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25 Dutch Braid Hairstyles for Black Hair: Chic and Easy Looks

Dutch braids are a versatile and stylish option for those with black hair.

Whether you’re looking for a casual or elegant hairstyle, these braids add a unique twist to your look, while also protecting your hair from damage.

With the numerous variations of Dutch braids to choose from, you are sure to find a style that suits your personality and accentuates your features.

In this article, we’ll explore 25 Dutch braid hairstyles, ranging from classic crown braids to edgy two braids, and even intricate braid updos.

With each hairstyle, you’ll discover how to make a statement, elevate your outfit, and showcase your creativity through braiding techniques.

So, let’s dive in and see which Dutch braid styles catch your eye!

As you experiment with these different Dutch braid hairstyles, don’t be afraid to make them your own by adding your creative touch.

Regardless of the occasion, these braids will not only keep your hair looking neat but also give you a trendy and fashionable appearance that stands out from the crowd.

25 Prettiest Dutch Braid Hairstyles For Black Hair

1. Crown Braids

A woman with a black Dutch crown braid.
By Instagram @thsy.k

Crown braids provide an elegant and sophisticated look for any outfit.

To create this style, Dutch braid the hair around the head, resembling a crown.

2. Dutch Braid Bun

Side view of a woman with a Dutch braid bun with flower accessories.
By Instagram @hairrbyfk

For a delicate and unusual hairstyle perfect for romantic occasions, try the Dutch braid bun.

Combine it with a high neckline dress and statement earrings to feel like a queen.

3. Braided Updo

Side view of a woman with a Dutch braided updo.
By Instagram @hairbyliga

Dutch braids look elegant when assembled into an updo.

Divide and braid your hair into two equal parts, then secure both braids into a bun. Add a flower to top off the style, making it ideal for special events.

4. Half-Updo With Double Dutch Braids

A woman in pink long sleeves with half updo with double Dutch braids.
By Instagram @sophie.sundae

Achieve a girly look with the half-updo hairstyle.

Dutch braid two sections of your hair on either side of the head and let the rest of your hair cascade down naturally.

5. Double Crown Braids

A woman with Dutch double crown braids.
By Instagram @melaninhairstyles

For a more intricate style, try the double crown braids.

Two Dutch braids are wrapped around your head, creating a stunning effect that is perfect for dressing up or down.

6. French Faux Hawk Braid

Side view of a woman with a Dutch French faux hawk braid.
By Instagram @hairby_t_

Add a touch of edginess to your look with the French faux hawk braid.

This hairstyle uses a Dutch braid running down the center of your head, resembling a faux hawk.

7. Fishtail Dutch Braid

A mannequin with a black fishtail Dutch braid.
By Instagram @stellastevenshairdesigns

The fishtail Dutch braid creates a unique twist on the traditional Dutch braid.

Experiment with different fishtail braiding techniques for variations in texture and appearance.

8. Lovely Low Buns

A woman in sleepwear with a Dutch braid low bun.
By Instagram @glitzandglambyalessandra

Start with two Dutch braids, and then transform them into lovely low buns at the nape of your neck.

This elegant hairstyle can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit.

9. Goddess Dutch Braids

A girl with goddess Dutch braids.
By Instagram @avishtoucheshair

Channel your inner goddess with this stunning hairstyle.

Dutch braid your hair and add accessories such as gold cuffs or beads throughout the braids.

10. Dutch Braids On Black Hair

A girl with black Dutch braids.
By Instagram @thsy.k

Dutch braids work beautifully on black hair, providing a secure and stylish way to keep your hair in place while still showcasing its natural beauty.

11. Dutch Braid With Cornrows

A woman in a Dutch braid with cornrows on top.
By Instagram @braidsbyalisa

Combine Dutch braids with cornrows for a more intricate and eye-catching hairstyle.

Start with cornrows near the hairline and blend them into Dutch braids, creating a unique and stylish look.

12. Highlighted Crown

A woman with a highlighted Dutch crown.
By Instagram @kommafalter

If your hair has highlights, the Dutch braid crown is a perfect way to showcase them.

The braids will emphasize the different colors and create an effortlessly chic look.

13. Dutch Braid For Short Hair

A woman with black, short hair in a Dutch braid hairstyle.
By Instagram @curly.hair.boo

Those with short hair can still enjoy the benefits of Dutch braids.

Experiment with smaller braids or partial braiding for a cute and trendy hairstyle.

14. Protective Dutch Braids With Pins

A woman sitting on a chair with Dutch braids with pins hairstyle.
By Instagram @dazzlinghairby_ray

Secure your Dutch braids even more by using hairpins throughout the braids.

This technique is especially useful for those with particularly delicate or fine hair.

15. Dutch Braids With Rings

A girl sitting on a chair with Dutch braids with gold rings.
By Instagram @ly.braids_

Add an extra touch of glamour to your Dutch braids by incorporating hair rings.

These small accessories can provide a subtle yet eye-catching detail.

16. Dutch French Braids

Close-up of a girl's hair with Dutch French braids.
By Instagram @nikkis.salon

For a beautiful fusion of styles, combine Dutch and French braiding techniques in your hairstyle.

This blending of braids is sure to impress.

17. Two Dutch Braids With Buns

A girl in gray ribbed long sleeves with two Dutch braids with buns.
By Instagram @hairtalesydney

Upgrade the classic Dutch braid look by transforming the two braids into cute buns at the nape of the neck.

This chic style is both casual and dressy.

18. Classic Box Braids With Ombre

A woman in a black t-shirt with classic black box braids with pink ombre.
By Instagram @perfectplaits_basingstoke

Switch up your classic box braids by adding an ombre effect.

The gradual change in color provides an updated twist to a time-honored hairstyle.

19. Braided Hairstyle For A Special Occasion

A woman with a Dutch braid hairstyle with gold accessories.
By Instagram @sanjuz_ohho

Choose a more intricate Dutch braided updo for special occasions like weddings or proms.

Adorn the braids with flowers or other accessories to make the look even more stunning.

20. Braided Headband

Side view of a woman with a Dutch braided headband.
By Instagram @lilisbeautystopllc

Create a natural braided headband using a Dutch braid.

This unique and trendy hairstyle is perfect for both casual and formal events.

21. Side Dutch Braids

A girl with a black side Dutch braid.
By Instagram @naitbeauty1

Try a side Dutch braid for a different take on the classic Dutch braid.

This asymmetrical style can add a touch of intrigue to your overall look.

22. Dutch Braid Pigtails

A girl with Dutch braid pigtails.
By Instagram @made.by.babs

Create a playful and casual hairstyle with the Dutch braid pigtails.

This low-maintenance look is both cute and practical for everyday wear.

23. Dutch Braid For Wedding

Side view of a woman wearing a white wedding dress with a Dutch braid ponytail.
By Instagram @vanessacosta.brushandblush

Sophisticated and elegant, the Dutch braid is a lovely choice for weddings.

Use this versatile braiding style to create bridal hairstyles both simple and elaborate.

24. Reverse Dutch Braid

A woman with a reverse Dutch braid.
By Instagram @hairbyrashi

Instead of the classic Dutch braid, try the reverse Dutch braid.

This variation adds depth and dimension to your braided hairstyle.

25. African Vibe Dutch Braid

A woman sitting on a chair with an African vibe Dutch braid.
By Instagram @gracethestylist1

To incorporate an African vibe into your Dutch braid, experiment with different braiding styles or add traditional African hair accessories for a stunning look.

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