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24 Braid Hairstyles For Men: Cool Looks For All Occasions

Braid hairstyles for men offer a trendy and versatile way to express individuality and experiment with different looks.

Braids can also be protective, helping to prevent damage and breakage by reducing manipulation and exposure to the elements. 

There are numerous braiding techniques to choose from, and you can draw inspiration from cultural sources, such as African, Native American, or Viking, or from contemporary pop culture figures who have popularized certain styles.

Braid hairstyles for men encompass a range of looks. For example, cornrows involve tightly braiding the hair close to the scalp in straight or curved patterns. Box braids, on the other hand, often use parting techniques and/or extensions to achieve a desired length or thickness. French braids are a classic that shouldn’t be overlooked, while Dutch (or Boxer) braids use a reverse pattern, creating a raised effect. Braids can also be styled in different ways, such as pulling them back into a man bun or a ponytail, combining different braid types, adding fades, or incorporating accessories like beads for a unique and stylish look.

Keep reading for 24 braided hairstyles for men that prove braids are more than just a trend. 

24 Braid Hairstyles For Men

1. High Fade Mid-Length Box Braids

A man with a high fade mid-length box braids.
By Instagram @fro.fosho

These box braids are medium in length and sport a high fade that gradually tapers from near the crown down to the neckline.

One of the best things about this style is that it works well with different hair textures.

They can also be styled in different ways, such as in a half-up, half-down style or pulled into a ponytail.

2. Zigzag Braids

A man with zigzag braids.
By Instagram @cryscrowned_em

Zigzag braids are a unique and stylish way to elevate your look.

They involve zigzag parting that transitions across the scalp, creating a striking pattern.

They can be achieved with short or long hair and paired with a fade, undercut, or shaved sides.

You can also incorporate different accessories, such as beads or rings, to add even more interest to your overall look.

3. Micro Braids

A man with micro braids.
By Instagram @fro.fosho

Micro braids, also known as mini braids, are one of the most popular braid styles for men.

These small braids are tightly woven into the hair, giving a neat and polished look.

They work well for all hair textures but are especially suitable for those with coarse or curly hair. 

4. Faded Double Dutch Braids

A man in faded double Dutch braids is wearing a face mask.
By Instagram @braided_bys

This hairstyle combines the classic elegance of Dutch braids (also called Boxer braids) with the modern, edgy look of a fade.

The Dutch braiding technique gives the braids a raised, three-dimensional appearance, and you can incorporate hair extensions if you want a longer, thicker finish.

The fade can also be customized to your preference – the key is to achieve a smooth, seamless transition that suits your taste and style.

5. Nipsey 4 Braids

A man with Nipsey 4 braids.
By Instagram @mymysbraids

Nipsey 4 braids are a popular braid style for men that features four stitch braids with a low taper fade.

This style is inspired by the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, who often wore his hair this way.

Men of all ages and hair types can wear these versatile braids – they’re a low-maintenance, protective style that requires minimal upkeep, making it perfect for a trendy yet practical look.

6. Beaded Braids

A man with beaded braids.
By Instagram @gotbraidz

Beaded braids are a traditional way to add a little something something to your braided hairstyle.

Beads come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, allowing you to customize your overall look.

Whether adding a pop of color or keeping it simple with neutral tones, beads are a great way to make your braids stand out.

7. Feed-In Braids

A man with feed-in braids.
By Instagram @buaysmultibeauty

Feed-in braids may be the way to go if you’re looking for a protective style that’s easy to maintain.

This braiding technique adds dimension and texture by gradually adding hair extensions as you braid.

The result is a neat and natural-looking finish that can be styled in various ways and customized with different lengths, part patterns, and braid thicknesses. 

8. Small Cornrows

A man with small cornrows.
By Instagram @wsignaturetouch

Small cornrows are a classic protective hairstyle for men.

These tiny, intricate braids create a distinct and eye-catching pattern that can be customized in various ways.

Some common patterns include straight lines, curved designs, zigzags, or even geometric shapes.

They can also be combined with hair extensions and other braids or twists to create a more defined style. 

9. Triangle-Parted Braids

A man with triangle-parted braids.
By Instagram @ccb_braided

Triangle-parted braids involve sectioning the hair into small triangles and braiding each section.

The triangular parts add a geometric element that distinguishes this look from other braid styles.

These braids can be worn with short or long hair and styled in various ways.

They’re also protective and low-maintenance and last several weeks with proper care.

10. Viking Braids

A man with Viking braids.
By Instagram @hair_nerd_phili

Viking braids are an iconic hairstyle characterized by intricate braids and knots that have been modernized and adapted to fit contemporary fashion trends.

These ‘warrior’ braids typically involve a French or Dutch braid down the middle of the head, with two or more braids on the sides, starting near the temples.

They can be woven tightly against the scalp or left slightly loose for a more rugged appearance. 

11. Braided Man Bun

A man with a braided man bun.
By Instagram @braidsbyshara2021

If you’re looking for a trendy way to style your braids, consider a man bun.

It’s a great way to keep your hair out of your face and stay cool in the summer.

