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22 Curtain Bangs Hairstyles: Effortless Looks For Every Hair Type

Curtain bangs are a great option if you want to experiment without committing to a full fringe. 

These parted, face-framing bangs are typically longer, often extending below the eyebrows or even down to the jawline.

This popular bang style delivers a timelessly chic look, bringing a touch of glamour to your overall appearance.

Curtain bangs are versatile and complement a range of hair types and face shapes. Try feathered or wispy curtain bangs for a softer, more delicate touch. Edgier choices, such as shags, disconnected, and layered curtain bangs, add volume and texture, offering a more dynamic look. Experimenting with length brings distinct face-framing effects, so try out a stunning variation like baby curtain bangs or cheek and jaw-length options.

This article covers 22 curtain bangs hairstyles, each offering its own unique charm.

22 Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

1. Feathered Curtain Bangs

A woman with feathered curtain bangs.
By Instagram @lexiiiie91

Feathered curtain bangs are an easy and versatile way to update your appearance.

They are characterized by soft, tapered ends, creating a light and airy appearance.

These bangs add volume and softness to your hair while creating a face-framing effect that accentuates your features.

They’re easy to style and maintain, making them ideal for a fashionable yet fuss-free look. 

2. Curtain Bangs With Money Pieces

A woman with curtain bangs with money pieces.
By Instagram @emiliahighlights

When paired with money pieces, curtain bangs create a stunning finish that showcases your features.

Money pieces are face-framing highlights that complement your curtain bangs, giving your hair added depth and dimension.

This hairstyle enhances your hair’s overall appearance, with the highlights giving your style a fresh, modern look. 

3. Lob With Curtain Bangs

A woman with a lob with curtain bangs.
By Instagram @tarciasuelem

A long bob or lob with curtain bangs creates a trendy and stylish appearance.

The combination brings a contemporary spin to a classic lob, providing a flexible option for any occasion.

This cut is suitable for different hair types and face shapes, making it a great option for a fresh new look.

4. Cheek-Length Curtain Bangs

A woman with cheek-length curtain bangs.
By Instagram @trendinghair_byemma

Cheek-length curtain bangs are a chic, easily adaptable style that frames and accentuates your cheekbones.

This fringe is flattering for various face shapes, as it can balance your features and draw attention to your eyes.

It also suits different hair textures, lengths, and face shapes and is long enough to pin back or incorporate into various updos and half-up styles. 

5. Wispy Curtain Bangs

A woman with long blonde hair with wispy curtain bangs.
By Instagram @sarahmgdoeshair

Wispy curtain bangs are a popular and trendy hairstyle that adds a soft, effortless touch to your appearance.

This style features light, airy strands that gently frame your face, bringing a relaxed yet classy vibe to your overall look.

To achieve wispy curtain bangs, you’ll want a feathered haircut that gives your bangs a loose, flowy texture. 

6. Shag Cut With Curtain Bangs

A woman with a blonde shag cut with curtain bangs.
By Instagram @joeltorresstyle

A shag cut with curtain bangs is a modern twist on a retro style.

This multi-layered cut with a middle-part fringe gives you an edgy, effortlessly chic appearance while enhancing your eyes and cheekbones.

This fashionable combination adds texture and dimension to your locks, giving you a timeless look that leaves an impression.

7. Layered Curtain Bangs

A woman with layered curtain bangs.
By Instagram @lvstylesllc

Layered curtain bangs add dimension to any hairstyle.

With this look, longer bangs are cut in blended, flowing layers, creating a delicate and put-together look.

To achieve this look, carefully cut the bangs at varying lengths to create a sloped effect.

This technique adds texture and movement to your hair and works well with various hair types and face shapes.

8. Flipped-Out Curtain Bangs

A woman with layered mid-length haircut, curtain bangs and soft golden highlights.
By Instagram @un.rooted

Flipped-out curtain bangs are a retro-inspired, eye-catching option for adding a bit of volume and drama to your appearance.

These bangs are characterized by their upturned ends that bring an ‘old is new again’ feel to your look.

Flipped-out curtain bangs work well with various hair types and lengths, giving you a fresh spin on a classic look.

9. Mid-Length Hair With Curtain Bangs

A woman with mid-length ginger hair with curtain bangs.
By Instagram @marydoesyourhairy

Curtain bangs look stunning on mid-length hair.

This hairstyle works well with various hair textures and face shapes.

When styling, you can wear your hair straight, wavy, or with loose curls, depending on your mood and the occasion.

It’s a versatile, on-trend look that balances a manageable length with the chic, face-framing appeal of curtain bangs.

10. Closed Curtain Bangs

A woman with long brown wavy hair with closed curtain bangs.
By Instagram @strangepowerspdx

With closed curtain bangs, you can add a fashionable touch to any hairstyle while flattering your facial features.

Unlike the parted-in-the-middle look of traditional curtain bangs, closed curtain bangs are cut straighter across the forehead, creating a more uniform and blunt fringe.

