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22 Front-Layered Haircuts For Long Hair: Top Style Trends For 2024

Front-layered haircuts for long hair are the perfect way to add texture, movement, and depth to your locks without compromising the length you love. 

By incorporating layers of varying lengths, you can create an effortlessly chic appearance that works with straight, wavy, or curly hair. 

Layers help control the thickness of your hair and often include face-framing pieces, bangs, or even choppy layers to accentuate your natural features and provide added body.

Front layers are great for adding visual interest and dimension to your hair and can be customized to suit your hair type, face shape, and overall taste. Shaggy or choppy layers give an edgy vibe to your cut, while subtle, long layers create a seamless transition from front to back. Front-layered haircuts are timeless and versatile and can be combined with side-swept or curtain bangs for a more dramatic effect. 

Follow along for 22 front-layered looks for long locks that could inspire your next hair transformation. 

22 Front Layered Haircuts For Long Hair

1. Classic Long Face-Framing Layers

A happy woman with black, classic long face-framing layers.
By Instagram @divinehairbylian

Classic face-framing layers add movement and texture to your long hair for a timeless look.

This style creates a soft, flattering frame around your face, enhancing your features and adding an elegant touch to your hairstyle. 

2. Middle-Part Front Layers For Long Hair

A woman with blonde, long middle-part front layers.
By Instagram @_joseph.hair_

Middle-part front layers give long hair a modern and versatile look.

This style works well with all hair types – the symmetrical face layers add volume and texture in all the right places.

3. Curtain Bangs With Long Hair

A woman with long front layers with curtain bangs.
By Instagram @hair.by.gabby.g

Curtain bangs are a trendy choice for adding drama and interest to long hair.

These chic and versatile bangs are cut to frame the face and can be parted in the center or to the side, depending on your preferences.

4. Chin-Length Front Layers For Long Hair

A woman with long, black chin-length front layers.
By Instagram @beglamorousbybrenda

Chin-length front layers are perfect for adding movement and volume around your jawline and cheekbones.

This haircut helps create a balanced look and works well with various face shapes.

5. Highlighted Front Layers For Long Hair

A woman with long highlighted front layers.
By Instagram @xclusive_salon

Adding highlights to your front layers can elevate long hair by adding dimension and depth.

Experiment with natural, subtle colors or bold, vibrant shades to make your layers stand out and enhance the visual interest of your hair.

6. Front Layers For Long, Thick Hair

Side view of a woman with long and thick front layers hairstyle.
By Instagram @_missfl0wers

If you have thick hair, front layers can help reduce bulk and add much-needed movement.

Request long, face-framing layers to give your hair shape and structure without sacrificing length.

7. Sleek and Straight Front Layers For Long Hair

Side view of a woman with long, sleek, straight and blonde front layers.
By Instagram @lagroovyhairsalon

For a polished look, sleek, straight front layers create a smooth and uniform appearance.

This style works particularly well on straight hair and can be achieved with a flat iron or blowout.

8. Long Hair Front Layers With Shadow Root 

Side view of a woman with blonde, front layers with shadow root.
By Instagram @besibuki_friseursalon

Adding a shadow root to your long hair creates a grown-out, edgy look.

Shadow roots add depth and contrast to your cut, while front layers draw attention to your face in a trendy, flattering way.

9. Flipped-Out Front Layers For Long Hair

A woman with long, flipped-out front layers.
By Instagram @vurvesalon

Flipped-out front layers give your hairstyle a fun, retro vibe reminiscent of the iconic ’60s flip.

Use a round brush or curling iron to achieve perfectly playful flipped-out ends that add a touch of vintage sophistication to your overall look.

10. Feathered Front Layers For Long Hair

A woman with long, blonde feathered front layers.
By Instagram @angelinohairdesign

Feathered front layers give your long hair a soft, breezy feel.

This technique involves cutting the hair to achieve an airy, wispy effect, perfect for adding texture and movement.

11. Face-Framing Waves For Long Hair

A woman with long, brown face-framing waves.
By Instagram @ghdhair_anz

Face-framing waves embrace your hair’s natural texture while showcasing your features and adding structure.

This style is particularly flattering for long hair, as it helps to break up the length and adds a touch of class to the overall look. 

12. Side-Swept Layers For Long Hair

Back of a woman with long, blonde side-swept layers.
By Instagram @woahxhair

For a romantic look, consider side-swept layers.

These layers gently cascade down one side of your face, giving your hair a soft, asymmetrical finish that’s both timeless and trendy.

13. Shaggy Front Layers For Long Hair

A woman with long shaggy front layers.
By Instagram @kiyo_meynewyork

A shaggy cut with front layers adds texture and movement to long hair.

This fashionable look works with most hair types, delivering a low-maintenance yet ultra-stylish cut.

14. Long Butterfly Layers

A woman with black, long butterfly layers.
By Instagram @vinitas_kknagar

Inspired by ’70s glamour, long butterfly layers give your hair a voluminous retro feel.

Layers are cut to flow gracefully from front to back – resembling the wings of a butterfly – and add bounce and movement to your long hair.

15. Front Layers With Long Hair Balayage

A woman with front layers with long hair balayage.
By Instagram @leahshieldshair

When paired with front layers, a Balayage adds depth, dimension, and a sun-kissed effect to your hair.

This hand-painted coloring technique enhances the movement of front layers and gives your hair a natural, blended look.

16. Long Hair Front Layers With Classic Bangs

A woman sitting in a hair salon with a long, blonde front layers with classic bangs.
By Instagram @helena.heen

For a bold statement, consider combining front layers with classic bangs.

This style frames your face and adds extra interest to your long hair – perfect for those looking for a change without sacrificing length.

17. Long Hair Shag With Curtain Bangs

A woman with a brown long hair shag with curtain bangs.
By Instagram @ernestomeneses

Embrace your inner rockstar with a shag haircut and curtain bangs.

This edgy style adds layers and texture throughout, giving your long hair a messy and carefree vibe.

18. High Contrast Front Layers For Long Hair

Side view of a woman with pastel color, long front layers.
By Instagram @beglamorousbybrenda

Add high-contrast color to your front layers for a striking, unconventional style.

This could include pairing bright or pastel hues with your natural color, making your layers stand out, and creating a statement look.

19. Subtle Front Layers For Long Hair

A woman with long, brown subtle front layers.
By Instagram @shairnyc

Subtle front layers are perfect for creating a softer, more understated look with long hair.

Layers are cut gently around the face, adding just enough texture and movement without being overly dramatic.

20. Front-Layered Long Quick Weave

Side view of a woman with black front-layered with long quick weave.
By Instagram @lady.shondraa

A front-layered quick weave involves adding extensions to create customizable long, layered locks.

This method is ideal for trying out a layered look without committing to a more permanent style.

21. Choppy Front Layers

A woman with a long, copper balayage, choppy front layers.
By Instagram @bespoke__hair

Choppy front layers add modern edge and texture to your hair.

These layers are typically cut with a razor to create a messy, uneven look that showcases your style and a little bit of attitude.

22. Face-Framing Layers With Wispy Bangs

A woman with black, long face-framing layers with wispy bangs.
By Instagram @haircolorbycynthia

For a delicate and feminine look, consider face-framing layers with wispy bangs.

The soft and light layers gracefully frame your face, while the wispy bangs add a touch of whimsy to your long hair.

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