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24 Gorgeous Blue Black Hair Ideas: Top Styles For A Stand-Out Look

Blue-black hair is a bold, striking color choice, offering a modern twist on traditional black hair. 

The depth and intensity of dark blue shades combined with the timelessness of black hair delivers a mysterious and unique appearance for all hair lengths, types, and textures. 

​Whether you’re considering a subtle hint of blue or a more dramatic statement, there are various shades and styles of blue-black to showcase your vibrant personality.

From warm navy or midnight hues to vivid metallic and jewel-toned shades to multidimensional icy cool colors, the spectrum of blue-black hair color is limitless. To achieve your perfect blue-black look, experiment with highlights, ombre, balayage, or temporary protective styles. Each technique offers a stylish variation of blue-black color, resulting in ​​​​​ a distinct, refined look. 

Follow along to explore 24 classic and contemporary blue-black hair color ideas that suit all tastes and styles. 

24 Blue Black Hair Color Ideas

1. All-Over Blue Black

A woman with long straight all-over blue black hair.
By Instagram @hairbyrheannan

All-over blue-black hair color is a bold and captivating choice.

The rich blend of black and blue hues radiates a sense of mystique and sophistication, giving your hair a modern yet classic look.

2. Light Blue Black

A woman with long light blue black hair.
By Instagram @jennadoesvivids

Add soft dimensionality with subtle hints of cool blue tones seamlessly blended with a dark or black base. ​​

This mix of colors creates a chic and nuanced appearance, striking the balance between elegance and personality.

3. Metallic Blue Black

A woman with long metallic blue black hair with beach waves.
By Instagram @chnlwildrosesalon

Go for a metallic blue black shade to add a futuristic shimmer to your hair.

This dazzling effect gives your hair a mesmerizing and eye-catching quality, regardless of length, type, or texture. 

4. Midnight Blue Black

A woman with long layered midnight blue black hair.
By Instagram @marielenaaxo

Midnight is an enchanting combination of dark blue and black tones, resulting in an almost indigo appearance.

This multi-dimensional hair color mirrors the depth of the night sky and delivers a rich yet understated look.

5. Blue-Black Ombre

A woman with long blue-black ombre with beach waves.
By Instagram @jbootybb

The blue-black ombre creates an elegant gradient effect, gradually transitioning from a darker base to lighter tips.

This captivating look adds dimension and intrigue to your hair, highlighting your bold and unconventional style. 

6. Black With Blue Highlights

A woman with long black hair with blue highlights.
By Instagram @rossdoesmyhair

Adding blue highlights to black hair brings a pop of color and a playful vibe. Choose any hue, from soft blue to more vibrant shades, depending on your desired level of intensity.

7. Deep Blue Black

A woman with long deep blue black hair.
By Instagram @beautydesignsbyjulia

Deep blue-black is a dark and mesmerizing shade inspired by the ocean at night.

This color exudes an air of mystery and sophistication, offering a deep, glossy sheen that accentuates the richness of blue-black hair.

8. Violet-Toned Blue Black

A woman with medium-length straight violet-toned blue black hair.
By Instagram @sierrad_haircolorist

Violet-toned blue-black hair combines a hint of purple with the classic blue-black palette.

The result is a vibrant, regal style that adds intrigue and individuality to your overall look.

9. Blue Black Quick Weave

A woman with long straight blue black quick weave.
By Instagram @dailydoseofhair

A quick weave is a time-saving, protective style for achieving blue-black hair.

This technique uses pre-colored hair extensions as a convenient way to create a stunning yet temporary transformation.

10. Ocean Blue Highlights

A woman with medium-length blue black hair with ocean blue highlights.
By Instagram @dhairmony

Ocean blue highlights are a refreshing and energetic choice reminiscent of ocean waves.

These highlights mimic the dazzling hues of the bright blue sea, creating a playful, summery vibe.

