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25 Long-Lasting Hairstyles For All Hair Types: Timeless and Versatile Looks

Long-lasting hairstyles are essential for those busy days or special events when you want your locks to stay in place and look fabulous all day (or all night) long. 

Fortunately, plenty of style options for all hair types and textures create stunning looks that stay put.

From straight hair and waves to curls and coils, many long-lasting hairstyles are appropriate for all hair types, including chic braids, stylish buns, elegant updos, versatile top knots, and timeless ponytails. No matter your natural texture, these looks ensure your locks stay gorgeous and put together, so you can enjoy your day without worrying about your hair.

This article reveals 25 classic and versatile hairstyles for all hair types that deliver long-lasting looks for any occasion. 

25 Long-Lasting Hairstyles For All Hair Types

1. Dutch Braids

A woman with brown Dutch braids.
By Instagram @made.by.babs

Dutch braids are perfect for securing your tresses all day, whether you have curls, waves, or straight hair.

Dutch braids protect your locks while keeping them tidy, complementing any look.

2. French Twist

Side view of a woman with a white French twist.
By Instagram @myhairladyuk

The classic French twist is an elegant updo that lasts all day with minimal readjustment.

This versatile and simple look can be styled with all hair types and is great for both formal and casual events. 

3. Top Knot

Side view of a woman with a black top knot.
By Instagram @renstouch

For a quick, easy, and long-lasting hairstyle, a top knot is a stylish choice regardless of your natural hair texture.

Accessorize your top knot with combs, clips, headbands, or other hair accessories for a trendy, modern look.

4. French Braids

A woman with brown French braids.
By Instagram @haarbande

French braids work well for all hair types, offering a neat and polished finish.

French braids can be easily customized and combined with other long-wear hairstyles like updos, buns, or ponytails.

5. Half Cornrows Into a Ponytail

Side view of a woman with black half cornrows into a ponytail.
By Instagram @mel_beauty_fashion

Styling your half cornrows into a ponytail is a popular and chic look, incorporating the protective benefits of flat braids with the freedom of loose hair.

This style works well on any hair type and can be accessorized with beads, cuffs, threads, or colorful extensions.

6. Low Ballerina Bun

Side view of a woman with a blonde low ballerina bun.
By Instagram @bellissima_bypatricia

Refined and long-lasting, the low ballerina bun fits any hair type.

This classic choice keeps your hair secure and tangle-free without sacrificing elegance or style.

7. Double Dutch Braids

A woman wearing white long sleeves with double Dutch braids.
By Instagram @made.by.babs

Double Dutch braids are timeless, cute, and last all day.

They’re particularly useful for taming thick or heavy tresses but work well with all hair types, regardless of texture.

8. Halo Braid

A woman with a halo braid.
By Instagram @carly_h_a_i_r_

A Halo Braid is perfect for longer locks and works well with curly, wavy, or straight hair.

This angelic braid encircles your head, providing an ethereal and long-lasting look.

9. Bantu Knots

A woman wearing gold earrings and a gold necklace with Bantu knots.
By Instagram @dorhaymi

Bantu knots are a gorgeous and long-lasting option for all hair types.

They keep your tresses tucked away all day and can be unraveled in the morning to reveal bouncy, defined curls.

10. Face-Framing Plaits

A woman with high pigtails and face-framing plaits.
By Instagram @magdalena_hair

Face-framing plaits add cool, boho vibes to any hairstyle, regardless of hair type.

These loose braids highlight your features while keeping your hair off your face.

11. Rope Braid

A girl wearing a Japanese uniform with a black rope braid.
By Instagram @rankapin

The rope braid is a simple yet versatile hairstyle that looks stunning on any hair type.

It lasts all day and adds an interesting twist to a basic braid.

12. Classic Chignon

Side view of a woman with a blonde classic chignon.
By Instagram @tcashleywglowup

A classic chignon is great for a formal event and suits any hair type.

This timeless hairstyle is easy to do at home and is both elegant and long-lasting.

