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28 Trendy Feathered Haircuts: Stunning Styles For Your Next Look

Feathered haircuts have been a stylish trend since the 1970s and 80s, with their distinct layering resembling the texture of bird feathers. 

This versatile look is achieved by texturizing the ends of your hair with a razor comb and brushing it away from the face. 

While layers are a key feature of feathered haircuts, feathering and layering are not the same – feathering refers to the shaping technique for the ends, whereas layering creates different lengths for added volume and dimension.

Classic and modern feathered haircuts come in a variety of styles suitable for most hair types, lengths, and textures. Feathered styles include everything from chic pixie cuts to mid-length flouncy layers to long, sleek looks. Contemporary trends incorporate different coloring techniques, bang styles, and part placements, while bolder choices – like the feathered glam rock mullet and the faux hawk – make distinctive statements. No matter which cut you choose, feathered styles can be tailored to highlight your features and enhance your hair texture and face shape.

Follow along for 28 trendy and modern feathered haircuts that complement your unique hair and style.

28 Stunning Feathered Haircuts

1. Feathered Pixie Cut

A woman with a black feathered pixie cut.
By Instagram @foxtaperscissors

A feathered pixie cut adds extra texture to this already stylish haircut.

The finely chopped layers create a soft, feminine look, accentuating your facial features and giving your hair movement and dimension.

2. Medium-Length Feathered Cut

A woman with a light brown medium-length feathered cut.
By Instagram @amberpittmanhairdressing_

The medium-length feathered cut is perfect for those wanting a little more length and volume.

The layers add movement to your hair, making it easier to style and maintain.

3. Feathered Cut With Heavy Bangs

A woman with a long feathered cut with heavy bangs.
By Instagram @copperandwildhair

Adding heavy bangs to a feathered cut can give you a retro-inspired yet modern look.

The bangs help frame your face and draw attention to your eyes.

4. 70s Feather Cut

A woman with a brown 70s feather cut with bangs.
By Instagram @hollygirldoeshair

The 70s feather cut brings back the iconic style of the past, with its soft layers and flipped ends.

It looks great on both straight and wavy hair, giving you that vintage-chic, disco vibe.

5. Feathered Layers For Long Hair

A woman wearing eyeglasses with long brown feathered layers.
By Instagram @serenebeautyandhair

Feathered layers in long hair add a sense of airiness and prevent the hair from looking weighed down or flat. The long, feathered layers create movement and dimension, making your hair appear healthier and more voluminous.

6. Feathered Asymmetrical Bob

A woman with a black feathered asymmetrical bob.
By Instagram @myobsession.salon

The feathered asymmetrical bob is a modern twist on a classic, combining the precision of a bob with the soft, wispy layers of feathering.

It features an uneven or asymmetrical length, with one side slightly longer than the other, and feathered layers are incorporated to enhance your hair’s texture and movement.

7. Feathered Shag

A woman with a medium-length feathered shag.
By Instagram @kiyo_meynewyork

The feathered shag gives your hair a boho-chic vibe with its tousled, layered look. It’s suitable for various hair textures and adds volume and movement to your hairstyle.

8. Flipped-Up Feathered Cut

A woman wearing a black face mask with a light brown flipped-up feathered cut.
By Instagram @lovehairroza

A flipped-up feathered cut has layers that are flipped outwards, giving a flirty and fun appearance.

This cut works well with finer hair textures, as the layers help create volume and add shape to the look.

9. Feathered Cut With Curtain Bangs

A woman with a long feathered cut with a long curtain bangs.
By Instagram @latesthair

Curtain bangs frame the face beautifully and pair perfectly with a feathered cut.

This hairstyle adds a touch of trendy romance to your overall look.

10. Feathered Butterfly Layers

A woman with long black feathered butterfly layers.
By Instagram @hairstylist_ansuiyajaiswal

Feathered butterfly layers are an artistic take on layering techniques, combining visual elegance with dynamic movement.

This cut delivers a sophisticated yet enchanting look that captures attention and exudes a sense of grace.

11. Highlighted Feather Cut

A woman with a long feather cut with blonde highlights.
By Instagram @_thehairgarden_

A highlighted feather cut incorporates subtle highlights throughout the layers to enhance the texture and dimension.

Highlights can be customized to suit your complexion, base color, and overall preferences.

12. Feathered Faux Hawk

A woman with a black feathered faux hawk.
By Instagram @sarahflahairerty

The feathered faux hawk is an edgy, contemporary hairstyle that draws inspiration from the classic punk rock mohawk.

The faux hawk has gained popularity as a cut that breaks away from conventional styles and showcases individuality and style.

