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Top 30 Men’s Haircuts And Styles For A Modern Look in 2024

A good haircut can speak volumes, and finding a look that complements your face shape, hair texture, and personal style shouldn’t be that hard.

Contemporary men’s haircuts run the gamut from timeless and polished to daring and expressive, offering an array of choices for all tastes and preferences.

Men’s cuts offer an extensive range of options, from the tidy crew to the bold faux hawk to the vintage pompadour to the modern mullet. Each style carries its own unique appeal – whether aiming for a sharp, professional look or a fashion-forward statement.

This article explores 30 of the best men’s haircuts and styles for a modern look in 2024.

30 Modern Haircuts and Styles For Men

1. Crew Cut

A man with a black crew cut and a beard.
By Instagram @beyond_beauty_unisex_saloon__

The classic and low-maintenance crew cut features short, even hair on top with gradual fading on the sides.

It’s a versatile choice for various face shapes and hair types, making it popular with men who prefer a no-fuss look.

2. Skin Fade

A man with a brown skin fade haircut.
By Instagram @adcbarbers

The skin fade offers a seamless transition from longer hair on top to closely shaven sides.

This bold, edgy style provides a sharp, contrasted appearance and can be combined with various lengths and textures for a unique, personalized look.

3. Afro

A man with an Afro cut.
By Instagram @john_barbershop233

The Afro is a distinctive and iconic hairstyle that celebrates natural hair texture and volume. 

This statement-making look can be adapted to suit your hair type and original style, making it a powerful symbol of individuality and pride. 

4. Hard Side Part

A man with a black hard side part cut.
By Instagram @walter_barbershop

A hard side part brings a timeless finish to any men’s haircut.

It exudes a structured, polished appearance and is a favorite among those who appreciate a clean, professional look. 

5. Undercut Fade

A man with an undercut fade and a slicked back hair.
By Instagram @lito_cuts

The undercut fade combines a close shave with longer hair – an edgy yet stylish option.

The transition from the shorter sides to the longer top is seamless, often accompanied by a high degree of tapering. 

6. Quiff

A man with a blonde quiff haircut.
By Instagram @bykadek

The legendary quiff is popular for adding volume and dimension to your hair.

This look involves styling the longer hair on top upwards and slightly back, creating the quiff’s signature lift and shape. 

7. French Crop

A man with a black French crop.
By Instagram @thebarbershoppacohidalgo

The French crop is a refined and understated cut with short sides and back, a slightly longer, textured top, and blunted bangs.

This fashion-forward style delivers a distinct look easily adaptable to most hair types.

8. Ivy League

A man with a blonde Ivy league cut.
By Instagram @rzredge

The Ivy League is a classic, sophisticated style that combines short sides and back with a slightly longer top, typically brushed to the side.

This haircut exudes a preppy and polished look, balancing traditional charm and contemporary professionalism.

9. Faux Hawk

A man with a blonde faux hawk.
By Instagram @unitedbyshorthair

The Faux Hawk offers an edgy yet wearable alternative to the classic Mohawk.

With short sides and a longer, textured top, this style adds volume and personality to any look.

10. Modern Mullet

A man wearing eyeglasses with a black modern mullet.
By Instagram @styled.by.shelton

Unlike the traditional mullet, the modern version is less extreme and more tailored, offering a stylish yet edgy appearance.

This versatile haircut provides a unique, punk rock-inspired look that can be adapted to various hair types and personal styles.

11. Mid-Fade

A man with a black mid-fade cut.
By Instagram @roldans_barber

A mid-fade is an ideal choice for those who want a balanced look.

It gradually transitions from longer hair on top to shorter sides, keeping a clean appearance without bringing any drama. 

12. Middle Part

A man with a brown middle part haircut.
By Instagram @seb_martell

As a trendy and youthful choice, a middle-part hairstyle boasts a casual, laid-back vibe.

This symmetrical style features a natural parting in the center of the head and can be applied to various hair lengths and types.

13. Wolf Cut

A man with a black center part wolf cut.
By Instagram @n_kyoka1002

The wolf cut is a chic, contemporary haircut combining layers and texture to create a wild, untamed look.

This style features longer layers throughout the hair, giving it a natural, lived-in appearance characterized by a free-spirited and effortlessly cool vibe.

14. Buzz Cut

A man with a buzz cut.
By Instagram @__car__barbershop___sinj_

The no-nonsense buzz cut is a straightforward, low-maintenance style known for its simplicity and practicality.

It requires minimal styling and upkeep, making it an excellent option for a hassle-free haircut. 

