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22 Hairstyles That Help Your Hair Grow: Top Techniques Explained

Hairstyles can promote healthy hair growth, but it’s important to understand that the primary factors affecting hair growth are genetics, overall health, and proper hair care. 

That said, certain styles can minimize damage, reduce breakage, and create a healthier environment for your hair to grow.

While the journey may seem frustrating at times, with a little patience and the less you brush, comb, heat style, or even touch your hair, the less likely you are to damage your locks and the more likely you are to reach your desired length. 

Reducing manipulation contributes to healthier, longer hair over time, and choosing the right hairstyle can ensure you avoid unnecessary setbacks. Protective options such as braids and twists or styles like loose buns and updos minimize tension on the hair shaft and friction on the ends, providing a strong foundation for growth. 

Keep reading to discover 22 hairstyles that help your hair grow and some new techniques for nurturing your tresses while still looking fabulous.

22 Hairstyles That Help Your Hair Grow

1. Low Chignon

A woman with a blonde low chignon.
By Instagram @hairdesigner_katerina_tzaneti

A low chignon is a stylish and versatile hairstyle that can support hair growth.

This elegant bun, positioned at the nape of the neck, reduces hair breakage as it doesn’t apply tension on the scalp.

Furthermore, the chignon encourages you to avoid excessive heat styling and keeps your hair tucked away from environmental factors that might hinder growth.

2. Knotless Braids

A woman with brown knotless braids with beads.
By Instagram @ghanaianhairstyles

Knotless braids offer numerous benefits for hair growth and styling flexibility.

They are almost weightless, which means less tension on your scalp and reduces the chances of breakage. 

These braids also give your hair a break from daily manipulation, promoting growth and minimizing damage from heat styling or harsh products.

3. Braided Bun

A woman with a braided bun.
By Instagram @thatbraidbabe

A braided bun is a practical yet stylish hairstyle that can promote hair growth, allowing you to switch things up while still protecting your locks.

A key benefit of this look is that it applies minimal stress to your hair and keeps your ends tucked away, letting your locks grow freely without damage.

Remember to keep the braids loose, as excessive tension may lead to hair breakage. 

4. Crown Braid

A woman with a crown braid with highlights.
By Instagram @nicolesbridalhairco

Crown braids, also known as halo braids, are an elegant style that effectively reduces hair breakage, allowing your tresses to grow naturally.

The style is quite versatile and can be adapted to various three-strand braid types, such as Dutch or French braids.

Just be gentle when styling and avoid pulling your hair too tightly to prevent stress on the hair follicles.

5. Low Ponytail

A woman with a blonde low ponytail.
By Instagram @alexandralederer.brautstyling

Unlike high ponytails or tighter hairstyles, a low ponytail places minimal tension on the hair shaft and scalp.

This reduces the risk of hair breakage and prevents excessive pulling on the hair follicles, which can help maintain hair health and promote growth.

This classic hairstyle is simple and gentle, perfect for any texture and length.

6. Flat Twists

A woman with flat twists in a low bun.
By Instagram @vian_hairandmakeup

Flat twists are an excellent protective hairstyle that promotes hair growth by reducing breakage and retaining moisture.

These twists not only keep your hair tucked away but also help it remain moisturized and tangle-free.

For added length or versatility, you can use extensions during the process – just ensure the twists aren’t too tight or too heavy to avoid over-stressing your follicles. 

7. Fishtail Braid

A woman with a long blonde fishtail braid.
By Instagram @hairpainters

Fishtail braids are a stylish and practical hairstyle that can actually support hair growth.

When you create a fishtail braid, your hair is held securely, reducing tangles and breakage.

Adopting this hairstyle minimizes daily manipulation, which can cause stress on the hair shaft.

Remember to maintain a gentle grip while braiding, and use a good-quality hair tie to avoid damage.

8. Low Messy Bun

A woman with a low messy bun.
By Instagram @pedalcatgo

With minimal tension applied to your hair, A low, messy bun avoids causing breakage and damage to your strands.

It works well for most hair types and is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Ensure to keep your bun loose and avoid using tight hair bands.

You can also use a small amount of hair serum or leave-in conditioner for added moisture and extra shine.

9. Weaves

A woman with long, wavy blonde weave.
By Instagram @thehairmanic

Weaves can be a great option for promoting hair growth, as they provide protection and prevent damage to your natural hair.

To ensure your weave isn’t working against you, insist your stylist take the time to apply your cornrows and hair extensions properly.

This can make the difference between an install that aids growth and one that pulls out your hair.

10. Loose French Braid

A woman with a blonde loose French braid.
By Instagram @salonwoestendiek

A loose French braid is a versatile hairstyle that looks stylish and provides a protective barrier that minimizes hair damage and breakage.