13. Feathered Bixie Cut

A woman with an auburn feathered cut with bixie cut.
By Instagram @leighjacobssalon

A feathered bixie cut combines the best of both pixie and bob cuts.

The feathered layers add airiness and texture while the overall shape remains sleek and modern.

14. Feathered Cut With Wispy Bangs

A woman with a ginger feathered cut with wispy bangs.
By Instagram @adamhjhairstuff

Pair your feathered cut with wispy bangs for a whimsical, romantic look.

The bangs create a subtle fame-framing effect, suiting most hair types and personal styles.

15. 80s Feather Cut

A woman wearing sunglasses with a blonde 80s feather cut.
By Instagram @klute_hair

The 80s feather cut is full of nostalgia, with its voluminous layers and prominent styling.

This vintage hairstyle epitomizes the glamorous and bold fashion trends of the 80s, characterized by a sense of drama and charisma. 

16. Side-Parted Feather Cut

A woman with a short side-parted blonde feathered cut.
By Instagram @feathered.salon

A side-parted feather cut adds an extra touch of sophistication to this versatile hairstyle. A side part gives the illusion of more volume and movement, allowing for a great range of styling options.

17. Nape-Length Feather Cut

A woman with nape-length feather cut with bangs.
By Instagram @melhairidan

The nape-length feather cut is a chic and modern style that ends just above the collarbone.

This cut works well with most hair textures and face shapes, offering a contemporary and fashion-forward look.

18. Feather Cut Balayage

A woman with a long caramel beige feather cut balayage.
By Instagram @hairbyowen_

Combining a feather cut with balayage highlights creates a multi-dimensional hairstyle that catches the light beautifully.

This combination showcases the airy layers and dynamic movement in your hair.

19. Feathered Cut With Side Bangs

A woman with a black feathered cut with side bangs.
By Instagram @touqirrizvi

Side bangs add a playful touch to the feathered cut while providing additional face-framing benefits.

Whether you’re aiming for a relaxed and natural or a put-together and polished, this cut can enhance your overall look and be customized to suit your individual style and hair type.

20. Stacked Feathered Bob

A woman with a brown stacked feathered bob.
By Instagram @leighjacobssalon

A stacked feathered bob features shorter layers at the back, building up to longer layers towards the front.

This cutting technique gives the hair a subtle lift, showcasing the feathered texture throughout.

21. Middle-Parted Feather Cut

A woman with a middle-part medium-length ombre feather cut.
By Instagram @mels__cuts

The middle-parted feather cut is a classic style that flatters most face shapes.

The central part divides the hair evenly, allowing the feathered layers to frame the face symmetrically.

22. Side-Swept Feather Cut For Short Hair

A woman with a short gray side-swept feather cut.
By Instagram @jijibrushyvr

A side-swept feather cut for short hair adds a touch of lightness to an otherwise edgier hairstyle.

The side-sweep is versatile and visually interesting, giving the look a trendy yet mysterious feel.

23. Feathered Glam Rock Mullet

A woman with a black feathered mullet.
By Instagram @miamihairmel

The feathered glam rock mullet is an audacious and high-energy hairstyle that pays homage to the dynamic, extravagant fashion of the glam rock era.

It embodies the rebellious and theatrical spirit of the time, perfect for anyone who exudes confidence and attitude with their expressive, fearless style.

24. Feather Cut Ombre

A woman with a feathered cut violet and emerald ombre.
By Instagram @glhair.co

Pairing a feather cut with an ombre effect adds depth, dimension, and visual interest to your hair.

The ombre’s gradient coloring helps accentuate the feathered layers and suits any hair type, base color, or length.

25. Feathered Wolf Cut

A woman with a blonde feathered wolf cut.
By Instagram @hollygirldoeshair

Combine elements of a shag and a mullet for a unique, carefree wolf cut.

This dynamic and textured look works well with various hair types, delivering an effortlessly cool, undone appearance.

26. Feathered Lob

A woman with a blonde feathered bob with shadow roots.
By Instagram @beautyby_carlee

The feathered lob, also known as a long bob, features feathered layers that create a light, voluminous look.

This versatile hairstyle can be styled in various ways, from sleek and straight to tousled waves and curls.

27. Feathered Pixie With Undercut

A woman with a light pink feathered pixie with an undercut.
By Instagram @frechefrisuren

Take the classic pixie to the next level with an undercut.

The undercut adds edge and style, while the feathered layers give the overall look a delicate, soft appearance.

28. Feathered Cut With Baby Bangs

A woman with a blonde feathered pixie with baby bangs.
By Instagram @charismabristol

Baby bangs add a youthful, quirky touch to the feathered cut.

These short, choppy bangs work well with the feathered texture and give your hairstyle a unique flair.