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20 Trendy Butterfly Braid Hairstyles in 2024

Butterfly braid hairstyles are a versatile and stunning way to style your hair, offering endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. 

These braids are unique, incorporating extensions into the braid as you go, creating a beautiful butterfly-like effect. 

Butterfly braids have gained popularity for their protective, low-maintenance appeal and diversity in styling options. From classic double braids to updos to accessorized looks, there’s a butterfly braid to suit everyone. As a bonus, many of these styles also work with any hair type or length, making it an accessible choice for all.

This article lists our top 20 butterfly braid hairstyles as inspiration for your next look.

20 Butterfly Braid Hairstyles

1. Butterfly Braid Updo

A woman with a black and blue butterfly braid updo.
By Instagram @__duchessk__

Upgrade your regular updo with a butterfly braid for a chic and elegant look.

This hairstyle is perfect for special events and adds a touch of sophistication to your appearance.

2. Butterfly Braid With Cuffs

A woman with a black butterfly braid with curls and gold cuffs.
By Instagram @braids_for_all_textures

Bring glamour to your butterfly braid by adding metallic cuffs.

Hair cuffs add a fashionable touch to this already beautiful style, and you can place them throughout the braids or at strategic points for a more subtle look.

3. Blonde Butterfly Braid

A woman with a blonde butterfly braid taking a selfie with her phone.
By Instagram @sandras_braids

Make a bold statement with a blonde butterfly braid.

The lighter color dances beautifully with the intricate braid, making it an eye-catching choice for a night out or a special event.

4. Butterfly Mohawk Braid

Side view of a woman wearing a purple sweater with a butterfly mohawk braid.
By Instagram @girlimonmyway

Combine the fierceness of a mohawk with the grace of a butterfly braid for a striking look.

This combo elevates the butterfly braid into an edgy and unique hairstyle that demands attention wherever you go.

5. Butterfly Braid Low Bun

Side view of a woman with butterfly braid low bun with some curls.
By Instagram @__gorrjussstyles

A butterfly braid low bun is a chic and effortless look.

This low updo can be accessorized with cuffs, beads, gems, hair pins, or threads, giving the classic bun a stylish twist.

6. Long Butterfly Braid

Side view of a woman standing with a long butterfly braid.
By Instagram @justbraidsinfo

Go all out with a long butterfly braid.

The long braid showcases the beauty of the style, giving it a dramatic and ethereal quality appropriate for all occasions.

7. Butterfly Braid With Cornrow Part

Side view of a woman with butterfly braid with cornrow part.
By Instagram @thabraidjunkiee

Incorporate a cornrow part into your butterfly braid for added texture and dimension.

The combination of cornrows and the butterfly braid creates an intricate and visually stunning design.

8. Double Butterfly Braids

A woman with a brown double butterfly braid.
By Instagram @braidsbybridget

Double the elegance and make a powerful statement with two butterfly braids.

You can join them at the base of your neck or leave them loose like Dutch braids. 

9. Butterfly Braids With Rings

Close-up shot of a woman's hair with butterfly braids with rings.
By Instagram @iamladygrip

Embellish your butterfly braids with metallic rings or hoops.

Rings create a more traditional or boho vibe, catching the light and drawing attention to the braid.

10. Burgundy Butterfly Braid

A woman wearing a blue palm tree printed blouse with a burgundy butterfly braid.
By Instagram @thomees.beauty.world

Opt for a rich, burgundy hue to give your butterfly braids a touch of warmth and depth.

The bold color makes an impressive statement and complements various skin tones.

11. Butterfly Halo Braid

A woman with a butterfly halo braid.
By Instagram @divadeethehairdesigner

Create a lovely halo effect by styling your butterfly braid around the crown of your head.

This romantic hairstyle is easily accessorized and ideal for special events or bridal looks.

12. Butterfly Ponytail Braid

A woman wearing a gray t-shirt with a butterfly ponytail braid.
By Instagram @noirexcellencehair

Combine the beauty of a butterfly braid with the practicality of a ponytail for a chic and fashionable hairstyle.

This look is particularly striking as the ponytail braid is thicker and more elaborate than a classic butterfly braid. 

13. Butterfly Braid With Thread

Side view of a woman with a butterfly braid with a gold thread.
By Instagram @jushairsalon

Add colorful or metallic threads to your butterfly braid for an elevated, polished look.

You can choose one color or multiple hues to showcase your personal style.

14. Messy Butterfly Braid With Loose Curls

A woman with three butterfly braids with loose curls.
By Instagram @braidsbyjenn_

Embrace a relaxed, boho vibe by creating a messy butterfly braid with a few loose curls.

This beachy summer style is great for a casual day out or other low-key events.

15. Double Butterfly Braids With Thread

Fuse the convenience of double butterfly braids with colorful or metallic threads for an attractive, finished look.

You can weave the threads into the braids or simply wrap them around for a more temporary style.

16. Butterfly Braid With Curly Ends

Side view of a woman standing with a black butterfly braid with curly ends.
By Instagram @kemoyhair_beauty

Upgrade your butterfly style by leaving the ends of your braid loose and curly.

This brings a soft, natural finish to the look while still maintaining the braid’s elegance.

17. Half Butterfly Braid Ponytail

Side view of a woman wearing a tiger print dress with a blonde and black half butterfly braid ponytail.
By Instagram @braided_bys

Create a trendy, hybrid look with a butterfly braid ponytail.

This scalp-only braid provides texture and interest to the top of your hair while leaving the rest of your locks flowing freely.

18. Two-Tone Butterfly Braid

A woman with black and blue two-tone butterfly braid.
By Instagram @hair_enhancements_bynyny_

Experiment with color by creating a two-tone butterfly braid.

This can involve using two contrasting colors for a bold statement or similar shades for a subtle gradient effect.

19. Butterfly Braid With Zig-Zag Part

A woman standing with a black butterfly braid with a zigzag part.
By Instagram @braids_by._lia

Shake things up by adding a zig-zag part to your butterfly braids.

This eye-catching detail adds an unexpected twist, making the look even more captivating.

20. Butterfly Braid Fishtail

A woman standing wearing a white sweater with a black butterfly braid fishtail.
By Instagram @hausof_cb

Extend your butterfly braid into a fishtail for a truly stunning look.

Combining these two braiding techniques highlights your original style and impeccable taste. 

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