lively look – opt for a subtle blend of natural colors or go big with a combination of bold, vivid shades.

25. Criss-Cross Passion Twists

A woman with a black crisscross passion twists high bun.
By Instagram @styledby.tm

Take your traditional passion twists to the next level with an intricate criss-cross pattern.

Weave a diagonal or criss-cross pattern along the scalp to add an element of complexity and create a unique and visually stunning look.

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