A man bun can be styled in many different ways – you can wear it high on your head for a more traditional top knot look or low at the nape of your neck for a more relaxed style. 

12. Middle-Parted Braids

A man with middle-parted twist braids.
By Instagram @stylesbyluz

Middle-parted braids for men provide a stylish and distinctive look that combines symmetry with functionality.

The key feature is the even division of hair down the middle of the head, creating two symmetrical sections.

Depending on your hair type and desired finish, you can choose from various braid types, including box braids, Dutch braids, or other styles. 

13. Short Braids

A man with short braids.
By Instagram @braids_by_tati_

Short braids for men are a stylish and low-maintenance option for those who prefer to keep their hair short but still want to experiment with braided hairstyles.

They are extremely versatile and can be created using various braid types, including cornrows, box braids, micro braids, or even twists.

Shorter braids can also be paired with a fade, undercut, or shaved sides for a sharper, more contrasted look.  

14. Curved Cornrows

A man with black and blonde curved cornrows.
By Instagram @getherhelp

Curved cornrows are created by braiding the hair in a curvy pattern, creating a wave-like effect that adds depth and dimension to the hair.

You can choose from different patterns, from subtle curves to more dramatic waves, and the thickness and number of braids can all be adjusted based on personal preferences.

15. Braided Mohawk

A man with a braided mohawk.
By Instagram @bables_12

The braided mohawk is a bold, edgy hairstyle that fuses two classic hairstyles.

This style is defined by the bald or closely shaved sides and some kind of braid or braids down the center of the head.

The braids can be styled in various ways, such as French or Dutch braids, cornrows, box braids, or twists. 

16. Chunky Braids

A man with long chunky braids.
By Instagram @_hair_by_amy_

Chunky braids are thicker than traditional braids, giving them a more dramatic look.

They are low maintenance and versatile and can be paired with different fades, hair lengths, and textures.

Depending on how thick you want your braids, you may need to consider adding hair extensions to achieve your desired look.

17. Spider Braids

A man with spider braids.
By Instagram @iam_n8thegreat

Spider braids are an unconventional braid style featuring a part pattern that starts at the crown of the head and fans out to resemble spider legs.

These braids can be achieved with short or long hair paired with a fade, undercut, or shaved sides to create a cool and unique look.

18. Box Braid Undercut

A man with a box braid undercut.
By Instagram @braidsjessy__

A box braid undercut is characterized by the contrast between the closely shaved or trimmed sides and back (the undercut) and the longer box braids on top.

The size of the box braids can vary. Some prefer thicker braids, while others opt for thinner ones.

The choice of braid size can affect the overall appearance of the hairstyle.  

19. Mixed Size Cornrows

A man with mixed-size cornrows.
By Instagram @infamousbeautylounge

Mixed-size cornrows involve braiding some sections of your hair into small braids and others into thicker ones.

They can be adapted to work with any hair type or length, and it’s easy to customize this look with fades, part placements, hair extensions, or even color.

This style lets you completely personalize your braid pattern and showcase your unique personality.  

20. Chin-Length Box Braids

A man with chin-length box braids.
By Instagram @shay__styles__

Chin-length box braids balance the geometric precision of box braids with the ease of medium-length hair.

They offer the perfect blend of manageability and flexibility, and the thickness of the braids can be tailored to individual preferences.

As with most braid styles, this look can be customized with a fade, undercut, or other shaved patterns or enhanced with color or accessories for a stand-out finish.

21. Pop Smoke Braids

A man with long pop smoke braids.
By Instagram @kentathehairartist

Pop Smoke braids are a distinct variation of cornrow stitch braids that pay homage to the late rapper Pop Smoke, known for his unique style.

These braids are characterized by their center-parted, symmetrical pattern, typically created in groups of four on each side of the head.

One of the defining features of Pop Smoke braids is the attention to detail, with precise parting and even spacing between the braids.

To complete the style, many individuals opt for a line-up or other edge styling techniques to enhance their overall appearance.

22. Fishbone Braids

A man with fishbone braids.
By Instagram @boujeebraidss_

Fishbone braids, not to be confused with fishtail braids, are a unique and visually striking hairstyle for men featuring a distinct, center-parted pattern.

This style involves creating two braids down each side of the head, linked by several smaller braids resembling a fish’s ribs.

They require skill and precision to achieve the intricate pattern, offering a captivating and detailed appearance.

23. Long Box Braid Ponytail

A man with a long blue box braids ponytail.
By Instagram @warkoczyki_samanti

A long box braid ponytail is not only fashionable but also functional, keeping the hair neatly controlled while allowing for various styling options.

Longer box braids typically fall past the shoulders, but their length can be adjusted according to your preferences.

You can gather them into a high or low ponytail or play with half-up styles for a unique and versatile appearance.

24. Cornrows With Hair Cuffs

A man in cornrows with silver hair cuffs.
By Instagram @fiuzatrancista

Cornrows with hair cuffs are culturally significant and popular in various communities worldwide.

They’re appreciated for their aesthetic and symbolic value, providing a versatile and eye-catching appearance.

These cuffs, typically made of metal, are placed at intervals along the length of the cornrows, adding flair and individuality to the overall look. 

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