11. Black and Blue Peekaboo Color

A woman with medium-length black and blue peekaboo color.
By Instagram @haircode_iris

Black and blue peekaboo color is a creative style that hides vibrant blue strands underneath your top layer of hair.

When you move or style your locks, the hidden blue pops out, adding an element of surprise and whimsy to your overall look.

12. Silver Blue Black

A woman with long straight silver blue black hair.
By Instagram @donebykandyy

Create a futuristic and fashion-forward look with cool silvery-blue tones interwoven with deep blue-black hues.

This refined yet edgy color choice adds depth and movement to all hair types, making it a versatile and trendy option.

13. Blue-Black to Silver Ombre

A woman with blue-black to silver ombre with big curls.
By Instagram @jbootybb

The blue black to silver ombre is a striking color transition, starting with deep blue-black roots that gradually transform into a silvery shade toward the tips.

This visually stunning ombre adds effortless style to your hair and showcases your unique taste.

14. Teal-Toned Blue Black

A woman with teal-toned blue black long bob with beach waves.
By Instagram @hairbymayraaa

Teal-toned blue-black hair incorporates bluish-green tones for a stunning, jewel-toned effect. ​​

This variation delivers a touch of vibrancy and personality, resulting in a dynamic, eye-catching look.

15. Denim Blue Black

A woman with long straight denim blue black.
By Instagram @hair.stylist.kendra

Denim blue-black hair draws inspiration from ‌classic blue jeans, resulting in a trendy, versatile shade.

This chic and edgy choice leaves your hair with an original yet effortlessly cool vibe.

16. Blue Black Knotless Braids

Blue black knotless braids are a protective hairstyle that looks stunning and helps maintain the health and integrity of your natural hair.

This low-maintenance look is a great way to experiment with unconventional colors and showcase your unique style and taste.

17. Blue Black to Turquoise Ombre

A woman with blue black to turquoise ombre hair.
By Instagram @firstimpressionsalonllc

Switch things up with a blue-black to turquoise ombre.

The bold contrast between the bright turquoise and dark blue-black lightens up your overall look and creates a visually captivating and lively appearance. 

18. Frosty Dark Blue Black

A woman with medium-length frosty dark blue black hair with big curls.
By Instagram @katiee.cutss

Combine the depth of a traditional blue-black with cool, icy undertones, creating a frosty hair color that is both intriguing and refreshing.

The frosty elements add modernity and sophistication to your look, highlighting your personality and unique style.

19. Navy Blue Black

A woman with long straight navy blue black hair.
By Instagram @peeeei1

Navy blue black is a refined and elegant shade suitable for any occasion.

This rich, subtle hue exudes glamour and depth, making it a timeless option for a captivating and mysterious look.  

20. Multi-Tone Blue Black

Multi-tone blue-black hair mixes multiple shades to create a lively and dimensional effect. 

This creates a visually stunning appearance that keeps your hair looking fresh and interesting.

21. Blue Black Gloss

A woman with long blue black gloss hair with beach waves.
By Instagram @garycorcorancolour

Blue black semi-permanent gloss treatments add shine and luster to all hair types.

Great for enhancing the richness of dark hair, blue-black gloss helps combat frizz, fading, and dullness, keeping your look vibrant and fresh.

22. Black-to-Blue Balayage

A woman with long black to blue balayage with beach waves.
By Instagram @hairbydallan

A black-to-blue balayage gradually incorporates blue hues into your dark-rooted hair, mainly focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.

This seamless gradient creates an attention-grabbing effect, delivering an effortlessly blended and colorful style.

23. Indigo Blue Black

A woman with medium-length straight indigo blue black hair.
By Instagram @modehairsalon

Indigo is a luxuriously deep shade of blue-black that exudes a sense of mystery and sophistication.

The purplish undertones can be subtle or bold, resulting in a striking and alluring appearance. ​​

24. Blue Black Roots with Rainbow Ends

If you want to make a statement like no other, consider blue black roots with rainbow ends.

This modern and creative hairstyle allows you to express your individuality in a trendy, artistic way.

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