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22 Layered Hairstyles and Haircuts For Men: Cool and Modern Looks For 2024

Layered hairstyles and haircuts for men involve cutting the hair at different lengths to create a textured and voluminous appearance. 

Layering provides depth and dimensionality, and these looks can be styled in various ways.

Whether your hair is short, medium, or long, these cuts and styles complement all face shapes and personal tastes.

Layered looks for men may vary in length, but all add texture, volume, and movement to the hair. From modern styles like a wolf cut or mulleted faux hawk to classics like an Ivy League or pompadour, these trendy, versatile cuts offer adaptability and charm. They can be tailored to suit a variety of hair types, allowing for a personalized look that stands out in a crowd.

This article highlights 22 layered hairstyles/haircuts for men that exude confidence and enhance your appearance. 

22 Layered Hairstyles and Haircuts For Men

1. Layered Shag

A man with a layered razored shag.
By Instagram @cutloosebk

The layered shag for men is a trendy hairstyle with choppy, textured layers that create a messy, lived-in appearance.

This haircut offers an effortlessly cool look that suits most hair types and face shapes.

Whether you want a longer, retro-inspired shag or a modern one that keeps things structured, this relaxed and laid-back style exudes a carefree, casual vibe. 

2. Men’s Layered Undercut

A man with a silver layered undercut.
By Instagram @stmntgrooming

The men’s layered undercut combines a short, buzzed back and sides with longer layers on top.

This hairstyle juxtaposes sharp, clean lines with a longer crown, achieving a striking contrast that adds depth to your appearance.

You can pair an undercut with almost any layered style, allowing versatility and a more personalized look.

3. Layered Quiff

A man with a layered quiff haircut.
By Instagram @leanne_farley_barber

Layered quiffs feature short sides and a voluminous, textured top that brings dynamism and extra height to your overall appearance.

This cut pays homage to a vintage classic, offering an array of styling options.

Its adaptability enables a sleek, refined look for professional or formal occasions, or you can keep it tousled and relaxed for everyday settings. 

4. Faux Hawk Mullet

A man with a red and black faux hawk mullet.
By Instagram @vividsummervibes

The faux hawk mullet is a hairstyle that boldly defies convention by combining elements of two distinct styles.

You can enhance this audacious look with messier layers or consider different fade styles for a tight, clean finish.

This unique, eye-catching cut demands attention and appeals to those with a fearless, trend-setting style.

5. Layered Bob

A man with a layered bob cut.
By Instagram @yu__saku.11

The layered bob for men is a timelessly versatile haircut for short to medium-length hair.

It uses layering techniques to enhance depth and texture, allowing for refined, polished looks and casual, laid-back appearances.

This layered style is a classic and enduring choice that complements a range of hair types and tastes.

6. Wolf Cut

A man with a wolf haircut.
By Instagram @cisne.hairz

The wolf cut is a modern and edgy hairstyle that has gained popularity for its wild and untamed aesthetic.

This haircut combines choppy, uneven layers and textured ends, creating a rugged, “just out of bed” look.

With its flexible styling options, a wolf cut offers a range of possibilities, from casual and tousled to controlled and stylized.

7. 90s Layered Cut

A man with a 90s layered haircut.
By Instagram @devotionhairdesign

The 90s layered cut is a throwback to the iconic, middle-parted hairstyles of the 1990s, known for their emphasis on texture and volume.

This haircut incorporates short to medium-length layers, producing a slightly messy and disheveled appearance.

It perfectly embodies the grunge era’s relaxed and effortless style, allowing you to achieve a cool, fashionable look that’s both retro and modern.

8. Mid-Length Layered Hair

A man with a mid-length layered blonde hair.
By Instagram @dennomatini

Mid-length layered hair is a versatile choice that strikes a balance between short and long hair.

This cut typically features shoulder-length hair, with the layers adding body, texture, and movement.

It offers numerous styling options, from sleek and professional to undone and loose, and can be tailored to enhance your facial features and complement your style.

9. Long Textured French Crop

A man with a long textured French crop.
By Instagram @mamcutz

The long textured French crop is a contemporary twist on a classic look that retains the short back and sides while leaving length at the top.

Characterized by sharp lines and contrasting textures, this haircut offers an effortlessly stylish and clean appearance.

It can be customized with different fades or fringes, allowing for a polished yet modern aesthetic. 

10. Tapered Short Brush Up

A man with a tapered short brush up.
By Instagram @steventhebarber

The tapered short brush-up is a clean and stylish haircut that adds height and volume to your overall appearance.

It involves a shorter back and sides that taper neatly into longer hair on top.

The top hair is typically styled upwards or forward, creating a brushed-up look and a sharp, well-defined silhouette.

