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25 Trendy Edgar Cuts For Men: Updated Styles For 2024

The Edgar has become increasingly popular as a modern and stylish haircut for men. 

It typically features a taper, fade, or undercut on the sides and back, with longer hair on top and prominent, blunt bangs.

Whether you’re seeking a bold, edgy look or a subtle, put-together appearance, there’s a variation of the Edgar that fits your style and taste.

Contemporary Edgar cuts are versatile, low-maintenance, and suitable for all hair types and textures. This cut can be personalized, allowing you to play with different fades, fringe lengths, and texturized layers. The Edgar has also been adapted into classic looks, including mullets, shags, and buzz cuts.

Keep reading for the 25 most popular Edgar cuts trending in 2024. 

25 Edgar Haircuts For Men

1. Classic Edgar Haircut (Mexican Edgar)

A man wearing eyeglasses with a classic Edgar cut.
By Instagram @cozmin1104

The classic Edgar haircut creates a sharp, clean look by blending a high skin fade into a traditional Caesar cut.

The front is trimmed, creating straight, blunt bangs, giving you a polished finish that is edgy and stylish.

2. Afro Textured Edgar

A man with an Afro textured Edgar cut.
By Instagram @edwardklipperhands

If you have Afro-textured hair, you can combine the stand-out look of an Edgar cut with the volume and texture of your curls, coils, or kinks.

The Afro-textured Edgar combines the distinctive straight-line fringe of the original cut with the depth and dimension of natural hair, resulting in a trendy, eye-catching style. 

3. Edgar With High Fade

A man with an Edgar cut with high fade.
By Instagram @m.cutzz100

An Edgar with a high fade delivers an effortlessly stylish look.

This variation features a high side fade, often with a shorter top, giving all hair types and textures a structured, modern finish.

4. Spiky Edgar

A man with a spiky Edgar cut and a beard.
By Instagram @damitdasklaasturbo

The Spikey Edgar is a bold, attention-grabbing hairstyle that combines clean lines and stylized, textured locks.

This look showcases your original, fashion-forward personality and can be subtle and controlled or pronounced and wild.

5. Wavy Edgar Haircut

A man with a wavy Edgar haircut.
By Instagram @vdubz_barber

A wavy Edgar adds volume and movement to the typical Edgar cut.

It’s a stylish way to showcase a unique and relaxed look for your naturally wavy hair.

6. Shaggy Edgar Haircut

A man with a shaggy Edgar haircut.
By Instagram @mazur.warsztat.fryzjerski

The shaggy Edgar cut features longer, messier layers on top for a laid-back and casual look.

This version of the Edgar gives your hair a structured yet carefree vibe without committing to a shorter length.

7. Edgar With Mid-Fade

A man wearing sunglasses with a blonde Edgar cut with mid fade.
By Instagram @gingerpottbeard

The Edgar with a mid fade is a versatile option that suits various hair types.

It features a less dramatic fade while still providing a clean, trendy look. 

8. Long Messy Edgar Cut

A man with a brown long messy Edgar cut.
By Instagram @stanzthebarber

Try a long, messy Edgar for a more daring take on this traditional style.

This cut keeps the hair longer on top, providing a tousled, undone look.

9. Edgar With A Beard

A man with an Edgar cut with a beard.
By Instagram @losoriginals

Combine your Edgar haircut with well-groomed facial hair for an integrated look.

An Edgar with a beard adds a rugged charm and brings balance to your overall appearance. 

10. Choppy Edgar Haircut

A man wearing eyeglasses with a choppy Edgar haircut.
By Instagram @sampitzthebarber

For a fresh, easy-going look, try a choppy Edgar haircut.

This style features textured layers on top with a precise fade or undercut, resulting in a playful contrast. 

11. Mullet Edgar

A man with a mullet Edgar cut.
By Instagram @chumdabarber

Fuse two timeless looks with the edginess of an Edgar and the playful, retro charm of a mullet.

