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22 Hairstyles For Older Women With Round Faces: Effortless Elegance At Any Age

When embracing age with grace and style, choosing the perfect look can be a transformative journey. 

For older women with rounder faces, the key lies in finding styles that accentuate their unique features and radiate elegance and confidence.

Fortunately, numerous hairstyles can make you feel beautiful and confident regardless of age or face shape.

The rounded bob, for instance, offers a classic appearance, while a bixie cut presents a chic, low-maintenance alternative. Try a pixie cut with long side bangs for a youthful vibe, or combine sophistication and versatility with a side-swept shoulder-length lob. Whether you prefer a sleek and straight blunt cut or the relaxed vibes of a messy short shag, these styles leave you feeling gorgeous and radiant.

This article highlights 22 hairstyles for mature women that complement rounder face shapes and cater to all hair types, preferences, and lifestyles. 

22 Hairstyles For Older Women With Round Faces

1. Classic Lob

A woman with a classic lob cut.
By Instagram @swisslark

The classic lob (long bob) provides a versatile, ageless look.

This shoulder-length cut gracefully frames the face and can be adapted to all hair types and textures.

A lob looks stunning with added volume and texture, enhancing your facial features while offering a youthful yet polished look.

2. Rounded Bob

A woman with a white rounded bob cut.
By Instagram @shearblissstudio

A rounded bob is a contemporary take on the classic bob, featuring a ‘flipped in’ shape that beautifully complements all face shapes.

This hairstyle adds dimension and movement to your locks, creating a chic, flattering appearance.

It’s also low-maintenance yet stylish, making it a practical choice for mature women. 

3. Bixie Cut

A woman with a natural gray bixie cut.
By Instagram @hairdesignadriana

A bixie or pixie bob is a short, sassy haircut that’s easy to manage and style.

This flexible look retains slightly more length and can be styled in various ways to suit your mood and the occasion.

It’s a modern look that flatters your features and adds a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance.

4. Side-Parted Textured Pixie

A woman with a pink side-parted textured pixie cut.
By Instagram @beautibytee

Combine the charm of a pixie cut with textured layers and a side part for a defined, asymmetrical style.

A side part adds volume and texture to the hair, while the shorter length gracefully frames your face.

It’s an ideal choice for a contemporary and manageable hairstyle that exudes confidence and complements your taste.

5. Long Bowl Cut With Wispy Bangs

A woman wearing a face mask with a black long bowl cut with wispy bangs.
By Instagram @__rin__

For a more daring and fashion-forward option, a long bowl cut with wispy bangs provides a unique and eye-catching style.

This unconventional cut features a longer length at the back and sides, with subtle, face-framing bangs that bring softness and charm to your overall appearance.

The length of this cut pairs well with a round face, offering a fashion-forward look that can be customized to your style.

6. Side-Swept Bob

A woman with a black side-swept bob cut.
By Instagram @fixxsalonsaltrincham

Blend the chicness of a classic bob with the softness of side-swept styling for a flattering and graceful look.

The asymmetrical, side-swept front pieces soften the overall look and add a touch of romance.

These layers can be customized to suit your preferences, whether you prefer them longer or shorter.

7. Cropped Pixie

A woman with a gray cropped pixie cut.
By Instagram @hairxcraft

The cropped pixie is a daring, confident hairstyle perfect for a chic, carefree look that defies age stereotypes.

This haircut features extremely short sides and back, leaving the top section slightly longer.

It’s a low-maintenance choice that exudes edginess and modern flair.

8. Shoulder-Length Hair With Face-Framing Layers

A woman with shoulder-length lavender hair with face-framing layers and money pieces.
By Instagram @manemisfit

A shoulder-length cut with face-framing layers offers a classic and elegant look that can be customized to suit various preferences.

The layers create softness and dimension, which is particularly flattering for those with round faces.

This hairstyle allows for versatility in styling, whether you prefer a sleek and polished appearance or a more relaxed vibe. 

9. Feathered Lob

A woman with a brown feathered lob cut.
By Instagram @farrah1eigh

A feathered lob combines style and sophistication, adding texture and volume to your hair.

Lobs typically fall just above the shoulders and incorporate expertly textured layers that create a light and airy appearance.

This cut brings dimension and movement to your hair, making it an attractive option for a chic and age-appropriate look.

10. Chin-Length Bob With Side Bangs

A woman with a black chin-length bob with side bangs.
By Instagram @_kelly_o_hair

For a timeless and versatile hairstyle that complements round faces, go for a chin-length bob with side bangs.

The length adds structure to the face, while the side bangs bring an asymmetrical angularity that offsets any roundness.

This combo creates an elegant, flattering appearance that can be tailored to your hair type and preferences.