15. Long Hair

A man with a long black hair.
By Instagram @kwenarrrrrr

Long hair can be a versatile and fashionable choice for those willing to embrace their natural locks.

With styling options ranging from sleek and straight to curly and voluminous, long haircuts offer a groomed yet carefree look.

16. eBoy

A man with a copper eBoy cut.
By Instagram @madhairbarcelona

The eBoy, featuring a middle part with curtain-style bangs, is best suited for medium to long hair.

This hairstyle is closely associated with the digital age and incorporates elements from pop culture, video games, and social media aesthetics. 

17. High and Tight Bald Fade

A man with a high and tight bald fade cut.
By Instagram @kay.maxinee.cuts

The high and tight bald fade is a military-inspired haircut with very short sides tapered to the skin or nearly bald, while the hair on top remains short and neatly groomed.

This haircut is favored for its clean, sharp contrast, making it a high-impact choice for any man. 

18. Pompadour

A man with a black and gray pompadour haircut.
By Instagram @barackbarber

A retro-inspired choice, the Pompadour features high-volume, swept-back hair on top with shorter, tapered sides.

This timeless look has been popular for generations, with modern variations blending vintage charm and contemporary style.

19. Low Taper Fade

A man with a black low taper fade cut.
By Instagram @yos.barbershop

The low taper fade is a subtle, versatile haircut that creates a seamlessly blended transition.

This adaptable taper suits various hair lengths and textures, offering a clean, polished, and understated look.

20. Shag

A man with a brown shag haircut.
By Instagram @noreenshehryarmua

A Shag is a trendy, relaxed haircut that delivers a disheveled yet stylish appearance.

This carefree and effortlessly cool style is defined by longer hair that typically falls over the ears and around the nape of the neck, with shaggy layers that add texture and volume. 

21. Edgar Cut

A man with a black Edgar cut.
By Instagram @cutzbyedwin_

A popular choice among younger men, the Edgar cut features a textured top with razored edges, short sides, and a straight-line fringe across the forehead.

This technique creates a bold, eye-catching effect, emphasizing the forehead and framing the face. 

22. Slicked Back

A man with a blonde slicked back hair.
By Instagram @dhcsalon

Classic and refined, a slicked-back hairstyle involves combing the hair away from the face using styling products like pomade or gel to achieve a smooth and polished finish.

This style exudes class and sophistication and can be adapted to different hair lengths and textures.

23. Twists or Braids

A man with short twists hairstyle.
By Instagram @rodriguess__zs

Twists or braids provide a trendy, practical option for those with natural hair.

This protective style can be worn in various lengths and patterns to reflect your personality and unique taste.

24. Wet Effect

A man with a short curly wet hair effect.
By Instagram @georgeassias

For a contemporary and fashion-forward look, simulate the appearance of wet hair using products like gel or pomade.

This style creates a sleek, high-gloss finish, providing a bold and dramatic effect.

25. Bowl Cut 

A man with a light brown bowl cut.
By Instagram @papsulis

A bowl cut is typically chosen by those who appreciate its quirky and nostalgic charm.

This haircut has evolved over time and can be customized to varying degrees of length and texture. 

26. Temple Fade

A man with a temple fade haircut.
By Instagram @js_barber_life

The temple fade is favored for its ability to elevate almost any haircut.

This fade is often combined with other styles, such as a crew cut or a quiff, providing an excellent balance between classic and contemporary elements. 

27. Side Swept Bang

A man with a black side-swept bang haircut.
By Instagram @masbritish

The side-swept bang is a classic and versatile men’s hairstyle that involves combing the hair forward and to the side, often covering part of the forehead.

This style allows for a touch of personality without sacrificing your polished and refined appearance.

28. Shoulder Length Hair

A man with shoulder-length blonde hair is standing at the beach.
By Instagram @salvajetravel

For a confident and free-spirited men’s hairstyle, grow your hair to or just below your shoulders.

This versatile length provides ample room for styling creativity, allowing for a range of looks from casual and tousled to sleek and well-groomed. 

29. Mohawk 

A man with a black mohawk.
By Instagram @johnycutz22

The mohawk is dramatic and rebellious, often enhanced by various styling options, such as spiking the central strip or adding unique patterns or colors.

This punk-rock style is a favorite for making a powerful statement by embracing a fearless, edgy look.

30. Grown-Out Fade

A man with a n Afro grown-out fade cut.
By Instagram @samuel_rasool_official

Maintain the essence of a fade while allowing it to grow out naturally, resulting in a softer transition between lengths and a more relaxed, carefree vibe.

This cut is for men who appreciate a low-maintenance style and embrace a lived-in, casual appearance.

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