This fun combo creates a bold, one-of-a-kind hairstyle that leaves a strong impression.

12. High and Tight Edgar

A man with a high and tight Edgar cut.
By Instagram @superbcuts_barbershop

A high and tight Edgar offers a clean and polished look, featuring a tight fade on the sides and a short, cropped top.

It’s perfect for those who want a sleek and professional appearance without compromising their distinctive style.

13. Curly Edgar

A man with a curly Edgar cut.
By Instagram @chulasshears

Emphasize your natural curls with an Edgar cut.

This style keeps the hair length longer to showcase your curls while incorporating the distinguishing elements of an Edgar.

14. Edgar With Long Bangs

A man with an Edgar cut with long bangs.
By Instagram @fadelikej

For a more unconventional version, try an Edgar with longer bangs.

This look maintains the shape of an Edgar while featuring longer bangs that can be styled in various ways.

15. Taper Fade Edgar

A man with a taper fade Edgar.
By Instagram @el_dani_barber

An Edgar with a taper fade provides a clean, gradual transition from the hair on top to the fade on the sides.

It’s a popular and versatile choice for men seeking a smart and cool Edgar haircut.

16. Pink Edgar Cut

Make a bold fashion statement with a pink Edgar cut.

If pink is not your color, make your look truly unique with any shade you like.

17. Edgar Cut For Straight Hair

A man with a straight Edgar cut.
By Instagram @itsi_beauty_barber

The Edgar cut can add dimension and visual interest to straight hair.

This style is an effortlessly adaptable choice for straight-haired men, regardless of the fade or length.

18. Bald Fade Edgar

A man with a bald fade Edgar cut.
By Instagram @sly.cutz

The Edgar with a bald fade is characterized by a completely shaven fade on the sides.

Featuring a smooth transition from the short, cropped hair on top, it’s a clean, modern look that delivers a confident, edgy appearance.

19. Angled Edgar Cut

A man with a brown angled Edgar cut.
By Instagram @ab.barberlab

The angled Edgar cut adds a fashion-forward twist to this definitive style.

This haircut features an angled fringe that creates a striking, unconventional look. 

20. Edgar With Low Drop Fade

A man with an Edgar cut with low drop fade.
By Instagram @roberto.cutz372

An Edgar with a low drop fade offers a subtle, stylish option for experimenting with the Edgar trend.

This haircut features a low fade that drops behind the ears, providing a well-groomed yet understated look.

21. Bowl Cut Edgar

A man with a bowl cut Edgar.
By Instagram @getfadedby_vic713

Another timeless combo is an Edgar with a classic bowl cut.

This hairstyle features a blunt fringe and even length around the head, creating a youthful, trendy appearance.

22. Temple Fade Edgar Cut

A man with a temple fade Edgar cut.
By Instagram @4ehverfaded

The temple fade Edgar maintains the signature straight-line bangs that cover the forehead, providing a polished and well-defined appearance.

The distinctive feature of this cut is the temple fade, where the hair on the sides and temples is tapered or faded gradually, creating a sharp contrast with the longer top and fringe. 

23. Edgar Cut With Hair Tattoos

A man with an Edgar cut with hair tattoos.
By Instagram @05_blendz

Add some creativity to your Edgar haircut with hair tattoos.

This look incorporates detailed designs shaved into the sides of your head for a unique, artistic touch.

24. Edgar With Mexican Mullet

A man with an Edgar cut with a Mexican mullet.
By Instagram @davidclipperhands

Blend elements of the Edgar with the edgy Mexican mullet for an interesting and daring look.

The length and style of the mullet back can be customized to individual preferences, ranging from a subtle mullet effect to a more pronounced and exaggerated look.

25. Edgar Buzz Cut

A man with an Edgar buzz cut.
By Instagram @ry_nb129

For a sharp, minimalistic appearance, try an Edgar buzz cut.

This hairstyle features a short buzz all around the head – with just slight length on top – creating a clean, low-maintenance look.

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