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24 Twist Hairstyles For Men: Inspired Looks For Natural Locks

Twist hairstyles are popular among men with afro-textured or naturally curly hair because they offer protective benefits by reducing daily manipulation, controlling frizz, and retaining moisture. 

These low-tension hairstyles can vary in complexity and be adapted to different hair types and lengths. 

They are a practical choice for maintaining your overall hair health and minimizing the risk of damage and breakage.

Twist hairstyles for men allow for a range of possibilities regardless of your hair type. Twisted looks add visual interest to your overall style, from fade and twist combinations to various part placements and patterns to adding decorative elements like cuffs and beads. You can customize the thickness and length of your twists, and if you’re feeling creative, consider adding colorful extensions or dying your natural hair for a totally personalized look.

This article highlights 24 twist hairstyles for men, showcasing a variety of styles to suit different preferences.

24 Twist Hairstyles For Men

1. Box Twists

A man with box twists.
By Instagram @braidedcrowns253

Box twists are a stylish and practical hairstyle featuring box parts, which are small, square-shaped sections created using a comb.

This two-strand twist style is extremely versatile and can be customized to suit different hair types and lengths.

Box twists are a great protective option for natural hair and can be worn for several weeks with proper care.

2. Twists With Beads

A man with twists and beads.
By Instagram @brionna.larae

Beads are a popular way to add visual interest to your twist hairstyle.

They come in various shapes, materials, sizes, and colors, so you can easily customize your appearance according to your tastes.

You can place beads at the end of each twist or scatter them throughout. They can also hold your twists in place and prevent them from unraveling.

3. Short Twists

A man with short twists.
By Instagram @styled_bychoice

Short twists deliver a low-maintenance look that’s easy to style.

Just like with longer twists, you can experiment with different textures and patterns to create a unique style that suits your hair type and personality.

For added effect, consider incorporating any kind of fade for a clean and modern aesthetic. 

4. Undercut Twists

A man with undercut twists.
By Instagram @msmarleymar

This edgy hairstyle marries the precision of an undercut with the coiled texture of twists.

The undercut provides a sharp, defined contrast that accentuates the bold, unconventional appeal of the overall style.

It’s a distinctive, low-maintenance look that adapts to all hair types and lengths, showcasing your modern and confident style.

5. One-Strand Comb Twists

A man with one-strand comb twists.
By Instagram @ryosei_n1126

Unlike traditional two-strand twists, these one-strand twists are created using a comb to ensure uniformity and tightness.

This technique results in controlled, well-defined twists that deliver a sleek and well-groomed appearance.

They offer a neat, structured look, suitable for all hair types, and can be adapted to your taste and style.

6. Colorful Twists

Colorful twists bring a vibrant and artistic dimension to any twisted style.

Whether dying your hair or incorporating extensions, adding color to your twists provides a wide canvas for personal expression and creativity.

Whether it’s a natural-looking blend of shades or a striking contrast of colors, this style transforms your hair into a captivating and attention-grabbing statement. 

7. Mini Twists

A man with mini twists.
By Instagram @locd_intt

Mini twists involve creating smaller, tightly coiled twists throughout the hair.

These twists are typically shorter, resulting in a dense and compact appearance.

They’re celebrated for their simplicity and visual appeal, offering a clean yet textured look that’s easy to manage.

Mini twists bring an understated, well-groomed element to your hair, preserving the distinctive charm of this protective style.

8. Flat Twists

A man with flat twists.
By Instagram @shakersbeautyllc

Flat twists are a traditional variation where the hair is twisted close to the scalp, resulting in a flat, braid-like effect.

This technique is often combined with intricate patterns, designs, or shapes, adding visual interest to your overall style.

They allow you to showcase your creative personality without sacrificing the protective elements of the style.

9. Wet Twists

A man with black wet twists.
By Instagram @butterflylocs_plug_harare

Twisting your hair when wet results in a sleeker, glossier appearance.

Wet twists often appear more defined and offer a refreshing take on a classic twist style.

One thing to keep in mind is that wet twists may shrink as they dry; however, shrinkage can add unique texture to your look.

10. Faux Hawk Twists

Combine the edginess of a faux hawk with the texture and definition of two-strand twists.

In this hairstyle, the sides are typically shaved or faded short, leaving a central section of twisted hair that runs from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

Faux hawk twists work best on hair that is at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) long, and the twists can be as tight or as loose as you prefer.

11. Braid and Twist Style

By Instagram @hairlaidbypressure

The braid and twist style is a creative and intricate hairstyle that combines twisted sections of hair with braided elements.

This fusion of two textured techniques results in a visually captivating and artistic appearance.