11. Layered Crew Cut

A man with a layered crew haircut.
By Instagram @hairbybryhn

The layered crew cut is a contemporary adaptation of a classic look.

It retains the neat and clean appearance of the traditional crew, leaving the top slightly longer for a textured, dimensional finish.

This haircut is easy to maintain, delivering a sharp, polished style with a bit of modern character.

12. Textured Bowl Cut

A man with a textured bowl cut.
By Instagram @luismunizmadriz

Opt for a textured bowl cut for a fresh interpretation of an iconic style.

This hairstyle maintains the even, rounded shape associated with the look, but the difference lies in the textured layers.

The layering elevates this style from its traditional counterpart, bringing a nostalgic yet trendy vibe to your overall appearance.

13. Layered Faux Hawk With Disconnected Skin Fade

A man with a layered faux hawk with a disconnected skin fade.
By Instagram @unitedbyshorthair

A disconnected skin fade adds a high-impact finish to the classic men’s faux hawk.

The top layers create dimension and movement, while the closely shaved fade provides a sleek, contrasted gradient.

This visually stunning haircut stands out in a crowd and highlights your confident, fashion-forward style.

For an even edgier, individualized look, add surgical lines, hair tattoos, or other shaved designs.

14. Caesar Cut

A man with a Caesar haircut.
By Instagram @grumpylolo

The Caesar cut is known for its short layers and straight, blunt fringe.

This hairstyle is known for its simplicity and versatility, embodying a timelessly trendy look that’s low-maintenance and easy to style.

It can be adapted to suit various face shapes and hair types, making it a practical choice for a stylish, well-groomed appearance. 

15. Layered Comb Over

A man with a layered comb over.
By Instagram @josephhauzel

This variation of a comb-over style blends a structured side part with textured layers.

It’s a vintage-inspired look offering a refined, polished finish that suits most hair types and face shapes.

It can be customized with fades and/or length to achieve a classic or modern look, depending on your styling preferences. 

16. Tapered Pomp

A man with a tapered pompadour.
By Instagram @douzibarber_1988

The tapered pompadour perfectly balances traditional charm with modern flair.

This haircut impeccably blends the pomp’s signature slicked-back height with a tapered back and sides, creating a gradual transition that makes an impression.

The tapering provides a clean and tailored look, while the pomp adds drama and a touch of vintage charm.

17. Long Layered Curls

A man with long layered curls.
By Instagram @emmettpreciado

Embrace your long hair and natural curls with an expertly layered haircut.

Layering helps to remove weight and bulk from long, curly hair, bringing a well-groomed, put-together vibe to your overall look.

This casual yet attractive style enhances your curl pattern, adding texture and movement where you need it the most.

18. The Ivy League

A man with an Ivy League haircut.
By Instagram @elicahair__official

The Ivy League, also known as a Harvard Clip or Princeton, is the epitome of collegiate sophistication and timeless style.

This haircut features short sides and back, while the top is slightly longer and can be styled with a side part.

It suits various hair types and face shapes, delivering a refined, professional aesthetic associated with tradition and class. 

19. Layered Undercut

A man with a layered undercut.
By Instagram @stmntgrooming

The layered undercut is a testament to modern aesthetics, offering ample room for personalization.

This style features closely cropped sides and back that contrast dramatically with the longer, layered top.

Whether you prefer a casual, textured look or a sleek and polished appearance, this haircut seamlessly bridges the gap between daring and professional.

20. Shaggy Mullet

A man with a shaggy mullet.
By Instagram @woolf.kingsx

The shaggy mullet is an audacious and expressive hairstyle that fuses the relaxed, disheveled charm of a shag with the iconic ‘party-in-the-back’ essence of a mullet.

This look is all about individuality and rebellion, projecting an unapologetically carefree and rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

It creates a bold statement that breaks free from convention while maintaining an effortlessly cool and lived-in appearance.

21. Eyebrow-Length Textured Mushroom Cut

A man with an eyebrow-length textured mushroom haircut.
By Instagram @c.8.1.mzk

The eyebrow-length mushroom cut maintains the signature shape of the classic look but adds layers and texture for a modern twist.

It balances traditional charm and contemporary style and can easily adapt to different hair types and preferences.

Its low maintenance and timeless appeal make it an attractive choice for a distinctive yet manageable haircut.

22. Layered Shag with Long Bangs

A man with a layered shag with long bangs.
By Instagram @katsavilla

Adding long bangs to a layered shag fuses the allure of tousled, undone layers with the dramatic flair of sweeping, face-framing bangs.

This captivating blend of textures and lengths creates a shaggy, lived-in appearance that exudes a relaxed, laid-back vibe.

The result is a head-turning, one-of-a-kind look that asserts your distinct and commanding sense of style.

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