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30 Hairstyles For 4C Curls: Gorgeous Looks For All Occasions

If you’re a proud owner of 4C curls, you know your hair is as unique as you are. 

The versatility of 4C curls allows for an array of stunning hairstyles that not only celebrate your individuality but also showcase the beauty of your natural hair. 

Whether you’re looking for protective styles, playful updos, or chic everyday looks, the options for 4C curls are as diverse as the curl pattern itself. 

From timeless protective styles like faux locs and knotless box braids to everyday options like a wash ‘n go or pineapple updo, the world of 4C curls offers a wide spectrum of possibilities. For those who prefer shorter styles, the teeny weeny afro and frohawk provide a bold and confident statement. At the same time, cornrows, bubble ponytails, and bantu knots offer trendy alternatives for experimenting with your hair’s texture and shape. 

In this article, we’ll share 30 hairstyles specifically designed for 4C curls, from easy everyday looks to more intricate options for special occasions. 

30 Hairstyles For 4C Curls

1. Twist Out

A woman with 4C curls twist out.
By Instagram @golden.dabo

Twist outs are a versatile and beloved natural hairstyle that allows you to embrace and celebrate your 4C curls.

They offer the opportunity to experiment with different curl sizes and textures while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair. 

2. Faux Locs

A woman with long black faux locs.
By Instagram @afrizinycreations

Faux locs are a protective hairstyle that simulates natural dreadlocks.

They last several weeks with proper care and help minimize breakage while promoting growth. 

3. Knotless Box Braids

A woman with long brown knotless box braids.
By Instagram @stephaniedsa

Low-tension knotless braids provide a natural and seamless look without the use of knots.

They are gentler on your scalp, delivering a more comfortable, lightweight feel.

4. Pineapple Updo

A woman wearing sunglasses with a pineapple updo.
By Instagram @the_afrogirl

A pineapple updo is a quick style for 4C hair.

Gather your hair at the top of your head, secure it with a hairband, and let the curls fall forward, forming the classic “pineapple” shape. 

5. Teeny Weeny Afro

A woman with a teeny weeny Afro hair.
By Instagram @staceyciceron

A teeny weeny afro (TWA) is perfect for those embracing their natural 4C hair after a big chop.

Embrace your natural curls and experiment with accessories like headbands, scarves, hairpins, or decorative combs.

6. High Bun

A woman with a 4C high bun.
By Instagram @hakima_alem

A high bun is a timeless and versatile hairstyle that works wonderfully for 4C hair.

It’s a go-to option for many with this curl pattern because it not only looks elegant and sophisticated but also helps protect the hair and keep it out of the way. 

7. Cornrows

By Instagram @the.natural.breona

Cornrows are a stunning protective style for 4C that helps prevent tangling, breakage, and damage caused by environmental factors.

These traditional braids offer endless versatility – you can create various patterns, shapes, and designs and accessorize them with beads, cuffs, or colored extensions.

8. Bubble Ponytail

A woman with long 4C bubble ponytail.
By Instagram @sublimatedbylwa

The bubble ponytail is a fun, versatile choice that can be adapted to various hair textures, including 4C hair.

Whether you want a playful everyday look or a unique twist for a special event, the bubble pony is a trendy choice that showcases your personality and fashion-forward style. 

9. Bantu Knots

A woman with Bantu knots.
By Instagram @_.theresa___

Bantu knots are a traditional African hairstyle known for their functional yet distinct appearance.

This style is versatile and can be worn as a stand-alone style or used to create a variety of other looks. 

10. Flat Twists

A woman with medium-length flat twists.
By Instagram @rootsei_hair

Flat twists are similar to cornrows but are created by twisting your 4C hair instead of braiding it.

This protective style helps retain your hair’s moisture and can be worn independently or as a base for other intricate looks. 

11. Finger Coils

A woman with black 4C finger coils.
By Instagram @gabriellejanay

Finger coils are formed by wrapping small sections of your hair around your finger, resulting in defined curls.

This simple style is perfect for showcasing your curl definition without requiring intense manipulation.

12. Frohawk

A woman with a 4C frohawk.
By Instagram @un.apologeticallyd

The frohawk is a modern, trendy style where natural curls are pulled or pinned towards the middle of the head, simulating a mohawk.

Experiment with braids, pinning techniques, or accessories to create your desired look.

13. Braid Out

A woman with 4C curls braid out.
By Instagram @luxadicurls

Similar to a twist out, a braid out involves braiding wet or damp hair and unraveling it when dry to reveal beautifully defined curls or waves.

They offer a natural and textured look that can be customized to suit your preferences and hair type.  

14. Wash ‘n Go

A woman with a 4C wash 'n' go hairstyle.
By Instagram @limitlessbloom

The Wash ‘n Go is a convenient, time-saving hairstyle that celebrates your natural curls and encourages their unique beauty.

