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25 Trendy Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles You Must Try in 2024

Layered haircuts have long been an all-time favorite as they complement various hair types and lengths without sacrificing versatility or stylishness.

With the right layers, anyone can add volume, texture, and flow to their hair, making it look chic and trendy.

Whether you have thick, medium, or thin hair, there’s a layered haircut for you. Layered looks flatter all hair lengths, regardless of whether your locks are curly, wavy, or straight. This adaptable cutting technique gives you countless options to experiment with, allowing you to showcase your unique style and personality.

Throughout this article, you’ll discover 25 layered haircuts and hairstyles that achieve the perfect layered look for your unique hair.

25 Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles

1. Long Straight Layers

A woman's back with a brown long straight layer.
By Instagram @david_davidhairstudio

Long straight layers add volume and movement to your straight hair, ​​creating a softer, more dynamic appearance.

This style works well for those with long, straight hair who want to avoid a flat, heavy look. 

2. Mid-Length Layers With Curtain Bangs

A woman with blonde mid-length layers with curtain bangs.
By Instagram @burak.altun01

Mid-length layers combined with curtain bangs create a trendy and flattering hairstyle.

Curtain bangs are parted down the middle and frame the face, creating a “curtain” effect and complementing a variety of face shapes and hair textures.

3. Layered Quick Weave

A woman with a black layered quick weave.
By Instagram @cstyled_me

A layered quick weave offers versatility in terms of length, color, and texture.

They’re ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance protective style that adds volume and movement to your natural hair. 

4. V-Cut With Layers

A woman's hair in blonde balayage v-cut with layers.
By Instagram @flawlesss_touch

A V-cut with layers enhances your hair’s natural movement, creating a sharp and dramatic visual effect.

A V-cut works best with medium to long hair that is straight, wavy, or slightly curly.

5. Shaggy Layers For Wavy Hair

A woman with black, wavy shaggy layers.
By Instagram @laurenpies

Wavy-haired individuals can rock shaggy layers to create an effortlessly cool, tousled look.

This low-maintenance layered hairstyle enhances the natural texture of your hair and gives off a carefree vibe.

6. Layered Wolf Cut

A woman with black and blonde, long layered wolf cut.
By Instagram @neeseyhair

The layered wolf cut is a bold, modern look that combines two classic styles – the mullet and the shag.

This cut is characterized by its layered, textured, and ‘messy’ appearance, with shorter layers around the crown and longer layers towards the ends.

7. Layers and Balayage

Side view of a woman with layers and blonde balayage.
By Instagram @oliviatavareshair

Combining layers with the balayage coloring technique creates a chic and stylish finish.

This combination adds depth, dimension, and a sun-kissed glow to all hair types and lengths.

8. Long Step Layers

A woman's hair in black, long step layers.
By Instagram @face.2.face_unisex_salon_mehre

Step layers provide subtle changes in length while ​​adding volume and movement to long hair.

This effortless style works well with straight or wavy hair, creating a seamless flow from top to bottom.

9. Short Layered Cut With Curly Bangs

A woman with a curly short layered cut and curly bangs.
By Instagram @voidofhair

A short layered cut with curly bangs adds volume, frames your face, and showcases your unique curls.

Short layers add texture and dimension to the overall look, while curly bangs add a touch of romance and whimsy.

10. Side-Part Layered Hairstyle

A woman with a black side-part layered hairstyle.
By Instagram @beautyby_eglee

Incorporating a side part into your layered hairstyle is a classic and versatile choice.

This style can be customized to different hair lengths, types, and face shapes, creating depth, movement, and texture. 

11. Mid-Length Feathered Layers

A woman with brown mid-length feathered layers.
By Instagram @phiasalon

Feathered layers bring a soft and elegant touch to your hairstyle.

This mid-length cut is ideal for fine or thin hair, adding seamless movement and volume.

12. Textured Layers For Long Hair

Back of a woman with black long textured layers.
By Instagram @zazzlesalons

Textured layers add movement and dimension without sacrificing length.