11. Layered Long Hair With Side-Swept Bangs

A woman with layered long hair with side-swept bangs and highlights.
By Instagram @tksstudiollc

Adding layers and side-swept bangs can provide a fresh and stylish appearance for those with long hair.

Side-swept bangs draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones, resulting in a timeless choice that defies age.

This hairstyle can be worn confidently at any stage of life, allowing you to embrace your natural beauty and express your personality.

12. Short Messy Shag

A woman with a short messy shag haircut.
By Instagram @elizabeth_at_vain

Embrace an edgy and playful hairstyle that’s full of character with a short messy shag.

This haircut features layers and choppy, textured ends, creating a carefree and slightly rebellious look.

It’s an excellent choice for unleashing your inner rockstar and adding a dose of attitude to your appearance.

13. Asymmetrical Bixie

A woman with a red asymmetrical bixie cut.
By Instagram @hairby_jsellers

An asymmetrical bixie brings an edgy, contemporary twist to your overall look.

This bold hairstyle features a shorter length on one side, gradually transitioning to a longer length on the other.

You can play with different products and techniques to achieve various looks, from polished and sophisticated to tousled and undone.

14. Inverted Bob

A woman with a blonde inverted bob cut.
By Instagram @hairandbeautyatyourdoor

An inverted bob is a sleek, modern hairstyle featuring a stacked or tapered back with longer front sections.

This look is known for its clean, well-defined lines, bringing a distinctive angled silhouette and giving it a high-impact and refined appearance.

For a one-of-a-kind look, adjust the length and angle of the bob to compliment your face shape and personal style.

15. Long Waves With Curtain Bangs

A woman with brown long waves with curtain bangs.
By Instagram @fanalistaparrucchieri

Adding curtain bangs to your long, wavy hair creates a soft, beachy finish.

The waves add movement and texture, while the curtain bangs frame your face, drawing attention to all your best features.

This style has a free-spirited, romantic feel, ideal for a laid-back yet fashionable look.

16. Pixie Cut With Long Side Bangs

A woman with a black pixie cut with long side bangs.
By Instagram @short_hair_sweethearts

Opt for a pixie cut with long side bangs for an iconic hairstyle with a contemporary twist.

This look features the signature length of a pixie cut with longer side-swept bangs that can be styled in various ways.

They can be swept to the side for a chic, modern look or pinned back for a more traditional pixie style.

17. Side-Parted Shoulder-Length Lob

A woman with a blonde side-parted shoulder-length bob cut.
By Instagram @olgakursitis

Mature women who prefer a classic, low-maintenance look often embrace a side-parted shoulder-length lob.

The lob’s length and side parting frame the face, enhancing your facial features while offering a balanced and flattering appearance.

This timeless and elegant can be adapted to all hair types and textures, delivering an ageless look that never goes out of style.

18. Razor Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

A woman with a black razor cut with side-swept bangs.
By Instagram @magemori

A razor cut with side-swept bangs offers something a little different.

This style features sharp, texturized ends that add depth and volume, while the side-swept bangs frame and compliment your facial features.

Despite its trendy appearance, this hairstyle can be relatively low maintenance, making it practical for everyday wear.

19. Stacked Bob

A woman with a brown stacked bob cut with highlights.
By Instagram @tannerblakehair

A stacked bob offers clean lines and a polished appearance, making it an excellent choice for a well-defined look.

This style adds depth and interest to your hair, framing your face and providing a chic, modern appearance.

It allows you to maintain a sense of maturity and sophistication while embracing a contemporary and fashionable hairstyle.

20. Mid-Length Shag

A woman with a black mid-length shag haircut.
By Instagram @hollygirldoeshair

A mid-length shag is a fun, casual style using layers and texture to create a tousled, free-spirited look.

It’s a versatile, low-maintenance choice that can be incredibly flattering for older women with round faces, offering a youthful and spirited appearance.

This style is designed to be low maintenance, making it practical for women with active lifestyles or those who prefer fuss-free routines.

21. Layered Pixie

A woman with a gray layered pixie cut.
By Instagram @hairby_rosemary

Level up your classic pixie cut by adding layers for depth and movement.

The layered nature of this cut draws attention to your features, making it a face-flattering choice that emphasizes your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline.

Whether seeking a chic, polished appearance or a more relaxed, youthful look, this style expresses your individuality and embraces a sense of beauty at any age.

22. Sleek and Straight Blunt Cut

A woman with a sleek and straight black blunt cut.
By Instagram @l.a.d.y.fingers

A sleek, straight blunt cut is renowned for its timeless appeal with women of all ages.

This haircut is all one length, creating a uniform appearance perfect for everyday wear, formal occasions, and professional settings.

You can add subtle waves or curls for a softer effect or keep it poker-straight for a polished finish. 

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