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25 Two-Strand Twist Hairstyles for Women: Turn Heads with Trendy Twists

Two-strand twists are a tasteful and versatile choice for women with natural hair. 

This protective style showcases hair length and texture and keeps it healthy while promoting growth. 

Low-maintenance and lightweight, two-strand twists create an easily achievable look without compromising style or creativity.

Two-strand twists are a great option for natural tresses, regardless of hair length or texture. From short-bob twists to waist-length creations, you are free to customize your two-strand twists to match your personal style. Experiment with thicker or thinner twists, incorporate color or accessories, or even add cornrows for a more dynamic look – there’s almost no limit to what you can do with your two-strand twists. 

Keep reading for our top 25 two-strand twist hairstyles for women.

25 Two-Strand Twist Hairstyles for Women

1. Boxed Two-Strand Twists

A woman sitting on a chair with a boxed two-strand twist.
By Instagram @locd_by_nae

Boxed two-strand twists are easy to maintain and are perfect for any hair length or texture.

Starting at the bottom, create evenly-spaced box parts, then add twists to your desired tightness.

2. Two-Strand Twists On Stretched Hair

A woman sitting with black and blonde two-strand twists on stretched hair.
By Instagram @gmbrillarbeauty

Two-strand twists on stretched hair are a low-effort way to elevate your look.

After stretching your hair with a blow dryer or other method, divide the hair into sections and twist.

3. Two-Strand Twists With Cornrows

A girl with two-strand twists with cornrows.
By Instagram @yemibraids

Combine two popular protective styles by adding cornrows that finish in two-strand twists.

This style keeps your hair from tangling and minimizes manipulation.

4. Mini Two-Strand Twists

A woman with mini two-strand twists.
By Instagram @ashantels

Mini two-strand twists work particularly well on short hair but can be easily achieved on medium-length or long hair.

Mini two-strand twists offer a low-maintenance style with minimal shrinkage.

5. Two-Strand Twist Ponytail

A woman sitting on a chair with a two-strand twists ponytail.
By Instagram @nurturedbonds

Two-strand twist ponytails are a simple way to tie back your hair for any occasion.

For a soft, sophisticated look, try ‌a low ponytail.

6. Two-Strand Twists With Twirled Ends

A woman wearing a purple t-shirt with two-strand twists with twirled ends.
By Instagram @ashantels

Enhance your curls look by applying curling cream and twirling the ends of your two-strand twists.

Twirling the ends of your twists adds definition and finish to the look.

7. Side Swept Flat Twists With Two-Strand Twists

A woman in a white polo blouse with side-swept flat twists with two-strand twists.
By Instagram @naturaltexturez

Add a bit of drama to your look by flat twisting your hair to the side, sweeping it towards the back of your head.

Finish the flat twists with two-strand twists to create a unique and modern style.

8. Passion Twists

A woman in a white sleeveless blouse with passion twists hairstyle.
By Instagram @isasamico

Passion twists use hair extensions to create a popular, easy-to-maintain style.

They offer a more textured look, resembling both flat and two-strand twists.

9. Two-Strand Twist Bangs

Side view of a woman wearing a white turtleneck with two-strand twists bangs.
By Instagram @opaglamz

Style your twists forward into face-framing bangs and add variation to your look.

Two-strand twist bangs are easiest with short hair, but with longer twists, you can create faux bangs by sweeping front pieces across your forehead and pinning them behind your ears.

10. Beaded Two-Strand Twists

A person with two-strand twists with black beads on ends.
By Instagram @naturallynaa_

Add interest to your two-strand twists with beads.

Beads come in several styles, sizes, and materials, complementing anyone’s personal style.

11. Loose Two-Strand Twists

A woman sitting in a car with loose two-strand twists.
By Instagram @myelocss

For a more relaxed style, create looser two-strand twists. ​​

Loose two-strand twists are often done on longer natural hair and are worn as a protective style that promotes growth.

