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24 Trendy Goddess Braids With Color in 2024

Goddess braids are a popular protective hairstyle combining knotless braids with loose curls to create a fun, eye-catching look. 

This braiding technique is versatile and easy to maintain, and you can personalize the style by adding color, length, texture, and accessories like cuffs, rings, or threads. 

Adding color to Goddess braids can create a visually striking and unique finish. From natural-looking hues to bold and vibrant shades, there is no shortage of opportunities to experiment with your hair. Color can be added throughout the entire length of the braids or strategically placed to create patterns, highlights, or even a gradient effect. 

In this article, we’ll explore 24 Goddess braids with color styles to elevate your next look.

Top 24 Goddess Braids With Color

1. Long Brown Goddess Braids

A woman with long brown goddess braids is standing outdoors.
By Instagram @natashas_hair_salon

Long brown Goddess braids give you a natural yet polished look that’s easy to style.

Shades of brown pair well with various skin tones and create a versatile, subtle finish.

2. Tri-Tone Goddess Braids

A woman with brown, blonde, and black goddess braids.
By Instagram @torileestudios

Tri-tone Goddess braids are a great way to showcase multiple colors, creating depth and dimension.

Your braids can feature a combination of colors, or you can strategically place different colors for a trendy, unique look.

3. Peekaboo Goddess Braids

A woman wearing a hooded jacket with black and brown peekaboo goddess braids.
By Instagram @by.valin

Keep things understated and professional with peekaboo Goddess braids.

Peekaboo braids incorporate color underneath your darker braids, with popular shades ranging from blonde and brown to vibrant pinks, blues, and purples.

4. Black Goddess Braids With Color Highlights

A woman sitting with black goddess braids with blonde highlights.
By Instagram @braidsbytiyetta

Add interest to your Goddess braids with color highlights.

Opt for shades that complement your natural hair color, or go bold with contrasting colors for a more distinctive look. 

5. Tiny Blonde Goddess Braids

A woman with tiny blonde goddess braids is standing.
By Instagram @ess.belletresses

Tiny blonde Goddess braids are a chic and feminine option that allows you to play with texture, color, and design.

This style is particularly well-suited for those who enjoy intricate details but want a softer, more refined finish.

6. Shoulder-Length Brown Goddess Braids

Side view of a woman with shoulder-length brown goddess braids with silver cuffs.
By Instagram @segredo_das_tranca

Shoulder-length brown Goddess braids are an excellent option for a shorter, more manageable style.

These braids have a natural, more modest appearance but still allow for colorful expression.

7. Blue Goddess Braids

A woman with blue goddess braids.
By Instagram @ks_trancas

Blue Goddess braids offer a dynamic and captivating hairstyle that expresses your creativity and individuality.

You can choose from different shades, from deep navy to bright turquoise, and play with placement, from all-over color to peekaboo looks. 

8. Blonde Ombre Goddess Braids

A woman with blonde ombre goddess braids.
By Instagram @hairbytlotlo_

Blonde ombre Goddess braids transition from darker roots to lighter blonde ends, providing a stylish gradient effect.

You can opt for a natural-looking ombre with shades of honey and caramel or go for a bolder look with platinum and ash-blonde tones.

9. Burgundy Goddess Braids

A woman with burgundy goddess braids is standing beside an open car.
By Instagram @tshanibraids

Burgundy offers a rich, sultry color for your Goddess braids.

The red wine hue provides a sophisticated touch and stands out as a popular, fashion-forward choice.

10. Honey Blonde Goddess Braids

A woman with honey blonde goddess braids.
By Instagram @retrobraidsnyc

Honey blonde Goddess braids are a beautiful, warm color option.

This golden shade adds a sun-kissed touch to your look and creates a soft, radiant finish that complements most skin tones.

11. Black and Brown Goddess Braids

A woman's hair with black and brown goddess braids.
By Instagram @timelessartsbycocoandco

Black and brown Goddess braids offer an elegant and timeless aesthetic that can suit various occasions.