They typically sit around eyebrow length, with a slight gap just above the nose to create that classic ‘curtain’ effect we’ve come to know and love.

11. Wavy Curtain Bangs

A woman with wavy curtain bangs.
By Instagram @hirohair

Wavy curtain bangs bring a laid-back, low-maintenance look to any hairstyle.

One of the benefits of wavy bangs is they grow out easily, making them easier to maintain than shorter bangs.

Experiment with different hairstyles and pair your wavy curtain bangs with updos, half-up styles, or let them flow freely for a flattering and trendy look.

12. Side-Swept Curtain Bangs

A woman with long wavy hair with side-swept curtain bangs.
By Instagram @hairbynazz

Side-swept curtain bangs are an elegant and non-traditional way to frame your face and add movement and texture to your overall appearance.

This style is suitable for various hair types and lengths and pairs well with casual and formal looks.

To get the most out of side-swept looks, keep it simple and natural for the best results.

13. Short Curtain Bangs

A woman with short curtain bangs.
By Instagram @vio1ent_femme_hair

Short curtain bangs are a chic, versatile choice for eyebrow-grazing bangs.

With minimal effort and maintenance, you can have a fresh, modern look that complements your features and draws attention to your eyes.

This style suits various hair types and face shapes, instantly updating your appearance with a dramatic, attention-grabbing finish.

14. Soft Curtain Bangs

A woman with soft curtain bangs.
By Instagram @christy_hair_sydney

Soft curtain bangs are an excellent choice for a flattering and subtle appearance.

By incorporating a gentle feathering technique, the soft curtain bangs exude an airy softness that perfectly frames your face and elevates your style.

This variation is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication without overpowering your overall look.

15. Disconnected Curtain Bangs

A woman with disconnected curtain bangs.
By Instagram @hildacanales

Disconnected curtain bangs are a bold, trendy choice for those looking to make a statement.

This style incorporates a unique feature where the bangs are intentionally disconnected or separated from the rest of the hair, creating a distinct look.

The degree of disconnection can be customized to your preferences, from subtle and understated to pronounced and edgy.

16. Curtain Bangs With Step Layers

A woman with curtain bangs with step layers.
By Instagram @sumathi_hair

Curtain bangs combined with step layers are designed to frame the face and add dimension to your hairstyle.

With step layers, the hair is cut at different lengths, giving the overall style a blended yet eye-catching appearance.

Integrating curtain bangs enhances the layered effect, drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

17. Jaw-Length Curtain Bangs

A woman with long blonde hair with jaw-length curtain bangs.
By Instagram @kristindoesmyhair

Jaw-length curtain bangs are a flattering and face-framing way to refresh your look.

They’re typically cut to the chin or just below it, accentuating the jawline and complementing various face shapes.

This style also works well with most hair lengths, including longer bobs and shoulder-length cuts, striking a balance between versatility and style.

18. French Bob With Curtain Bangs

A woman with a blonde French bob with curtain bangs.
By Instagram @liamaree.hmua

A French bob with curtain bangs is a stylish and contemporary hairstyle that combines two popular hair trends.

The bangs draw attention to your facial features, while the bobbed length accentuates your neck and jawline.

This style can be tailored to suit various face shapes, and you can adjust the length and angle of the bob and bangs to complement your unique features.

19. Semi-Drawn Curtain Bangs

Semi-drawn curtain bangs create a face-framing effect, with the fringe almost closed in the center, giving a peek-a-boo effect.

They complement various hair types and face shapes, but the specific styling and length may be adjusted to flatter your features and enhance your texture.

This style maintains a soft and elegant frame around the face but allows for more versatility in styling. 

20. Curly Curtain Bangs

A woman with brown curly hair and curly curtain bangs.
By Instagram @beautyandherblooms

This distinctive variation of curtain bangs is specifically tailored for curly hair.

Curly curtain bangs are cut and styled to complement your natural curl pattern, adding an extra layer of dimension and visual interest.

Depending on your desired look, you may need styling products like curl-enhancing creams, gels, or mousses to define your curls and enhance their texture.

21. Baby Curtain Bangs

A woman with baby curtain bangs.
By Instagram @jaxiecombs

Baby curtain bangs are a trendy twist on the classic curtain bangs hairstyle, perfect for those who love extra short bangs.

With their modern, edgy appearance, baby bangs frame your face and add a touch of personality to your look.

They’re not as low-maintenance as other bang styles, requiring regular trims to preserve their length and shape. 

22. Bardot Bangs

A woman with long blonde hair and Bardot bangs.
By Instagram @davidwbullen

Bardot bangs exude the timeless glamour of the iconic Brigitte Bardot.

This vintage-inspired style is characterized by its soft, voluminous, and slightly messy appearance.

They’re designed to frame the face, drawing attention to your features and creating a charming, eye-catching effect.

They remain a classic hairstyling choice, bringing a retro touch to your modern look. 

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