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20 Stunning Fantasy Hair Colors: From Unicorn to Mermaid Styles

Fantasy hair colors are a great way to show off your unique style and creativity.

Think about turning your hair into a bright, colorful work of art inspired by unicorns and mermaids.

In this article, you’ll find a variety of eye-catching colors and styles that go beyond traditional hair fashion.

From soft pinks and bright blues to shimmering greens and shiny purples, each look will inspire you to express your individuality.

Whether you’re ready for a big change or just want to explore new color ideas, this guide has all the inspiration and information you need to start your fantasy hair journey.

20 Stunning Fantasy Hair Colors

1. Unicorn Rainbow

A woman modelling a unicorn rainbow hair.

Embrace the magic of a unicorn with a dazzling rainbow of colors cascading through your hair.

Achieve this look by blending pastel shades of pink, yellow, purple, and green, creating a soft, dreamy effect.

Start with bleached hair for the colors to pop, and apply each shade in sections for a seamless transition.

2. Mermaid Teal and Purple

A woman modelling a teal and purple hair.

This enchanting combination mimics the shimmering scales of mythical sea creatures.

To achieve this look, apply teal on the top layers and blend into deep purple underneath.

Keep your hair moisturized with color-safe products to maintain vibrancy.

3. Galaxy Hair

A woman modelling a galaxy inspired hair color.

Transport yourself to outer space with galaxy hair, a cosmic blend of deep blues, purples, and hints of silver or black to mimic the night sky.

Create depth by layering colors and incorporating specks of glitter or metallic accents.

Use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to preserve the galaxy’s brilliance.

4. Opal Essence

A woman modelling an opal-inspired hair color.

Capture the ethereal beauty of opal with this multi-dimensional hair color.

Blend soft hues of yellow, purple, blue, and green to mimic the opalescent sheen.

Achieve this look by applying colors in delicate layers and adding a subtle shimmer.

Maintain the opal essence with regular deep conditioning treatments to enhance shine.

5. Holographic Hair

A woman modelling a holographic hair color.

Achieve this multidimensional look by layering pastel tones like lavender, silver, and mint green.

Use color-depositing shampoos and conditioners to maintain the holographic effect and protect hair from fading.

6. Dragon Fire Red

A woman modelling a fiery red hair.

Ignite your look with fiery red hues reminiscent of dragon flames.

This intense color demands pre-lightened hair for maximum impact.

Apply vibrant red shades evenly and use color-safe products to maintain brightness.

Deep conditioning treatments will keep your fiery mane healthy and radiant.

7. Aurora Borealis

A woman modelling an aurora borealis insipred hair color.

Capture the magical colors of the Northern Lights with this breathtaking hair color.

Blend shades of green, blue, and purple in swirling patterns to mimic the aurora’s dancing lights.

Apply colors in vertical sections for a cascading effect.

Keep your hair hydrated with oils and masks to preserve the aurora’s vivid hues.

8. Candy Floss Pink

A woman modelling a candy floss pink hair.

Sweeten your style with candy floss pink, a soft and playful shade reminiscent of spun sugar.

Achieve this look by evenly distributing pastel pink color from roots to tips.

To maintain the cotton candy hue, use sulfate-free products and refresh color with tinted conditioners between touch-ups.

9. Electric Blue

A woman modelling an electric blue hair.

Electrify your look with vibrant electric blue hair.

This bold shade requires pre-lightened hair for optimal color saturation.

Apply blue dye evenly and follow with a gloss treatment for extra shine.

Protect your electric hue with UV-protective products to prevent fading.

10. Mystic Amethyst

A woman modelling a deep purple hair.

Embrace the mystical allure of deep amethyst hues.

This rich purple shade exudes elegance and depth.

Achieve the look by blending dark purple tones with hints of magenta for dimension.

Keep your hair vibrant with regular toning treatments and moisturizing masks.

11. Peacock Vibe

A woman modelling a peacock inspired hair color.

Flaunt the vibrant colors of a peacock with this eye-catching hair color.

Blend shades of teal, green, and blue in feather-like patterns.

Achieve depth by layering colors and enhancing shine with a gloss treatment.

Maintain your peacock vibe with color-enhancing products and occasional toning.

12. Sunset Ombre

A woman modelling a sunset ombre hair.

Capture the warmth of a sunset with this ombre hair color blending hues of orange, pink, and gold.

Start with a warm base and blend colors seamlessly from roots to ends.

Protect your sunset ombre with heat protectants and nourishing oils to enhance shine.

13. Mermaid Lagoon

A woman modelling an aquamarine and green hair.

Dive into a serene underwater world with mermaid lagoon hair, blending turquoise and green shades.

Achieve this ocean-inspired look by alternating colors in horizontal sections.

Maintain your mermaid allure with hydrating masks and occasional color-refreshing treatments.

14. Rose Quartz

A woman modelling a pink and peach hair.

Embrace soft femininity with rose quartz hair, a delicate blend of soft pink with hints of peach.

Achieve this romantic hue by evenly distributing pastel pink and peach tones.

Maintain the softness of rose quartz with sulfate-free products and occasional pink tinted conditioners.

15. Mystical Mauve

A woman modelling a pink and mauve hair.

Channel enchanting vibes with mystical mauve hair, blending soft lavender and dusty pink tones.

Achieve this ethereal look by layering colors and adding subtle highlights for dimension.

Keep your mystical mauve mane radiant with color-safe shampoo and hydrating treatments.

16. Fairy Tale Blonde

A woman modelling a platinum blonde hair with pastel highlights.

Transform into a fairy tale character with platinum blonde hair adorned with pastel highlights.

Achieve this magical look by bleaching hair to a pale blonde and adding soft pastel shades like pink, lavender, or mint.

Maintain your fairy tale blonde with toning treatments and regular trims.

17. Enchanted Forest

A woman a rich, dark green hair.

Get lost in the depths of an enchanted forest with deep, dark green hair.

Achieve this mystical shade by layering shades of emerald and forest green.

Keep your enchanted forest hair lush and vibrant with moisturizing treatments and occasional deep conditioning masks.

18. Magical Midnight

A woman modelling a midnight blue hair.

Embrace the mystery of midnight with deep, dark blue hair highlighted with sparkling accents.

Achieve this magical look by layering shades of navy and indigo.

Maintain your magical midnight mane with color-safe products and occasional gloss treatments for added sparkle.

19. Pastel Rainbow

A woman modelling a pastel rainbow hair.

Embrace whimsy with pastel rainbow hair, featuring soft hues of pink, blue, lavender, and mint.

Achieve this playful look by blending pastel colors in horizontal sections.

Keep your pastel rainbow vibrant with color-refreshing treatments and gentle cleansing products.

20. Siren’s Sapphire

A woman modelling a deep, ocean blue hair.

Dive into the deep blue sea with siren’s sapphire hair, featuring rich, oceanic blue tones.

Achieve this captivating shade by layering shades of deep blue with hints of teal.

Protect your siren’s sapphire mane with hydrating masks and UV-protective products to prevent color fade.

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