The key is not to overtighten the strands, which can cause tension and stress on your follicles.

Whether you wear this style to work or add it to your night-time routine, a loose French braid will keep your hair secure and allow it to breathe, resulting in healthier, stronger locks over time.

11. Space Buns

A woman with blonde space buns.
By Instagram @lilmisslouise

Wearing your hair in space buns gives your scalp a break from the tension and stress caused by tighter styles or damaging heat-styling tools.

Space buns require minimal styling and manipulation, thus reducing the risk of hair breakage and damage, which is crucial for maintaining healthy hair as it grows. 

12. Fulani Braids

A woman with black Fulani braids.
By Instagram @victoriatrancas

Originating from the Fulani people, this ancient braiding style helps to protect your hair while giving it a rest from daily styling, heat, and manipulation.

These beautiful, intricate braids are tied close to your scalp, which helps to prevent breakage and promotes hair growth.

When choosing your braids, consider size and length to ensure minimal tension on your hair.

13. Faux Locs

A woman with black half up half down faux locs.
By Instagram @treccine_afro_padova_veneto

Faux locs are a versatile and protective hairstyle that reduces the manipulation and damage caused by daily styling.

They offer a natural-looking alternative to traditional locs without committing to a permanent change.

Just ensure you’re not wearing faux locs for extended periods – regular breaks between installations will help promote growth and maintain your hair’s overall health.

14. Senegalese Twists

A woman with long Senegalese twists with highlights.
By Instagram @kenziekurls_

Senegalese twists are created by twisting your natural hair with synthetic extensions to add length and volume.

Since they don’t require knotting, these two-strand twists are a low-tension alternative to other traditional protective styles.

They help protect your natural hair from manipulation and environmental damage and aid in retaining moisture and preventing breakage.

15. Sisterlocks

A woman with long black sisterlocks.
By Instagram @lenahilari

One of the primary benefits of Sisterlocks is that they require very little manipulation once installed.

Unlike traditional locs or some other protective styles, Sisterlocks are smaller and do not need frequent retightening or extensive styling.

This reduces the risk of hair breakage and allows your hair to grow without constant interference.

16. Side Braid

A woman with a side braid.
By Instagram @styledbyirae

A side braid is an excellent hairstyle to promote hair growth as it evenly distributes the weight and tension across your head.

Besides looking fashionable, side braids also protect your hair from damage caused by everyday styling and exposure.

Just make sure to keep these braids loose to avoid pulling your hair or breaking it.

17. High Bun

A woman with a high bun hairstyle.
By Instagram @denisa.hairdresser

Wearing your hair in a high bun reduces friction and breakage caused by pillows, clothes, and other external factors.

Keep your bun looser and avoid pulling your hair too tight, as this can lead to stress and damage.

Additionally, try alternating your high bun with other protective hairstyles to give your hair a break and further support its growth.

18. Bantu Knots

A woman with Bantu knots.
By Instagram @jay_anoka

Bantu Knots are a trendy hairstyle that can help promote hair growth by offering a protective style for your natural hair.

They’re easy to create, and you can rock them as a standalone hairstyle or use them to get luscious curls after unraveling.

No matter which style you choose, Bantu Knots provide a chic, low-maintenance option that encourages hair growth while looking fabulous.

19. Dutch Braids

A woman with long Dutch braids.
By Instagram @burque.braids

Dutch braids help protect your hair from damage caused by heat styling and environmental factors.

They distribute tension evenly across your scalp, reducing breakage and encouraging growth.

This hairstyle works well for all hair lengths and types, offering both protection and a trendy look.

20. Afro Puffs

A woman with an Afro puff hairstyle.
By Instagram @versionrizada

Afro puffs are a cute, versatile hairstyle that looks fabulous and promotes hair growth.

This protective updo reduces tension and damage, resulting in less breakage and, ultimately, growth.

Don’t forget to regularly keep your hair moisturized and nourished to promote the ideal environment for achieving your desired length.

21. Feed-In Braids

A woman with feed-in braids.
By Instagram @styles_by_tashi

Feed-in braids are knotless and help reduce friction on your scalp, making them a more scalp-friendly choice.

This protective style reduces breakage and encourages healthier growth.

Not only do these braid styles look stunning, but they also provide an effective way to protect your locks, allowing them to grow without excessive tension.

22. Wigs

A woman with a straight, black wig hairstyle with bangs.
By Instagram @kiabhair

Wigs are a versatile and protective hairstyle that can indirectly promote hair growth when used correctly.

While wigs themselves don’t stimulate growth, they can contribute to healthier tresses by protecting your natural hair and scalp.

Constant styling, heat, and chemical treatments can damage hair and hinder growth, but a wig allows natural hair to rest and grow without frequent manipulation.

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