13. Double French Braids

A girl with double French braids with two butterflies accessories.
By Instagram @hairbymelissagovertsen

Double French braids ensure your hair stays in place while adding a little whimsy to your look.

Double French braids work well with all hair types and textures and can be adjusted in many ways to suit your needs and preferences.

14. Half-Up Bun

A woman with a blonde half-up bun.
By Instagram @aryellawigs

The half-up bun combines the convenience of a bun and the versatility of a half-up, half-down style.

Suitable for all hair types, it’s a modern and effortless option.

15. Fishtail Braids

A woman with blonde fishtail braids.
By Instagram @hairbybeccaxox

Fishtail braids are a captivating and distinctive alternative to traditional braids and can be worn casually or dressed up for more formal occasions.

These two-strand braids add intricate detail to any hairstyle and work well with all hair types. 

16. Two-Strand Twists

Side view of a woman with black two-strand twists.
By Instagram @dnm_locs

Two-strand twists are a protective and long-lasting hairstyle with the added benefit of versatility.

The size of the twists creates different textures and effects, and the technique helps define curls, reduce frizz, and maintain the hair’s natural appearance.

17. Bubble Braids

A woman wearing a purple dress with blonde bubble braids with a flower garden background.
By Instagram @scunci

Bubble braids are a fun and unique hairstyle that works for anyone.

The ‘bubbles’ put a dynamic and fashionable spin on the standard ponytail and are guaranteed to make a statement.

18. Double Dutch Braids Into High Buns

A little girl with double Dutch braids into high buns.
By Instagram @polished.n.pretty

Styling Double Dutch braids into high buns combines the texture and interest of Dutch braids with the sophistication of high buns.

The braids add visual appeal and prevent the hair from falling loose, while the high buns keep the hair neat and secure.

19. Sleek High or Low Ponytail

A woman with a black sleek low ponytail.
By Instagram @brona_marie_hair

A sleek high or low ponytail is ideal for all hair types, keeping your hair off your face while looking chic and polished.

It’s a go-to option for various occasions, from everyday wear to formal events. 

20. Pineapple Updo

A woman with a black pineapple updo.
By Instagram @beatricekunda__

The pineapple updo is stylish and attractive, providing a secure and fashionable method for protecting natural curls.

Pineapple updos can be accessorized with braids, hairpins, flowers, or headbands to add a more personal touch.

21. Space Buns

A woman with black space buns.
By Instagram @tracisnaturals

Space buns are a playful and long-lasting hairstyle suitable for all hair types.

Space buns have become popular for their whimsical and youthful look, making them a favorite for expressing creativity and individuality. 

22. Half-Up French Braid

Side view of a woman wearing green and white long sleeves with blonde half-up French braids.
By Instagram @braidsbyelin

A half-up French braid is a versatile and attractive option for all hair types, offering a relaxed and carefree alternative to the more formal French braid.

Whether aiming for a casual or dressed-up look, half-up French braids are a flattering option for showcasing your hair’s natural beauty.

23. Pull-Through Braids

A woman with mixed colors pull-through braids.
By Instagram @courtneyisweird

Pull-through braids are an excellent, long-lasting choice for all hair types.

Pull-throughs are a series of interconnected ponytails that create the illusion of a braid for an elaborate, put-together look.

24. Half-Up Top Knot

Side view of a woman sitting in a salon with a half-up top knot.
By Instagram @b_.snatched

A half-up top knot is a casual and trendy hairstyle that works with different hair types.

After gathering half of your hair into a bun at the top of your head, leave the rest loose for a look that can be dressed up or down.

25. Lemonade Braids

A woman with black lemonade braids.
By Instagram @justbraidsinfo

Distinct and eye-catching, lemonade braids, also known as side-swept cornrows or Beyoncé braids, are a fashionable and artistic style for natural hair.

This braiding technique is a fantastic, long-lasting option for those who want a bold and modern hairstyle.

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