It’s a versatile choice for those with 4C hair, offering a carefree, wash-and-wear option that embraces the authenticity of your hair’s natural curl pattern.

15. High Puff

A woman with a 4C high puff.
By Instagram @_thebukunmi

A high puff is perfect when you want to style your hair quickly.

Gather your curls into a high ponytail, then use a gel or edge control to smooth baby hairs, and you’re ready to go.

16. Rubber Band Updo

A woman with a 4C rubber band updo.
By Instagram @nellzlioness

This stylish and creative hairstyle uses rubber bands to create a structured, visually striking updo.

This versatile hairstyle can be adapted to various hair types and textures, including 4C hair, achieving a chic, personalized look.

17. French Braided Buns

French braided buns are a timelessly classy hairstyle that suits various occasions, from weddings and formal events to everyday wear.

They offer an elegant, refined appearance, elevating your look while keeping your hair up and out of the way.

18. Two Strand Twists

A woman with two-strand twists.
By Instagram @naturallyvanice

Two-strand twists are a versatile and protective hairstyle that highlights the natural beauty of your 4C curls.

This style is not only stylish but also helps retain moisture and protect your hair from damage. 

19. Halo Braid

A woman with 4C halo braid.
By Instagram @zoeallamby

A halo braid, also known as a crown braid or goddess braid, is a charming hairstyle encircling the head like a crown.

It offers a regal and graceful appearance suitable for various occasions, from formal events to everyday wear. 

20. Double Buns

A woman with
By Instagram @mawuli

Double buns offer versatility in placement, size, and styling, allowing you to express your individuality and creativity.

Whether you prefer a cute, quirky look or a more polished appearance, double buns showcase your hair’s texture and your unique sense of style.

21. Stretched Out Afro

A woman with a stretched out Afro hair.
By Instagram @hermanthaa.l

The stretched-out afro is a striking natural hairstyle that displays the fullness and texture of your 4C curls.

Whether achieved through heat, threading, or braiding, this style enables you to embrace your natural hair while enjoying a voluminous and elongated appearance. 

22. Half Bun Twists

A girl with 4C half bun twists.
By Instagram @natural_hair_salon

Half bun twists involve twisting the top half of your hair and securing it into a bun while leaving the bottom half loose.

Whether you prefer a neat and polished look or a more carefree appearance, this hairstyle offers versatility with a touch of class.

23. Low Ponytail

A woman with a 4C low ponytail.
By Instagram @adri2curly

The low ponytail suits various occasions and can be easily achieved with 4C hair.

This timeless look is simple yet elegant, emphasizing the beauty of your curls while maintaining a tidy, pulled-back appearance.

24. Slick-Back Afro Puff

A woman with a slick-back Afro puff.
By Instagram @the.natural.breona

The slick-back afro puff is a chic and modern 4C hairstyle, blending the beauty of an Afro with the sophistication of a sleek updo.

This style accentuates your natural curls and keeps your hair away from your face. 

25. Bantu Knot-Out

A woman with a Bantu knot-out.
By Instagram @hermanthaa.l

This style is achieved by unraveling Bantu knots, resulting in a head full of defined curls.

Bantu knot-outs provide beautiful, tight curls that showcase the natural texture of 4C hair.

26. Passion Twists

A woman with brown passion twists with a headband.
By Instagram @reshy_ib

Passion twists are not only fashionable but also serve to protect your natural hair from daily manipulation and environmental factors.

You can style these twists in various ways, including updos, half-up/half-down, or loose, and add hair accessories such as cuffs, beads, and threads to achieve your desired look. 

27. Box Braids With Beads

A woman with brown box braids with beads.
By Instagram @theofficial_ninihair

Visually appealing and practical, box braids protect your natural hair and require minimal daily maintenance.

These versatile braids allow for creativity and personalization, as you can choose bead colors and placements to match your style. 

28. Space Buns

A woman with 4C space buns.
By Instagram @marta_adjorko

Space buns are a trendy and fun 4C hairstyle that works beautifully with 4C hair.

These buns can be worn sleek and neat or textured and voluminous, depending on your preference.

29. Flat Twist Updo

A woman with flat-twist updo.
By Instagram @vian_hairandmakeup

The flat twist updo is an elegant and protective hairstyle that involves creating flat twists close to the scalp and then styling them into an updo.

This style displays intricate twist patterns while keeping the hair tucked away neatly. 

30. Marley Twists

A woman with black Marly twists.
By Instagram @keoshaloveee

Marley twists offer a protective style that retains the natural aesthetics of 4C curls.

They can be worn at various lengths and customized with different parting patterns and thicknesses.

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