12. Ombre Two-Strand Twists

A woman with a butterfly tattoo on her back with blonde ombre two-strand twists.
By Instagram @laywitdalocss

Blend your natural hair color with a lighter shade for an ombre effect, adding dimension and character to your two-strand twists.

13. Mini Two-Strand Twists With Flat Twists

Close-up of a woman's hair with mini two-strand twists with flat twists.
By Instagram @mytexturesalon

Mix mini two-strand twists with flat twists for an intricate, impressive style.

This look provides a break from daily styling, allowing your hair to grow and flourish.

14. Half-Up/Half-Down Two Strand Twists

Side view of a woman with a half up half down two-strand twists.
By Instagram @the.natural.breona

Pull the top half of your twists upwards, securing them into a bun or ponytail, and leave the other half down for a stylish half-up/half-down look.

15. Two-Strand Twist Mini Ponytails

Take your boxed two-strand twists to a new level by creating multiple mini ponytails with your twists.

Add elastics at the base of each twist for an inspired take on a classic look.

16. Two-Strand Twists With Cuffs

A woman with two-strand twists with gold cuffs.
By Instagram @konfidenthairclinic

Accessorize your twists with cuffs, adding flair and personality to your hair.

Cuffs come in multiple sizes and styles and can be added to the roots, mids, and ends of your twists.

17. Senegalese Twists

Side view of a woman standing with Senegalese twists.
By Instagram @__arkeisha

Senegalese twists are a traditional African hairstyle that offers a sleek and graceful look.

By adding natural or synthetic hair extensions, you can add length and texture to the twists, changing up your hair while protecting your natural locks.

18. Loose Mini Two-Strand Twists

A woman with loose mini two-strand twists.
By Instagram @braidsgang

Add volume and movement with loose mini two-strand twists.

This look takes less time to achieve than tighter mini twists and leaves your hair bouncy and easy to style.

19. Two-Strand Twists Side Part

A woman looking at her phone with a two-strand twists side part.
By Instagram @them_dreadz_tho

Part your hair to the side for a flattering, asymmetrical look.

You can part your hair before setting the twists for a longer-lasting style or experiment with the depth and location of your part for an updated version of your ‘do. 

20. Micro Two-Strand Twists

Close-up shot of a woman's hair with micro two-strand twists.
By Instagram @salon_planted

Create dozens of tiny twists for a detailed and intricate style.

Micro two-strand twists need more time (and patience) to create due to their small size, but they are a great option for a long-lasting and flexible look. 

21. Triangle Part Two-Strand Twists

A woman with triangle part two-strand twists.
By Instagram @nappstar_nyc

Use triangular parting for a distinctive, geometric appearance to your two-strand twists.

This trendy method adds visual interest to your style and keeps your look fresh without extra effort.

22. Two-Strand Twist Updo

A woman with a two-strand twist updo.
By Instagram @crownedbyshawnda

Sweep your two-strand twists into an updo for a sophisticated, elegant style.

Updos are a chic way to keep your hair off your face and neck and transition nicely from day to night.

23. Loose Jumbo Two-Stand Twists

A woman standing wearing a black t-shirt and blue shorts with loose jumbo two-strand twists with gold cuffs.
By Instagram @tiffanie_vee88

Go bold with loose, jumbo two-strand twists.

This look is big, fun, and eye-catching while still maintaining a protective style that helps with long-term hair growth.

24. Yarn Twists

A woman with black yarn twists.
By Instagram @itwinley_

For the ultimate in color and creativity, try customizing your next hairstyle with yarn twists.

Yarn twists are not only visually stunning, but they also protect your hair from damage.

25. Two-Strand Twist Pigtails

A woman with black and brown two-strand twists pigtails.
By Instagram @journeywithwada

Embrace your inner child with two-strand twist pigtails.

You can opt for low pigtails for a casual look or high pigtails for a more girlish option. 

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