Typically, the twists are incorporated into the braids, enhancing the overall texture and depth of the hairstyle. 

12. Triangle Part Twists

A man with triangle parted twists.
By Instagram @allurebydaj

Triangle part twists introduce a geometric and visually appealing aspect to your hair.

This style incorporates triangular parts throughout the hair, creating a cool, structured pattern.

These twists work well on all hair types and lengths, and you can experiment with different sizes and placement for a personalized look that suits your taste.

13. Neck-Length Twists

A man with nech-length twists.
By Instagram @cocos_hairaffair

Neck-length twists provide a textured and expressive look that’s versatile and manageable. 

This length balances the convenience of shorter twists with the distinctive appearance of longer ones, making them both attractive and practical.

They’re easily adaptable to all hair types and textures, and you can style them up or down depending on your mood.

14. Twists With High Skin Fade

A man with twists with high skin fade.
By Instagram @fro.fosho

For a bold, edgy look, consider pairing your twists with a high skin fade.

This style features longer twists on top while the back and sides are gradually faded down to the skin.

It creates a striking contrast that suits all hair types and textures and can be adapted to your personal style.

15. Kamikaze Twists

A man with kamikaze twists.
By Instagram @destinedbeautyyy

Kamikaze twists deliver a unique, contemporary look.

This hairstyle is achieved by weaving two mini twists together at the base, often featuring intricate, personalized design choices.

You can combine kamikaze twists with box parts, fades, or other protective styles (like dreads), creating a completely customized look that highlights your individuality.

16. Dry Twists

A man with dry twists.
By Instagram @dolled.by.coverrgirl

Dry twists embrace a more relaxed and matte texture, often styled using pre-stretched hair.

This variation offers a laid-back, effortless look that brings an understated, casual vibe to your overall appearance.

They capture the charm of lived-in and carefree hair, making them a versatile choice for various settings and occasions.

17. Chunky Twists

A man with chunky twists.
By Instagram @passionhairextensions

Chunky twists are larger and more prominent than traditional two-strand twists.

They’re easier to install and can be styled in various ways using parting, fades, edges, and/or hair extensions.

These thick, dynamic twists deliver a visually striking and textured look that exudes individuality and a fashion-forward style. 

18. Long Twists

A man with long twists.
By Instagram @hausofskin.ny

Long twists offer stylish versatility while protecting natural hair from breakage and damage.

These twists can be seamlessly customized with fades, undercuts, parting patterns, and accessories, allowing for a look that reflects individual preferences.

You can choose the length that suits you best, from shoulder length to more extended twists. 

19. Short Side-Parted Twists

A man with short side-parted twists.
By Instagram @dr.dreadhead1

Short, side-parted twists offer a practical yet stylish look.

The side part introduces height and volume to your twists, resulting in a contemporary appearance requiring very little maintenance.

Opt for a low, mid, or high fade for added depth and contrast, or customize your look with detailed parts and hair accessories. 

20. Twists With Temple Fade

A man with twists with temple fade.
By Instagram @dae_youngbarber

Twists with a temple fade are versatile and can be styled in many ways.

You can keep your twists short, medium, or long and experiment with fades, parts, and twist patterns to create a unique and personalized appearance.

You can also add some edge to your look by incorporating a line-up or hair design.

21. Ombre Twists

A man with ombre twists.
By Instagram @fro.fosho

An ombre makes a bold statement while preserving the textured nature of twists.

Whether opting for subtle color blends or a more dramatic contrast, this style transforms your twists into a captivating and personalized statement.

Ombre twists work well for all hair lengths, and you can experiment with different twist sizes, fades, and parts to create a unique look.

22. Twist Outs

A man with twist outs.
By Instagram @itsthefeel.official

Twist outs celebrate the natural texture and unique patterns created by twisted hairstyles.

They offer a relaxed, effortlessly cool appearance, showcasing yet another possibility for your textured hair.

You can achieve different twist-out looks by adjusting the tightness of the coils and the duration of wear, making this look adaptable to your preferences and style.

23. Center-Parted Twists

A man with center-parted twists.
By Instagram @golden_hairx

Center parts bring balance and symmetry to any twisted style.

They offer a clean and structured appearance, allowing for a well-groomed yet textured look.

As with all twist styles, this one can be adapted to all hair types and lengths and always looks cool with a fade or an undercut. 

24. Twists With Banded Ends

A man with twists with banded ends.
By Instagram @taina.stylez

In this style, bands are applied at the ends of twisted strands to secure and define them.

This technique creates a clean and crisp appearance, emphasizing the structured texture of your twist style. By incorporating bands, you n

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