The natural color combination creates a balanced and refined appearance that can be customized to match your personal style. 

12. Short Blonde Goddess Braids

A woman wearing a pink t-shirt with short blonde goddess braids.
By Instagram @sabria_thebraidgoddess

Short blonde Goddess braids offer a modern approach to a classic look.

The mix of the Goddess braids, shorter length, and blonde color highlights your chic and contemporary taste.  

13. Golden Brown Goddess Braids

A woman wearing a white t-shirt with golden brown goddess braids.
By Instagram @faimasbeautyhub

Golden brown Goddess braids combine the elegance of the braid style with the warmth of golden brown shades.

This pairing creates a sophisticated look that is easy to style and maintain. 

14. Green Goddess Braids

A woman with mint green goddess braids.
By Instagram @alexis__page

Green Goddess braids offer a distinct and refreshing approach to the classic braided hairstyle.

Choose from various shades of green, including hunter, emerald, mint, or even neon, to personalize your finished look.

15. Extra Long Blonde Goddess Braids

A woman with extra long blonde goddess braids with a high bun is standing outdoors during sunset.
By Instagram @melsxbeautyhair

Extra long blonde Goddess braids are gorgeous and dramatic.

The fusion of extended hair length and blonde hues creates a vibrant, attention-grabbing look that showcases individuality and flair.

16. Brown and Blonde Goddess Braids

A woman with brown and blonde goddess braids with big curls.
By Instagram @jullz_hairstylist

Brown and blonde Goddess braids combine rich brown tones with sun-kissed blonde hues, resulting in a versatile and balanced hairstyle.

This color combination adds depth and dimension to your hair while maintaining a natural, tasteful appeal.

17. Platinum Blonde Goddess Braids

A woman wearing a black t-shirt with platinum blonde goddess braids.
By Instagram @designs.by.adrienne

Platinum blonde hair color adds a high-impact and luminous effect to the Goddess braid style.

This color choice delivers a standout look that is sure to make a statement. 

18. Purple Goddess Braids

Side view of a woman with purple goddess braids with cuffs and thread.
By Instagram @braidersclubng

Purple Goddess braids are a fun and creative way to incorporate color into your hairstyle.

You can choose from various shades, including lavender, deep purple, or even violet, to find the perfect match for you.

19. Dark Brown Goddess Braids

Side view of a woman with dark brown goddess braids with gold leaves hair accessories.
By Instagram @hairbysb8

Dark brown Goddess braids offer a timeless, classic look.

This color choice is excellent for those who prefer a more natural, subtle look but don’t want to sacrifice taste and style.

20. Red Goddess Braids

A woman with red goddess braids and gold cuffs is standing outdoors.
By Instagram @inchofbeauty

Red Goddess braids are a vivid, fiery choice for your hairstyle.

The bold color radiates confidence and individuality, adding energy and passion to your look. 

21. Large Blonde Goddess Braids

A woman wearing a mustard off-shoulder blouse and a mustard jacket with large blonde goddess braids.
By Instagram @georgiaslim__

Large blonde Goddess braids make a statement with their larger size and lighter color.

This combination creates a striking visual that can be adapted to various styles and occasions. 

22. Gray Goddess Braids

Gray Goddess braids are a chic, on-trend choice whether your natural shade is gray or you’re experimenting with color.

The silver hue provides a unique and sophisticated finish, perfect for a fresh and modern style.

23. Brown Ombre Goddess Braids

A woman sitting in a hair salon with brown ombre goddess braids with shells.
By Instagram @justbraidsinfo

Brown ombre Goddess braids subtly transition from darker roots to lighter ends for a classy and understated color change.

The brown ombre adds warmth and dimensionality to the overall look, creating a more grounded and organic appearance.

24. Goddess Braids With Hair Accessories

A woman standing with goddess braids with silver hair cuffs.
By Instagram @senjuhair

You can add color to Goddess braids without using colorful hair extensions.

Beads, cuffs, or even colorful string wraps can enhance your braids’ appearance and showcase your unique style.

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