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25 Trendy Prom Hairstyles: Elegant Looks For Your Special Night

When prom season approaches, the search for the perfect hairstyle is on. 

With so many options for every hair length, type, and texture, finding a trendy and flattering hairstyle might be overwhelming.

Whether you have long, short, or medium-length locks, a stunning prom hairdo brings your entire look together. From updos to braided styles to cascading curls, there’s a prom hairstyle that suits your natural texture and unique taste. The right prom look can be sleek and subtle or fun and modern – as long as it’s flattering and comfortable to wear all night.

The following offers ‌a curated list of 25 trendy and elegant prom hairstyles so you can find a look that truly represents you. 

Top 25 Prom Hairstyles

1. Soft Romantic Curls

A woman with a medium-length blonde sorft romantic curls.
By Instagram @perfectsilhouettehairdressing

Soft romantic curls are perfect for any prom look, whether your hair is long or short.

Use a wand to curl small sections of your hair, then gently brush them out for a softer appearance. 

2. Waterfall Braid

A woman with a black waterfall braid.
By Instagram @beautystudionyc1

The waterfall braid is a casually chic and modern prom hairstyle.

This braid integrates seamlessly with loose hair, giving you a romantic and playful look. 

3. French Braid Bun

A woman with a blonde French braid bun with shadow roots.
By Instagram @clairehartleystylist

Create an elegant and intricate look with a French braid bun.

Start by French braiding your hair, then wrap the braid into a low bun, using bobby pins or other hair accessories to secure it.

4. Half-Up/Half-Down Twisted Updo

A woman with a medium-length half up half down twisted updo.
By Instagram @kncolourandcuts

For a whimsical, enchanting look suitable for all hair types, try a half-up, half-down twisted updo.

This prom hairstyle is extremely versatile and can be worn smooth and sleek or messy and undone.

5. Braided Faux Hawk

A woman with a brown braided faux hawk.
By Instagram @abrushwithdestinyhmua

Show off your edgier side with a braided faux hawk.

This bold updo combines the preciseness of cornrows or chunky side braids with the daring center style of a mohawk. 

6. Messy Bouffant

A woman with a black messy bouffant.
By Instagram @samanthalandis

A messy bouffant is a stylish and somewhat casual twist on this classic vintage hairstyle.

It combines elements of volume and a slightly disheveled appearance for an effortlessly chic and glamorous look.

7. Side Braid With Hair Accessories

A woman with a blonde side braid with flower accessories.
By Instagram @ckimmyhartistry

Elevate a traditional side braid with decorative hair accessories like pearls, flowers, barrettes, or combs.

The combination creates a vibrant yet polished prom hairstyle that is sure to leave an impression.

8. Classic Chignon

A woman with a blonde classic chignon.
By Instagram @geministyling

The classic chignon is an elegant low bun perfect for prom.

This refined updo is sleek and smooth, with the hair gathered at the nape of the neck or the back of the head.

9. Dutch Braid Updo

A woman with a brown Dutch braid updo.
By Instagram @beautyby_kiarie

Dutch braid updos are a beautiful choice for merging braided elegance with timeless sophistication.

Whether opting for a single Dutch braid or a multi-braid design, this prom hairstyle adds creativity and charm to your look.

10. Half-Up/Half-Down Fishtail With Loose Curls

A woman with half up half down fishtail with loose curls and hair accessory.
By Instagram @kbstyles.97

This half-up look combines a trendy ‌fishtail braid with the softness of loose curls or waves.

It’s a gorgeous prom style that creates a cute, romantic vibe and can be adapted to all hair types, lengths, and textures.

11. Loose French Braid

A woman with a long blonde loose French braid.
By Instagram @meganlkarp

A loose French braid balances elegance with bohemian flair.

This timeless prom style can be customized with accessories like flowers, jeweled pins, or ribbons for added charm.

