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24 Curly Hairstyles For Round Faces: Your Guide To Gorgeous Locks

Finding the right hairstyle that enhances your natural curls and accentuates your features is a fantastic way to boost your confidence and feel great about your appearance. 

Rounder faces, characterized by their soft and symmetrical features, can be beautifully complemented by various curly hairstyles – whether you’re looking for a bold transformation or subtle, sophisticated change.

Some popular curly hairstyles for round faces include a chic and timeless textured lob or pixie cut, which elegantly frames your face, particularly when paired with bangs. Any cut with a side-part or face-framing highlights offers a trendy, carefree look, while a daring faux hawk, shag, or wolf cut delivers an edgy and confident vibe. 

Keep reading for 24 stunning looks that are particularly flattering for women with round faces.

24 Curly Hairstyles For Round Faces

1. Blunt Curly Lob

A woman with a black blunt curly bob cut.
By Instagram @estudiomanas

Falling just above the shoulders, a blunt curly lob provides a sleek and structured frame for round faces.

The blunt cut emphasizes the jawline, creating a more angular appearance, while the curls add volume and movement for an elegant yet effortlessly chic choice for your next look.

2. Curly Bangs

A woman with a medium-length black curly hair with curly bangs.
By Instagram @sara.cottrell.hairstylist

Curly bangs are a delightful way to draw attention to your eyes and add a touch of playfulness to your style.

Regardless of your face shape, curly bangs can be a versatile addition to your style, adding texture and volume while highlighting your facial features.

3. Textured Curly Bob

A woman with a brown textured curly bob cut.
By Instagram @rebelrebelgrrl

A textured bob adds depth and movement to curly hair, creating height at the crown and showcasing your neck and jawline.

This chic and stylish hairstyle is an excellent choice for women with round faces, with playful curls bringing a lively and dynamic quality to your overall appearance.

4. Curly Faux Hawk

A woman with a red curly faux hawk.
By Instagram @dara_hhairstylist

The curly faux hawk is an edgy, contemporary choice that elevates your style to a whole new level.

The faux hawk’s height and volume draw the eye upward and elongate the face, creating a visually captivating look that makes a bold statement.

5. Pineapple Updo

A woman with a blonde pineapple updo.
By Instagram @leah_vadol

The pineapple updo involves gathering your natural curls high on your head, drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

It’s a playful, easy hairstyle that beautifully complements curly hair, offering a chic and practical choice for those seeking volume and height.

6. Asymmetrical Bob

A woman with a brown asymmetrical bob cut.
By Instagram @bb_blu

With one side slightly longer than the other, an asymmetrical bob is a contemporary and stylish haircut that introduces an edgy dimension to your appearance.

This trendy choice beautifully complements curly hair and adds character and visual interest to your style, providing a unique, dynamic look that suits your fashion-forward personality.

7. Curly Cuts With Money Pieces

A woman with long curly cuts with money pieces.
By Instagram @maesmanes

Add dimension to your luscious curly hair with face-framing highlights or money pieces.

The curls add volume and create a soft, romantic look, regardless of length, while the highlights draw attention to your face, creating contrast and accentuating all your best features.

8. Curly Wedge Cut

A woman with a red curly wedge cut.
By Instagram @nashface

A curly wedge cut is a tapered hairstyle with shorter layers at the back and longer curls at the front.

This style creates the illusion of length, adding dimension and movement while making your face appear slimmer and more balanced.

9. Curly Hair With Side Part

A woman with a long blonde curly hair with a side part.
By Instagram @jesseniaspallet

Incorporating a side part to any length of curly hair is a versatile choice that introduces volume, structure, and flow to your locks.

This style adds height and texture and creates an asymmetry that elegantly frames your face, bringing a stylish, carefree vibe to your overall look.

10. Chunky Layered Curls With Bangs

A woman with a chunky layered curls with bangs.
By Instagram @uglynpr0ud

Bring volume and dimension to your curly locks with chunky layers and bangs.

The chunky layers create a trendy, undone look while the bangs frame your face, drawing attention to your eyes.

This style can be customized to suit your tastes and works great with all hair types and textures. 

11. Curly Balayage

A woman with a long curly balayage.
By Instagram @hairbyreema

Enhance your curls with a balayage for a striking contrast that flatters all face shapes.

This technique blends different colored highlights, ranging from subtle, natural hues to unconventional, vibrant shades.

The multidimensional look adds depth and excitement to your curly locks, allowing you to express your unique personality. 