This style is perfect for wavy or straight hair, providing a natural and effortless appearance.

13. Inverse-Layered Lob For Curly Hair

Side view of a woman with curly, inverse-layered lob.
By Instagram @blewbellecurlstudio

An inverse-layered lob is perfect for curly girls looking for an effortless, wash-and-wear style.

This chic and modern cut emphasizes the beauty and texture of curly hair, adding structure and bounce to your look.

14. Layered Ombre

A woman with blonde layered ombre.
By Instagram @shokoxiaolei

An ombre adds interest and depth to any layered cut.

This coloring technique looks stunning on all hair types and textures, delivering a visually striking and multidimensional hairstyle.

15. Chunky Layers With Heavy Bangs

A woman with black chunky layers with heavy bangs.
By Instagram @rabbitbrushgoods

For a bold and trendy look, consider combining chunky layers with heavy bangs.

Heavy bangs draw attention to the eyes and can help frame the face, adding volume and attitude to your hairstyle.

16. Middle-Parted Layered Style

A woman with a black middle-parted layered style.
By Instagram @olgakursitis

Styling your layered cut around a middle part is a simple yet sophisticated look that suits many different face shapes.

Middle-parted layers add volume and emphasize your hair’s natural texture and movement.

17. Layered Beach Waves

Side view of a woman with blonde balayage and layered beach waves.
By Instagram @yemesirouge

Embrace your natural hair texture with layered beach waves.

This style showcases your hair’s natural movement and creates a carefree, summery look.

Layered beach waves create a trendy, summery look that showcases your hair’s texture and volume. 

18. Shoulder-Length Curly Layers

A woman wearing eyeglasses with black shoulder-length curly layers.
By Instagram @kkellynn_

Curly layers at shoulder length bring out the best in your natural curls, creating volume and structure.

Shoulder-length curly layers are a low-maintenance but stylish haircut that highlights and enhances natural curls.

19. Windswept Layers

A woman with windswept layers.
By Instagram @ernestomeneses

Windswept layers deliver a natural, carefree, and slightly tousled look.

This cut offers an effortlessly romantic vibe, adding movement and volume to medium-to-long hair. 

20. Long Blonde Layers With Shadow Root

Side view of a woman with long blonde layers with shadow root.
By Instagram @howabouthair

For a stunning, modern appearance, add a shadow root to your long blonde layered style.

This style adds depth and dimension to your locks while enhancing any blonde hue. 

21. Flipped-Out Layers

A girl with brown flipped-out layers with blonde bangs.
By Instagram @hair_by.kaitlyn_

Flipped-out layers create a playful, vintage-inspired look, adding volume and bounce to your hairstyle.

The flipped-out ends add dimension and movement to your hair and are especially effective for adding body to fine or thin hair.

22. Layered Shag For Curly Hair

A woman with a brown curly layered shag.
By Instagram @violethairlounge

A layered shag creates a casual and fashion-forward look showcasing your curls’ natural texture.

This cut gives your curls a boost of volume without compromising structure or style.

23. Neck-Length Layers

A woman with black neck-length layers with wispy bangs.
By Instagram @leekaja.nainai

Neck-length layers frame your face, providing a softer, more sophisticated appearance to your hair.

This style works well with all hair textures, adding volume and movement without a lot of effort.

24. Medium-Length Highlighted Layers

A woman with medium-length layers with gray highlights.
By Instagram @may__noh

Medium-length highlighted layers provide texture, dimension, and a subtle touch of color.

This versatile hairstyle is perfect for straight, wavy, or curly hair, creating a subtle, yet eye-catching look.

25. Layered Cut With Side Bangs

A woman with a black layered cut with side bangs.
By Instagram @pradeepk171

A layered cut with side bangs is a versatile and stylish choice that works with various hair lengths, textures and face shapes.

This popular haircut combines the softness of layers with side-swept bangs, adding dimension and interest to your look.

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