12. Low Ponytail

A woman with a long, blonde, low ponytail.
By Instagram @kmarthairsalon

A low ponytail is a civilized, low-effort option for a prom hairstyle.

Whether sleek and smooth or loose and undone, a low ponytail is a quick yet trendy option that suits most hair types. 

13. Braided Bun With Face Framing Tendrils

A woman wearing white pearl earrings with a black braided bun with face framing tendrils.
By Instagram @thatbraidbabe

Add a vintage touch to your prom hairstyle with a braided bun and face-framing tendrils.

This romantic and captivating hairstyle enhances your facial features and adds a touch of whimsy to your overall look. 

14. Low Messy Bun

A woman with a low messy bun with highlights.
By Instagram @meleahandco

The low messy bun is a simple and elegant prom hairstyle.

It delivers a relaxed yet put-together look that keeps you comfortable and stylish throughout the evening.

15. Crown Braid

A woman with a long blonde hair with curls and a crown braid.
By Instagram @drybarshopstysonscorner

A crown braid is a stunning updo that adds a regal touch to your prom look.

This elegant and intricate hairstyle beautifully frames your face and is sure to make you feel like royalty on your special night.

16. High Bun With Loose Curls

A woman with a high bun with loose curls.
By Instagram @parla.hair

A high bun with loose curls is a glamorously ‘undone’ prom hairstyle.

The loose curls draw attention to your features, while the high bun can be decorated with hairpins, flowers, or other accessories.

17. French Twist

A woman with a blonde ombre French twist.
By Instagram @cathrineheierenhansen

The French twist is a timeless and classy updo, perfect for prom night.

Depending on your overall look, these updos can be smooth and polished or playful and artistic.

18. Loose Hair With Flower Crown

A woman with a long blonde loose hair with a flower crown.
By Instagram @bridebyhannahhennessy

Embrace your bohemian side with loose hair and a flower crown.

You can also opt for a tiara, a hairband, clips, or other accessories that complement your loose, flowing locks.

19. Pull-Through Braid

A woman with a brown pull-through braid.
By Instagram @lottanikitin

A pull-through braid adds volume and texture to your prom hairstyle.

Add height with a pull-through ponytail, or keep the look classic with the traditional braid.

20. Hollywood Waves

A woman with a long copper Hollywood waves.
By Instagram @rjstylesco

Channel Hollywood glam with brushed-out yet perfectly sculpted S-shaped waves inspired by the red carpet.

This hairstyle is characterized by its smooth, polished look that exudes elegance and sophistication. 

21. Ponytail With Side Braid

A woman with a medium-length blonde ponytail with a side braid.
By Instagram @hairtalesydney

Add a modern twist to a classic ponytail by incorporating a side braid. The look can be sleek and tight or messy and textured, depending on your preferred taste and style.

22. Crimped Braided Updo

A mannequin with a blonde crimped braided updo.
By Instagram @clairehartleystylist

A crimped braided updo combines texture and style for a one-of-a-kind prom look.

This ​​ captivating and dramatic updo makes a bold, memorable statement, highlighting your original style and unique taste.

23. Low Chignon to the Side

A woman with a blonde low chignon to the side.
By Instagram @tinaelliotthairstyling

Create a refined, asymmetrical style by securing your low chignon to the side.

This prom updo can be neat, polished, or left slightly undone for a relaxed, bohemian look.

24. Fishtail Bun

A mannequin with a blonde fishtail bun.
By Instagram @thehairbookweddingstylist

For an enchanting and intricate prom updo, try a fishtail bun.

This style can be adapted to most hair types and textures, creating a structured yet captivating look.

25. Half-Up High Ponytail

A woman with a half up high ponytail with curls.
By Instagram @hair_by_cara_k

A half-up high ponytail is a casual yet trendy style for prom night.

This versatile look works with most hair types, lengths, and textures and can be enhanced with accessories like decorative pins, ribbons, or hairpieces.

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