12. Layered Chin-Length Bob

A woman with a brown layered chin-length bob cut.
By Instagram @holmmade_hair

A layered chin-length bob is a contemporary style that combines texture with versatility.

It features multiple layers that begin at the chin, resulting in a balanced, dynamic appearance that suits a variety of face shapes.

The layered structure adds volume and movement, while the length frames the face in a chic, stylish way.  

13. Curly Pixie Cut

A woman with a black curly pixie cut.
By Instagram @mollydidmyhair

The curly pixie cut is a bold and edgy hairstyle characterized by its short length and defined curls, highlighting your facial features and showcasing your hair’s natural texture.

This cut is great for a low-maintenance yet stylish look that exudes confidence and flatters your face shape.

14. Afro With Bangs

A woman with an Afro hair with bangs.
By Instagram @frizzymeli

An Afro with bangs is a powerful, iconic hairstyle that embraces the texture of natural curls.

The Afro adds height and visual interest, while the bangs draw attention to your eyes and facial features, making it an empowering choice that underscores your beauty and style.

15. Curly Shag

A woman with a brown curly shag.
By Instagram @emilyppt

The curly shag is a trendy, textured haircut incorporating loads of layers for a carefree, bohemian appearance.

This style effortlessly adds volume and movement to your hair while maintaining a chic and relaxed vibe.

It’s an ideal choice for a playful and stylish look that beautifully complements the shape of your face.

16. Middle-Parted Tapered Lob

A middle-parted tapered lob is a modern, structured hairstyle featuring subtle shoulder-length layers and a precise middle part.

This cut elongates your face, highlights your cheekbones, and creates a stunning symmetry with your curls.

It gracefully showcases your natural curls while adding a contemporary twist to your overall appearance.

17. Curly Mushroom Cut

A woman with a curly mushroom cut.
By Instagram @clipper.variant

The curly mushroom cut is a distinct and trendy style known for its unique, rounded shape and short length.

It embraces the natural texture of your curls while creating a bold and eye-catching look.

This cut frames your face with a playful charm, making it a fashion-forward choice for a striking yet low-maintenance hairstyle.

18. Long Layers With Deep Side Part

A woman with a black long layers with a deep side part.
By Instagram @briciaemilyn

Create a stunning look with long, layered curls and a deep side part.

This combination involves cascading curls with carefully placed layers that add movement and dimension to your hair.

The deep side part creates a stylish asymmetry that accentuates your facial features and provides a graceful, voluminous look that complements your face shape.

19. Curly Wolf Cut

A woman with a brown curly wolf cut.
By Instagram @zohebjethahair

For a modern, edgy style, try the curly wolf cut.

This hairstyle mixes elements of a shag and a mullet, providing a striking and flattering look for round faces.

This bold choice adds volume and movement while maintaining a trendy and adventurous vibe. 

20. Curly Lob With Side-Swept Bangs

A woman with a brown curly lob with a side swept bangs.
By Instagram @dezamundo

A curly lob with side-swept bangs is a beautiful, balanced look that frames your face while adding movement and texture to your curls.

Whether attending a formal event or enjoying a casual day out, this low-maintenance style effortlessly adapts to various occasions, making it an excellent choice for a flattering look.

21. Tapered TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)

A woman with a blonde tapered teeny weeny Afro.
By Instagram @baldgirlsonly

The tapered TWA is a short, closely cropped haircut that celebrates natural curl patterns.

It’s defined by its close-to-the-scalp length and gradual fade that highlights your unique facial features.

It’s a fresh and manageable look for natural hair that maintains a minimalist yet trendy appeal.

22. Curtain Bangs

A woman with a long curly hair with curtain bangs.
By Instagram @elizardfitz

Curtain bangs provide a soft and romantic look for those with round faces and curly hair.

These effortlessly chic bangs delicately frame your face, emphasizing your eyes and cheekbones.

They’re a versatile and dynamic choice that suits various face shapes, adding a fashionable, modern twist to your appearance.

23. High-Volume Side Braid

A woman with a brown high-volume side braid.
By Instagram @topknotbridal

A high-volume side braid is an easy and charming way to style curly hair.

This style is backcombed before braiding, adding height and texture to the hair while keeping it neatly in place.

It’s a casual yet polished look that flatters your face shape no matter the occasion.

24. Curly French Bob

A woman with a curly French bob cut.
By Instagram @bigcurlslittlecurls

The curly French bob is a timeless and sophisticated choice that adds structure and emphasizes your natural curl pattern.

With its clean lines and defined curls, this look achieves a harmonious balance that gracefully highlights your facial features and can be combined with any length of bangs for a fresh and modern twist. 

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